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Class Order Halls Resources and Advancements/Upgrades (Legion 7.0.3)

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Just as we saw in Warlords of Draenor with our garrison, our class order hall needs resources in order to run efficiently and progress in the fight against the Legion. Just as with garrison resources, the more of these you have, the better! Order resources have a number of uses, including:

  • recruiting troops;
  • starting missions;
  • completing research for your order hall advancement;
  • starting work orders.

1. How Do I Get Order Resources?

Blizzard did not want to force people into certain forms of gathering Order Resources Icon Order Resources, so there are a large number of different ways that you can obtain the resources in the Broken Isles. Here is a full list of how you can obtain them and where from.

  • Class Hall Campaign: When you first start out on your campaign, you will be granted enough Order Resources Icon Order Resources to ensure that you can complete all the missions that you are given to do for the campaign. As you progress through the story, you will also gain small amounts of resources from a few missions in the campaign questline.
  • World Quests: This is the most reliable source of Order Resources Icon Order Resources, mainly due to the huge amount of world quests that can potentially grant you resources as a reward. Once you have hit level 110, you can complete quests around the Broken Isles known as world quests. If you want to learn more about those, you can check out our post on world quests.
  • Emissary Caches: Every day, you will be given an emissary quest to complete that requires you to finish 4 world quests for a single faction around the Broken Isles. Once you have completed the objectives, you can hand in the emissary quest to receive a lockbox, which will have different rewards based on the emissary giving it to you. There is a chance that the lockbox will contain a decent amount of Order Resources Icon Order Resources.
  • Treasures: As we saw in Warlords of Draenor, you can venture around the world and find treasures that might contain Order Resources Icon Order Resources. You will have the opportunity to buy treasure maps that mark the location of all treasures in a zone, but you need to have hit honored with the zone's faction first. The map will be sold by the specific faction's quartermaster.
  • Killing rare mobs: This one is a given, since we have been doing it throughout Warlords of Draenor anyway. Killing a rare mob has a chance to give you a number of Order Resources Icon Order Resources.
  • Bonus Objectives: These are one-time questing events that spawn in locations around Broken Isles zones. You simply have to fill the criteria that pop up when you enter the zone and you have a chance to be given Order Resources Icon Order Resources for your work.
  • Combat Allies: Champions have the ability to follow you around as a combat ally and help you when fighting. These combat allies can give you additional Order Resources Icon Order Resources from completing world quests depending on their equipment or your personal class hall advancement level. You can find out more about equipment in the champions section.

2. What is Class Order Hall Advancement?

The advancement system allows you to use your Order Resources Icon Order Resources in order to research upgrades for your class hall. It works in a similar way to your artifact tree, in which your Order Resources are the Artifact Power and your class order hall is the artifact.

When you begin researching for your upgrades, it takes a hefty amount of Order Resources Icon Order Resources, as well as a huge amount of time at the start of the expansion. For each tier, you will choose one out of two options, but the options are not the same for every class. Here is a full list of the effects of each tier for the classes, as well as their cost and time required to research.

3. What Are The Tier Choices For Class Hall Order Advancement?

3.1. Tier 1 Upgrades

These advancements are fairly simple and are not particularly complex to choose between. You will either be choosing between additional mission success chance or a chance at better loot from non-repeatable quests.

In order to progress through Tier 1, you will need 50 Order Resources Icon Order Resources to start the research and it will take 2 hours. If you wish to change your choice, you will need to spend 500 Order Resources and it will take 1 day.

Class Option #1 Option #2
Death Knight DeathsBoon Swarm
Demon Hunter Well Prepared Icon Well Prepared The Hunt Icon The Hunt
Druid Elune's Favor Icon Elune's Favor Roots Icon Roots
Hunter Rugged Upgrades Icon Rugged Upgrades Long Range Icon Long Range
Mage Arcane Provenance Icon Arcane Provenance Frost Nova Icon Frost Nova
Monk Auspicious Fortune Icon Auspicious Fortune Lucky Envelope Icon Lucky Envelope
Paladin Light's Favor Icon Light's Favor Blessing of Kings Icon Blessing of Kings
Priest Divine Fate Icon Divine Fate Daily Prayers Icon Daily Prayers
Rogue Lucky Streak Icon Lucky Streak Sneak Attack Icon Sneak Attack
Shaman The Spirit's Call Icon The Spirit's Call Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust
Warlock Dark Bargain Icon Dark Bargain Summon Doomguard Icon Summon Doomguard
Warrior Odyn's Favor Icon Odyn's Favor Rallying Cry Icon Rallying Cry

3.2. Tier 2 Upgrades

Here, you will need to make a choice as to which option will benefit you more. One option centres on order hall missions, while the other focuses on player and loot buffs.

In order to progress through Tier 2, you will need 500 Order Resources Icon Order Resources to start the research and it will take 4 hours. If you wish to change your choice, you will need to spend 2,000 Order Resources and it will take 3 days.

