The Underrot Dungeon Guide: Location, Boss Strategies, Trash, and Loot

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Welcome to our guide to the Underrot dungeon in Season 2 of the Dragonflight World of Warcraft expansion. This guide will cover everything you need to know about the dungeon, including how to get to it, its layout, the trash and boss mechanics within, and its loot.


Getting into Underrot

Underrot is a max-level dungeon located in Nazmir, Zandalar. You can quickly access the portals in each capital city (Orgimmar or Stormwind).


This guide will focus on an extensive overview of the dungeon, providing vital information to increase your chance of completing the key. We will cover all 4 boss fights supported by the most notable trash enemies in the dungeon and their important abilities. If you would like to learn about the rest of the dungeon in Season 2, please see our overviews linked below. Otherwise, without further ado, let us begin!


Underrot Layout


Sanctuary of Blood and Elder Leaxa


Notable Trash Before Elder Leaxa

  • Fetid Maggot is the first enemy you will be facing here; there is only one ability you should do your best to stop, and that is Rotten Bile Icon Rotten Bile.
  • Focus on killing Chosen Blood Matron quickly, as their Blood Harvest Icon Blood Harvest & Savage Cleave Icon Savage Cleave combo will leave you in a critical condition. In addition, the longer the mob stays alive, the more, the harder it will be to deal with the surrounding trash due to its uninterruptable buff - Warcry Icon Warcry.
  • Use your defensive cooldowns when dealing with Underrot Tick, upon death, they will Blood Burst Icon Blood Burst. In addition, they will leave a stackable BleedBleed effect on your tank - Blood Maw, hence why it is important to quickly nuke it.
  • Devout Blood Priest is going to be the most important caster mob in this area, they can fully heal either themselves or any other mob with Dark Reconstitution Icon Dark Reconstitution, cast a dangerous Blood Bolt Icon Blood Bolt direct spell and buff an enemy with Gift of G'huun Icon Gift of G'huun. Use all of your interrupts on this mob, as every cast is important to be stopped.
  • Use your defensive cooldowns if you are caught in one of the Fanatical Headhunter's Hooked Snare Icon Hooked Snare.
  • If you get targeted by Befouled Spirit's Dark Omen Icon Dark Omen, use your defensive cooldown as you can't stop the cast otherwise. Harrowing Despair Icon Harrowing Despair must be interrupted at all times.

Elder Leaxa Boss Guide


All Roles

  • Interrupt Blood Bolt Icon Blood Bolt.
  • Side-step Elder Leaxa's Sanguine Feast Icon Sanguine Feast. It will jump on a random player's location, hence why it is important to be closer to the boss.
  • Avoid the Creeping Rot Icon Creeping Rot frontal.
  • When Elder Leaxa is casting Blood Mirror Icon Blood Mirror, shift your focus towards the Blood Effigy, as the spawn will have the same abilities as the boss. Kill it quickly before you run out of interrupts and wipe!


  • Once Blood Effigy has spawned, move closer to the add to enable more efficient 2-target cleave from your party members.


  • Quickly top up the Taint of G'huun Icon Taint of G'huun debuff.
  • Keep people at full health after they have received damage from Blood Bolt Icon Blood Bolt.

The Rotten Field and Cragmaw


Notable Trash Before Cragmaw

Once you defeat Elder Leaxa head down the bridge to meet the next obstacle of Underrot - Cragmaw. Before this, here is the trash you will face:

  • Feral Bloodswarmer is the hardest mob in this area because of its relentless Thirst For Blood Icon Thirst For Blood. It will randomly select a party member from your group and chase it down until to re-fixate someone else. Use your party-wide utility to stop the mob from coming close to you. In addition, interrupt its Sonic Screech Icon Sonic Screech cast.
  • Avoid the Living Rot's Foul Sludge Icon Foul Sludge ground visuals. Don't waste your extra kicks on Wave of Decay Icon Wave of Decay; you can simply run out of the pool of decay!
  • Interrupt Diseased Lasher's Decaying Mind Icon Decaying Mind at all cost; failing to do so will likely result in a death. In the case it goes through, you can Dispel it!
  • Your tank must pay attention to Fallen Deathspeaker's Wicked Frenzy Icon Wicked Frenzy; you can't interrupt it, but you can use stun or disturb effects to stop it. If this goes through, you will have a follow-up effect - Wicked Assault. In addition, interrupt its Raise Dead Icon Raise Dead cast.
  • Reanimated Guardian is the last non-boss-enemy you will face here; they have no other ability than Bone Shield Icon Bone Shield; you can damage to break it or use Purge effects to remove it!

