Best Textiles Talent Build Guide for Tailoring in Dragonflight

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This page goes into detail on the Textiles specialization of Dragonflight Tailoring, and will guide you through the various aspects of the tree and profession.


Best Textiles Talent Builds in Dragonflight

The Textiles tree focuses on the crafting of Tailoring-specific materials, such as Wildercloth Bolt Icon Wildercloth Bolt and Spool of Wilderthread Icon Spool of Wilderthread, and on miscellaneous crafts such as the Wildercloth Bag Icon Wildercloth Bag and Market Tent Icon Market Tent.

Deep investment into this tree should result in proficient crafting of materials, allowing you to buy cloth from world farmers and turn it into materials used by high-end Tailors and other professions!


Best Tailoring Talents for Material Mass-Production

  1. 5 points into Textiles for pathing;
  2. 30 points into Spinning to ensure the looting of various Rousing Essences when unraveling elemental Wildercloth, such as Singed Wildercloth Icon Singed Wildercloth;
  3. 10 points into Textiles for further pathing;
  4. 20 points into Weaving for massive Multicraft gains and some extra Inspiration when crafting bolts of cloth.

By focusing on Tailoring materials, you can make a lot of gold almost passively by just buying a lot of materials and setting your character on long crafting queues. You can get a ton of Awakened Essences from elemental Wildercloths with the final Spinning talent, too!


Best Tailoring Talents for Bags, Banners and Miscellaneous Crafts

  1. 5 points into Textiles for pathing;
  2. 30 points into Embroidery for more skill and secondary stats when crafting miscellaneous Tailoring items;
  3. 10 points into Textiles for further pathing;
  4. Learn Spinning (no knowledge point investment required) for a small bonus when unraveling elemental Wildercloth;
  5. 10 points into Textiles for further pathing;
  6. Learn Weaving (no knowledge point investment required) for a large Multicraft bonus when creating bolts of cloth;
  7. 5 points into Textiles for maximum skill gain when crafting miscellaneous Tailoring items.

Explorer's Banner of Geology Icon Explorer's Banner of Geology and Explorer's Banner of Herbology Icon Explorer's Banner of Herbology are two interesting items made by Tailors which can be very handy to farmer characters and groups due to their extremely high damage bonus towards elementals of a particular type, which can easily be hyperspawned in certain spots around the world.

Geology and Herbology Banners

Investing into Embroidery early will allow you to craft these and other miscellaneous Tailoring items with more skill, allowing you to get the +100% damage versions, which are incredibly powerful for farming!



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