Class Option #1 Option #2
Death Knight Dark Horsemen Icon Dark Horsemen Death's Advance Icon Death's Advance
Demon Hunter Twisting Nether Icon Twisting Nether Vengeful Retreat Icon Vengeful Retreat
Druid Evergreen Icon Evergreen Travel Form Icon Travel Form
Hunter Eagle Ally Icon Eagle Ally Disengage Icon Disengage
Mage Teleportation Nexus Icon Teleportation Nexus Blink Icon Blink
Monk Brewhouse Icon Brewhouse Enlightenment Icon Enlightenment
Paladin Argent Steed Icon Argent Steed Righteous Blessing Icon Righteous Blessing
Priest Altars of Blessing Icon Altars of Blessing Pain Suppression Icon Pain Suppression
Rogue The Vault Icon The Vault Assassination Icon Assassination
Shaman Elemental Binding Icon Elemental Binding Reincarnation Icon Reincarnation
Warlock Demonic Offering Icon Demonic Offering Ritual of Summoning Icon Ritual of Summoning
Warrior For Honor and Glory Icon For Honor and Glory Forced March Icon Forced March

3.3. Tier 3 Upgrades

The first option here is standardised across all the classes, with it increasing your maximum lesser and greater troop count by 1. The second option is slightly more varied, instead affecting your ability to gain equipment for your champions.

In order to progress through Tier 3, you will need 1,000 Order Resources Icon Order Resources to start the research and it will take 7 days. If you wish to change your choice, you will need to spend 2,000 Order Resources and it will take 3 days.

Class Option #1 Option #2
Death Knight Call of the Grave Icon Call of the Grave Brothers in Arms Icon Brothers in Arms
Demon Hunter Training Grounds Icon Training Grounds Fel Armaments Icon Fel Armaments
Druid Hibernation Icon Hibernation Reclamation Icon Reclamation
Hunter Sturdy Tents Icon Sturdy Tents Fletchery Icon Fletchery
Mage Arcane Library Icon Arcane Library Arcane Armaments Icon Arcane Armaments
Monk Living Quarters Icon Living Quarters Pilgrimage Icon Pilgrimage
Paladin Argent Call Icon Argent Call Plowshares to Swords Icon Plowshares to Swords
Priest Communal Living Icon Communal Living Armaments of Light Icon Armaments of Light
Rogue Prizefights Icon Prizefights Weapons Smuggler Icon Weapons Smuggler
Shaman Training Grounds Icon Training Grounds Ancestral Gift Icon Ancestral Gift
Warlock Training Grounds Icon Training Grounds Shadow Pact Icon Shadow Pact
Warrior Abundant Valor Icon Abundant Valor Heavenly Forge Icon Heavenly Forge

3.4. Tier 4 Upgrades

The choice in this tier is exactly the same for each class. Either you can choose to upgrade your greater troops by a rank, which means they have an extra ability and, generally, 15% more success chance contribution, or you can upgrade your less troops, which adds 5% to their success chance contribution.

In order to progress through Tier 4, you will need 10,000 Order Resources Icon Order Resources to start the research and it will take 10 days. If you wish to change your choice, you will need to spend 2,000 resources and it will take 3 days.

Class Option #1 Option #2
Death Knight Construct Quarter Icon Construct Quarter Live by the Sword Icon Live by the Sword
Demon Hunter Naga Myrmidons Icon Naga Myrmidons Demonic Power Icon Demonic Power
Druid Laughing Sisters Icon Laughing Sisters Force of the Forest Icon Force of the Forest
Hunter Keen Eye Icon Keen Eye Wild Calling Icon Wild Calling
Mage Elemental Power Icon Elemental Power Higher Learning Icon Higher Learning
Monk Path of the Ox Icon Path of the Ox Path of the Tiger Icon Path of the Tiger
Paladin As One Icon As One Templar of the Silver Hand Icon Templar of the Silver Hand
Priest Inquisition Icon Inquisition Shadow Heresy Icon Shadow Heresy
Rogue Defiant Legacy Icon Defiant Legacy Crimson Sails Icon Crimson Sails
Shaman Elemental Knowledge Icon Elemental Knowledge Whispers of the Earth Icon Whispers of the Earth
Warlock Grimoire of Servitude Icon Grimoire of Servitude Dark Mastery Icon Dark Mastery
Warrior Trial by Fire Icon Trial by Fire Ascension Icon Ascension

3.5. Tier 5 Upgrades

Tier 5 is a choice that will rest on what your aims are in the game. You have the option to gain a troop that is more powerful than other troops, complete basic world quests automatically, gain additional Order Resources Icon Order Resources or gain one of your 3 weekly bonus rolls.

In order to progress through Tier 5, you will need 12,500 Order Resources Icon Order Resources to start the research and it will take 12 days. If you wish to change your choice, you will need to spend 2,000 Order Resources and it will take 3 days.

