Retribution Paladin PvP Stat Priority, Gear, and Trinkets (Dragonflight 10.2.7)

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Choosing your gear carefully is important for your Retribution Paladin in PvP. We give you a stat priority to help you choose items with the right stats, followed by advice on how to choose the rest of your gear and your trinkets.

This page is part of our Retribution Paladin PvP Guide.


Stat Priority for Retribution Paladins in PvP

The stat priority for Retribution Paladin in PvP is as follows:

  1. Strength;
  2. Versatility;
  3. Mastery;
  4. Haste; = Critical Strike;

Strength is the best stat in all situations, and you naturally get it from all your primary slot gear. Versatility is Retribution's best stat in PvP because it boosts your damage and healing while also reducing the damage you receive. Mastery is the second-best stat in PvP as it increases all your damage done, and one of Retribution's primary goal is to burst the enemy in as few globals as possible. Haste, while still valuable, is currently seated behind Mastery due to the pacing of the game. If game pacing slows down, consistent damage may matter more, and Haste may overtake mastery. Critical Strike is also good for Retribution, but due to the 10.1 PvP Crit nerfs, it is one of our lowest priority stats.


Gear Recommendations


General Guidelines

In general, Retribution Paladins want to get trinkets that line up well with Avenging Wrath Icon Avenging Wrath. If you are not Human, Gladiators Medallion is recommended alongside Gladiators Insignia of Alacrity. Here is the best gear we recommend you use as a Retribution Paladin.

  • Head: Heartfire Sentinel's Forgehelm Icon Heartfire Sentinel's Forgehelm
  • Neck: Draconic Gladiator's Amulet Icon Draconic Gladiator's Amulet
  • Shoulders: Heartfire Sentinel's Steelwings Icon Heartfire Sentinel's Steelwings
  • Cloak: Draconic Gladiator's Shawl Icon Draconic Gladiator's Shawl
  • Chest: Draconic Gladiator's Plate Chestplate Icon Draconic Gladiator's Plate Chestplate
  • Wrists: Draconic Gladiator's Plate Wristguards Icon Draconic Gladiator's Plate Wristguards
  • Hands: Draconic Gladiator's Plate Handguards Icon Draconic Gladiator's Plate Handguards
  • Waist: Draconic Gladiator's Plate Girdle Icon Draconic Gladiator's Plate Girdle
  • Legs: Primal Molten Legplates Icon Primal Molten Legplates with Versa and Mastery stats Embellished with Verdant Conduit Icon Verdant Conduit
  • Feet: Infurious Warboots of Impunity Icon Infurious Warboots of Impunity
  • Ring 1: Signet of Titanic Insight Icon Signet of Titanic Insight with Versa and Mastery stats
  • Ring 2: Draconic Gladiator's Signet Icon Draconic Gladiator's Signet
  • Weapon: Draconic Gladiator's Greatsword Icon Draconic Gladiator's Greatsword

Alternative Gearing Options

Aside from running the 4-set, there are now various stat pathways that all net relatively similar results. It is recommended to start with the above gearset and then experiment with stat combinations from there. Some Rank 1 Ret Paladins are gathering a full set of non-tier Chest, Helm, Gloves, and Pants in order to run higher Versatility and becoming tankier. This slightly sacrifices damage for survivability and is currently up for debate.


Note: It is important to be wearing 2 PvP trinkets. This will give you a Stamina and Strength boost that will increase your survivability and damage output.

Draconic Gladiator's Medallion Icon Draconic Gladiator's Medallion Allows you to remove any crowd control on yourself. You will normally use this when you are stuck in crowd control, and a teammate is at low health. Note, if you play a Human, you may play without this trinket.

Draconic Gladiator's Badge of Ferocity Icon Draconic Gladiator's Badge of Ferocity gives you Crit and has a 1-minute cooldown that increases your primary stat. This is great to use right before you activate a powerful cooldown.

Draconic Gladiator's Emblem Icon Draconic Gladiator's Emblem increases your maximum health when used. This gives you an additional defensive when you think a team will be focusing on you and can be paired with Shield of Vengeance Icon Shield of Vengeance to increase the shield value.

Draconic Gladiator's Insignia of Alacrity Icon Draconic Gladiator's Insignia of Alacrity increases your Haste and has a chance to proc your primary stat. This is an overall strong trinket, as the stat will often proc throughout an arena match.


Gems and Enchants

Here are the best enchants and gems for a Retribution Paladin: (If you have the gold, buy the tier 3 versions of enchants!) (

  • Neck: Tiered Medallion Setting Icon Tiered Medallion Setting x3 (To save gold, buy two tier 2 and one tier 3
  • Cloak: Enchant Cloak - Homebound Speed Icon Enchant Cloak - Homebound Speed
  • Chest: Enchant Chest - Sustained Strength Icon Enchant Chest - Sustained Strength
  • Legs: Fierce Armor Kit Icon Fierce Armor Kit
  • Rings: Enchant Ring - Devotion of Versatility Icon Enchant Ring - Devotion of Versatility
  • Feet: Enchant Boots - Plainsrunner's Breeze Icon Enchant Boots - Plainsrunner's Breeze
  • Wrist: Enchant Bracer - Devotion of Speed Icon Enchant Bracer - Devotion of Speed
  • Weapon Enchant: Enchant Weapon - Sophic Devotion Icon Enchant Weapon - Sophic Devotion

Gem all of your gear with Zen Malygite Icon Zen Malygite.



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