Waycrest Manor Dungeon Guide: Location, Boss Strategies, Trash, and Loot

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Welcome to our guide to the Waycrest Manor dungeon in Season 3 of the Dragonflight World of Warcraft expansion. This guide will cover everything you need to know about the dungeon, including how to get to it, its layout, the trash and boss mechanics within, and its loot.


Short Introduction

This guide will focus on an extensive overview of the dungeon, providing vital information to increase your chance of completing the key. We will cover all 5 boss fights supported by the most notable trash enemies in the dungeon and their important abilities. If you would like to learn about the rest of the dungeons in Mythic+, please see our overviews linked below.


Getting into Waycrest Manor

Waycrest Manor is a max-level dungeon in Drustvar, Kul Tiras. The dungeon is available in both MythicMythic and Mythic+ mode.


Waycrest Manor Layout


Heartsbane Triad


Notable Trash Before Heartsbane Triad

  • Interrupt Soul Essence's Scar Soul Icon Scar Soul at all costs. In the case of a danger, you can line off the cast to avoid death.
  • Avoid the Bewitched Captain's Shadow Cleave Icon Shadow Cleave 10 yards frontal while keeping an eye for the Spirited Defense Icon Spirited Defense cast. If you can't interrupt it, you can always use a Purge effect to remove the buff.
  • Enthralled Guard will only strike your Tank with Captain's Strike and otherwise be harmless to your team.
  • Runic Disciple is the mob you should absolutely focus on. Interrupt their single-target damage Runic Bolt Icon Runic Bolt and stop at all costs the Spellbind Icon Spellbind silence effect.
  • Interrupt Heartsbane Soulcharmer is the most important mob in this area. First, interrupt her Soul Bolt Icon Soul Bolt / Soul Volley Icon Soul Volley AoE damage ability. Second, immediately move all mobs away from Warding Candles Icon Warding Candles when she casts it.
  • Interrupt Thistle Acolyte's Drain Essence Icon Drain Essence / Infected Thorn Icon Infected Thorn. In case of a Infected Thorn Icon Infected Thorn going through, you can always DiseaseDisease Dispel it.
  • At last several Blight Toads will surround Thistle Acolyte, remember that upon death they will trigger Toad Blight Icon Toad Blight, make sure to stand out of it.

Heartsbane Triad Boss Guide

The Heartsbane Triad is the first and one of the hardest bosses in Waycrest Manor in which the group will simultaneously fight Sister Solena first, Sister Malady second and Sister Briar third. You must pay attention to Focusing Iris Icon Focusing Iris buff, as the boss that has it is the boss you must focus on, while the rest of the sisters have the Ironbark Shield Icon Ironbark Shield damage reduction aura. The Heartsbane Triad will rotate once they lose 50% of their health, and each time any of the sisters have Focusing Iris Icon Focusing Iris, they will gain a unique spell and aura. At last, each of the sisters will have an energy bar, gaining 2 energy every 1.5 seconds; upon reaching 100, they will cast Dire Ritual Icon Dire Ritual, which essentially wipes the whole group (unless you have a magical immunity to survive). More information down below:


All Roles

  • While all sisters will continuously cast single-target spells, like Soul Bolt Icon Soul Bolt, Ruinous Bolt Icon Ruinous Bolt and Bramble Bolt Icon Bramble Bolt depending on the sister, on a random player, it is EXTREMELY important to always interrupt the sister that has the Focusing Iris Icon Focusing Iris since her bolt will do extra damage.
  • Sister Solena will occasionally cast Soul Manipulation Icon Soul Manipulation, making sure to damage the mind-controlled target to break them from the charm. During the charm, Sister Solena will have Soul Armor Icon Soul Armor self-aura, reducing her damage taken by 99%. At last, during Sister Solena, Aura of Apathy Icon Aura of Apathy will be present at all times, and use defensive cooldowns as appropriate. Bonus tip: always stun the mind-controlled person to avoid any unnecessary use of abilities.
  • After Sister Solena, the second witch to receive Focusing Iris Icon Focusing Iris will be Sister Malady. Be sure to be spread during the Unstable Runic Mark Icon Unstable Runic Mark cast. You can CurseCurse Dispel the debuff or use a magical immunity (Stoneform Icon Stoneform works too) to remove it. Sister Malady will have Aura of Dread Icon Aura of Dread present at all times, to reduce the stacks, make sure to move consistently.
  • Once Sister Malady health drops below 50%, she will trigger the last witch - Sister Briar, after which the sequence of the order will reset until the triad is defeated. Outside of her Aura of Thorns Icon Aura of Thorns, she will cast Jagged Nettles Icon Jagged Nettles on a random target.


  • Use your crowd-control abilities when Sister Solena is casting Soul Manipulation Icon Soul Manipulation, this way, you can save a global from your DPS and healer as they can focus on breaking the person out.


  • When Sister Solena is active, she will have Aura of Apathy Icon Aura of Apathy. This is a good place to remind your DPS players to use their defensive cooldowns appropriately. Be mindful of your own healing as well!
  • During Sister Malady make sure to focus on healing and topping low-health targets to prevent them from dying from the random bolts.
  • During Sister Briar is the place to use your healing cooldowns as the group will continuously take damage from Aura of Thorns Icon Aura of Thorns and the incredible dangerous Jagged Nettles Icon Jagged Nettles (the only way to get rid of the debuff is my BleedBleed dispel or top-up their health above 90%).