Cragmaw Boss Guide


All Roles

  • Stack together near a wall to "bait" the Charge Icon Charge.
  • Step away from the Indigestion Icon Indigestion frontal.
  • Use your defensive cooldowns when Tantrum Icon Tantrum has been cast. Use your movement speed abilities to collect the ground puddles during its channel.
  • During any of the Cragmaw's abilities, the boss will have a follow-up effect called Infested. Essentially each of the boss's abilities will spawn several ground puddles; if unsoaked for 8 seconds, they will Metamorphosis Icon Metamorphosis into Blood Tick. And if you remember this mob from earlier, it will Blood Burst Icon Blood Burst upon death and leave a stackable BleedBleed effect on your tank - Blood Maw.


  • Once you get fixated by the Indigestion Icon Indigestion, do not move since the frontal will follow you!
  • Help your team collect as many ground puddles as you can during the Tantrum Icon Tantrum channel.


  • Communicate with your team accordingly to ensure you always have either defensive cooldowns or your healing cooldowns for Tantrum Icon Tantrum channel.

Ruins of Xal'vor and Sporecaller Zancha


Notable Trash Before Sporecaller Zancha

  • Grotesque Horror will trigger upon walking closer to them; they can be crowd-control in case you don't have enough interrupts for its Death Bolt Icon Death Bolt cast.
  • Bloodsworn Defiler is the hardest mob here; here are a few things to do when facing it: First, you always want to interrupt Shadow Bolt Volley Icon Shadow Bolt Volley, followed by the second priority to interrupt - Withering Curse Icon Withering Curse. When Summon Spirit Drain Totem Icon Summon Spirit Drain Totem has been cast; step away to prevent you from dying!

Sporecaller Zancha Boss Guide


All Roles

  • If you get targeted by Upheaval Icon Upheaval, use it on any remaining Boundless Rot Icon Boundless Rot. Your main goal here is to make sure to clear all Boundless Rot Icon Boundless Rot before the deadly Festering Harvest Icon Festering Harvest.
  • If you get in touch with any of the Volatile Pods Icon Volatile Pods, you will get a frontload damage + Decaying Spores Icon Decaying Spores stackable DiseaseDisease effect. And yes, Decaying Spores Icon Decaying Spores stacks can be dispelled.


  • You can use the Shockwave Icon Shockwave to remove the remaining Boundless Rot Icon Boundless Rot before the Festering Harvest Icon Festering Harvest cast. Just be careful not to hit any party member!


  • If you do have a DiseaseDisease dispel, do it if anyone has Decaying Spores Icon Decaying Spores stacks.
  • During the Festering Harvest Icon Festering Harvest, be mindful that if anyone gets hit by any flying spores, use your healing on them!

Ruin's Descent and Unbound Abomination


Notable Trash Before Unbound Abomination

Once you have defeated Sporecaller Zancha, head down towards the final part of the dungeon, where you will meet Unbound Abomination. Here is more information on the non-boss-enemies that awaits you:

  • The only new enemy you will face here will be Faceless Corruptor. Those mobs are extremely dangerous due to their one-shot frontal ability - Maddening Gaze Icon Maddening Gaze and lethal ground effect - Abyssal Reach Icon Abyssal Reach. It is safe to say that you want to avoid pulling more than one per pack!

Unbound Abomination Boss Guide

The boss fight is simple, yet many people play it wrong. One major thing to keep in mind is that throughout the fight, Titan Keeper Hezrel will help you out with any incoming Blood Visage by casting Purge Corruption Icon Purge Corruption. In addition, it will also help you manage the magical debuffs throughout the fight, offering you a cleanse! Here is a more detailed overview of the fight:


All Roles

  • You will need to break 3 times Unbound Abomination's Blood Barrier Icon Blood Barrier to defeat the boss. Each time you break it, 2x Blood Visages will spawn. The trick here is not to allocate any damage cooldowns to them as the Titan Keeper Hezrel will kill them with Purge Corruption Icon Purge Corruption & Holy Bolt Icon Holy Bolt.
  • Every couple of seconds, the boss will apply Putrid Blood Icon Putrid Blood to all players in your party, use the incoming Cleansing Light Icon Cleansing Light to remove the stacks of the whole party. Using Dispel and Immunity can also get rid of the Putrid Blood Icon Putrid Blood stacks!
  • Stack together as a team and move forward once your team members get targeted by Vile Expulsion Icon Vile Expulsion. This way, you will avoid frontal damage and be far away from the pockets of corruption. Just keep in mind that after every Vile Expulsion Icon Vile Expulsion frontal Rotting Spore Icon Rotting Spore will spawn, slowly moving towards you, any damage will break it, and disturbing effects can also influence them!