Class Option #1 Option #2
Death Knight Frost Wyrm Icon Frost Wyrm Reanimation Icon Reanimation
Demon Hunter Fel Hammer's Wrath Icon Fel Hammer's Wrath Focused War Effort Icon Focused War Effort
Druid Elune's Chosen Icon Elune's Chosen Ancient of War Icon Ancient of War
Hunter Unseen Path Icon Unseen Path Foraging Icon Foraging
Mage Might of Dalaran Icon Might of Dalaran Arcane Divination Icon Arcane Divination
Monk One with Destiny Icon One with Destiny Celestial Favor Icon Celestial Favor
Paladin Grand Crusade Icon Grand Crusade Holy Purpose Icon Holy Purpose
Priest Blessed Seals Icon Blessed Seals Tithe Icon Tithe
Rogue Plunder Icon Plunder Under the Table Icon Under the Table
Shaman Spirit Walk Icon Spirit Walk Rise! Icon Rise!
Warlock Unleash Infernal Icon Unleash Infernal Grim Harvest Icon Grim Harvest
Warrior Val'kyr Call Icon Val'kyr Call Spoils of War Icon Spoils of War

3.6. Tier 6 Upgrades

The final tier has no choices for any class, it is exactly the same for everyone. The last advancement will allow you to increase the number of legendary items you equip by one.

In order to progress through Tier 6, you will need 15,000 Order Resources Icon Order Resources to start the research and it will take 14 days.

Class Option
Death Knight Legends from the Grave Icon Legends from the Grave
Demon Hunter Demonic Fate Icon Demonic Fate
Druid Natural Legend Icon Natural Legend
Hunter Legends of the Wild Icon Legends of the Wild
Mage Legends of the Tirisgarde Icon Legends of the Tirisgarde
Monk Fists of Legend Icon Fists of Legend
Paladin Legends of the Righteous Icon Legends of the Righteous
Priest Armed by Faith Icon Armed by Faith
Rogue Armed to the Teeth Icon Armed to the Teeth
Shaman Ancestral Legends Icon Ancestral Legends
Warlock Legends of the Fel Icon Legends of the Fel
Warrior Legends of Ragnarok Icon Legends of Ragnarok

4. What Are The Best Tier Choices For Class Order Hall Advancement?

This section will guide your choices of Class Order Hall Advancement, depending on your current progression through the game. The most important thing to remember with the Class Order Hall Advancement tree is that it is based on preference. We can try to guide you as to what is best at what point, but at the heart of it all, your personal preference is the most important thing when choosing.

4.1. Tier 1

When levelling, all classes should take the increased chance for quest rewards to be upgraded to a higher quality.

Once you have hit 110 and completed the majority of the quests you would need gear from, you should swap it for the additional success chance for missions.

4.2. Tier 2

For this tier, we will need to break it down class by class.

  • Death Knight and Paladin: The first option of the mount is by far the more useful choice in most situations. Only take the second option of the increased success chance if you desperately need it due to a lack of counters.
  • Demon Hunters and Warlock: The first option of bonus loot and buffs will most likely be much more useful in the short-term of the game, when you still need a lot of gear. As soon as you start moving into raids and effectively gearing yourself, you can swap to the other advancement for both classes.
  • Druid: The bonus items from the soil in Evergreen will benefit you most in the early game, while the reduced mission time will be more useful one you are more heavily geared.
  • Hunter and Mage: Just as the Mage Tower and Spirit Lodge did in Warlords of Draenor, the first choice for these two classes is essentially travel around the zones of the Broken Isles. The easier travel will most likely be very useful until we obtain flying, at which point you can simply use the other advancement.
  • Monk, Priest, and Shaman: When levelling, take the buff that will aid you when questing to 110. Once you have hit 110, it is more valuable to swap to the option that impacts your troops.
  • Rogue: The chance for a Vault Ticket Icon Vault Ticket is by far the best choice.
  • Warrior: A chance at loot from the Circle of Glory is the best choice in the early game, while the mission duration reduction will be best once raids have released.

4.3. Tier 3

When you have just started gearing up your champions, take the option that allows you to either place work orders for Champion equipment or receive it from missions.

Once you have fully geared your champions, you can increase your troop count with the other option.

4.4. Tier 4

The option of upgrading greater troops is likely going to give you more benefit, given that they will have the chance to counter a boss, something that only champions can do without this advancement.

4.5. Tier 5

For Death Knight, Druid, Monk, and Shaman, always take the option for the 3rd special troop. The other trait does not come close in comparison.

For Demon Hunter, Mage, and Paladin, this is purely preference, depending on your available resources. Either get a free bonus roll each week or reduce the number of world quests you have to do every 3 days by 1. Neither one is very powerful.

For Hunter, Priest, Rogue, Warlock, and Warrior, during the early-game, take the advancement that allows you to gain order resources when completing world quests with a combat ally. As soon as you reach a point where you have an abundance of resources, swap to your other trait.

4.6. Tier 6

There is no choice to be made here, since there is only 1 talent available.

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