  • Taunt any nearby Blood Visages to prevent any casulties by taking the aggro!
  • Move the boss forward once you see Vile Expulsion Icon Vile Expulsion has been cast to create a safe space without any pockets of corruption on the ground.


  • Dispel any Putrid Blood Icon Putrid Blood stacks from your party members to ease the fight. You might want to rotate their defensive cooldowns paired with your dispels to make it easier.

Loot Table


Elder Leaxa

Type Item Stats
1H Mace Leaxa's Thought-Piercer Icon Leaxa's Thought-Piercer Haste/Crit
Leather Wrist Blood Elder's Bindings Icon Blood Elder's Bindings Crit/Mastery
Mail Waist Waistguard of Sanguine Fervor Icon Waistguard of Sanguine Fervor Haste/Vers
Plate Legs Legplates of Profane Sacrifice Icon Legplates of Profane Sacrifice Haste/Crit
Ring Loop of Pulsing Veins Icon Loop of Pulsing Veins Haste/Mastery
Trinket Rotcrusted Voodoo Doll Icon Rotcrusted Voodoo Doll Int

Cragmaw the Infested

Type Item Stats
Fist Weapon Bile-Stained Crawg Tusks Icon Bile-Stained Crawg Tusks Agi
Dagger Heart-Piercing Stalactite Icon Heart-Piercing Stalactite Agi, Mastery/Crit
Plate Wrist Phosphorescent Armplates Icon Phosphorescent Armplates Crit/Mastery
Cloth Wrist Wristwraps of Twined Morels Icon Wristwraps of Twined Morels Vers/Crit
Mail Hands Blood Tick Crushers Icon Blood Tick Crushers Crit/Vers
Leather Hands Underrot Grotto Tenders Icon Underrot Grotto Tenders Haste/Crit
Leather Waist Bloodfeaster Belt Icon Bloodfeaster Belt Haste/Mastery
Cloth Legs Darklight Legwarmers Icon Darklight Legwarmers Crit/Haste
Plate Boots Fluorescent Flora Stompers Icon Fluorescent Flora Stompers Haste/Vers
Mail Boots Waders of the Infested Icon Waders of the Infested Mastery/Vers

Sporecaller Zancha

Type Item Stats
2H Axe Corruption Borne Headlopper Icon Corruption Borne Headlopper Mastery/Vers
Shield Targe of the Ancient Warder Icon Targe of the Ancient Warder Crit/Mastery
Back Sporecaller's Shroud Icon Sporecaller's Shroud Vers/Crit
Plate Waist Zancha's Venerated Greatbelt Icon Zancha's Venerated Greatbelt Mastery/Vers
Mail Legs Corpuscular Greaves Icon Corpuscular Greaves Haste/Crit
Leather Legs Pustule Bearer's Pants Icon Pustule Bearer's Pants Crit/Vers
Cloth Boots Blood Warder's Moccasins Icon Blood Warder's Moccasins Vers/Mastery
Trinket Lingering Sporepods Icon Lingering Sporepods Agi/Str

Unbound Abomination

Type Item Stats
Polearm Vile Exsanguinator Icon Vile Exsanguinator Mastery/Haste
Hands Gloves of Staunched Wounds Icon Gloves of Staunched Wounds Haste/Vers
Trinket Vial of Animated Blood Icon Vial of Animated Blood Mastery
Mount Underrot Crawg Harness Icon Underrot Crawg Harness

Underrot Achievements

There are 8 total achievements to obtain in Underrot:

Achievement Criteria
Underrot Defeat the Unbound Abomination in Underrot.
Heroic: Underrot Icon Heroic: Underrot Defeat the Unbound Abomination in Underrot on HeroicHeroic difficulty or higher.
Mythic: Underrot Icon Mythic: Underrot Defeat the Unbound Abomination in Underrot on MythicMythic difficulty.
Mythic: Underrot Guild Run Icon Mythic: Underrot Guild Run Defeat the Unbound Abomination in Underrot on MythicMythic difficulty while in a guild group.
Keystone Hero: The Underrot Icon Keystone Hero: The Underrot Complete Underrot at MythicMythic Level 20 or higher, within the time limit.
Not a Fun Guy Icon Not a Fun Guy Defeat Musashitake, then defeat Sporecaller Zancha in Underrot on MythicMythic difficulty.
Sporely Alive Icon Sporely Alive Defeat the Unbound Abomination without any Rotting Spore Icon Rotting Spores dying in Underrot on MythicMythic difficulty.
Taint Nobody Got Time For That Icon Taint Nobody Got Time For That Defeat Elder Leaxa without any party member receiving the Taint of G'huun Icon Taint of G'huun in Underrot on MythicMythic difficulty.


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