Soulbound Goliath


Notable Trash Before Soulbound Goliath

  • Pro tip: The majority of the mobs in this area can be affected by Wildfire Icon Wildfire; simply drag them on top of the existing fire to take extra damage. This can save you a few seconds throughout the key.


  • Interrupt Coven Thornshaper's Infected Thorn Icon Infected Thorn, in case it goes through, you can always DiseaseDisease Dispel it. The mob will also occasionally cast Uproot Icon Uproot, make sure to be spread so multiple party members do not overlap at this, and avoid staying in it.
  • Thornguard is one of the few tank busters in this dungeon. Beware of Tearing Strike Icon Tearing Strike BleedBleed effect, which becomes quite dangerous during its Enrage (you can Enrage Dispel it) buff. At last, upon death, they will trigger Shatter Icon Shatter, and make sure to get away from its body.
  • Jagged Hounds will exclusive do tank damage.
  • Avoid Matron Bryndle's Splinter Spike Icon Splinter Spike ground-spawn. Your Tank must pay extra attention to her Thorned Barrage Icon Thorned Barrage channel as it is extremely dangerous (use active mitigation).
  • Interrupt Dreadwing Raven's Pallid Glare Icon Pallid Glare.

Soulbound Goliath Boss Guide


All Roles

  • When the tank resets the Soul Harvest Icon Soul Harvest, it will trigger Burning Brush Icon Burning Brush after-effect, use your defensive cooldowns to reduce the incoming damage and help your healer.
  • When Burning Brush Icon Burning Brush is present, Burning Souls will appear on the field, attacking nearby enemies for 10 sec. If they get close to you, they will hit you with Burning Fists Icon Burning Fists, which is likely to be lethal when combined with the Burning Brush Icon Burning Brush channel damage.


  • The boss will gain a stack of Soul Harvest Icon Soul Harvest every 2 sec, making it harder to tank as the fight goes on. This will also make the Crush Icon Crush tank-buster hit extremely hard. You must reset the stacks to avoid being one-shot by walking the boss next to a Wildfire Icon Wildfire.
  • Never reset Soulbound Goliath's Soul Harvest Icon Soul Harvest stacks when Soul Thorns Icon Soul Thorns is active; you will simply kill the player caught in it.


  • When the tank resets the Soul Harvest Icon Soul Harvest, it will trigger an Burning Brush Icon Burning Brush after-effect, this is the best point to use your major healing cooldowns.

Raal the Gluttonous


Notable Trash Before Raal the Gluttonous

  • Infected Peasant is the easiest non-boss-enemy in this area; they will only autoattack your Tank and be surrounded by Devouring Maggots. Keep in mind that upon killing Infected Peasant, he will trigger its passive - Infected Icon Infected, spawning 3 Devouring Maggots. At last, each Devouring Maggot will cast a Spit Icon Spit on a random target, dealing high initial damage.
  • Pro tip: Some Devouring Maggots carry a Parasitic Icon Parasitic debuff, allowing them to cast Infest Icon Infest on a random party member. If the cast goes through, you will get no % count for the mob, and once the debuff expires, he will spawn out of you another 3 Devouring Maggots that also does not give % count.
  • Gorestained Piglet will occasionally cast Snout Smack Icon Snout Smack at your Tank and otherwise be harmless to the rest of your group.
  • Beware of Pallid Gorgers as they will cast Ravaging Leap Icon Ravaging Leap on the furthest target applying BleedBleed-over-time effect to all enemies within 5 yards. At last, interrupt their Retch! Icon Retch! frontal or side-step it.

If you enter The Hunting Lodge area, here are the unique types of mobs that you should be aware of:

  • Crazed Marksman is one of the few static mobs in this dungeon, which will continuously Shoot at random targets. If you line of sight them, they will stack in melee, making it much easier to cleave.
  • Important mob: Interrupt Maddened Survivalist's Severing Serpent Icon Severing Serpent and avoid staying in the Shrapnel Trap Icon Shrapnel Trap when it is cast. The trap is thrown on a ranged player and will continuously stay on the ground until the Maddened Survivalist is defeated.
  • Diseased Mastiff will only deal tank damage with their auto-attacks and occasional Diseased Crunch Icon Diseased Crunch.

Raal the Gluttonous Boss Guide


All Roles

  • Periodically throughout the fight, Raal the Gluttonous will cast Call Servant Icon Call Servant, enabling 4 Wasting Servants to slowly walk towards him. If they reach the boss's range, they will be consumed and trigger its follow-up non-dispellable debuff - Gluttonous Bile Icon Gluttonous Bile on all party members. This debuff is NOT dispellable and can stack. Your priority must be killing them at all costs!
  • Avoid being hit by the Tenderize Icon Tenderize frontal. Raal the Gluttonous will cast 3 waves of the frontal.
  • Avoid being hit by the Rotten Expulsion Icon Rotten Expulsion initial frontal and focus on killing the follow-up Bile Oozelings spawns quickly.


  • Collect the aggro from all Bile Oozelings spawns.


  • In case of a Gluttonous Bile Icon Gluttonous Bile debuff going through, use your major healing cooldowns to keep your team alive.

Lord and Lady Waycrest


Notable Trash Before Lord and Lady Waycrest

  • Beware of Heartsbane Runeweaver's Etch Icon Etch uninterruptible channel cast (use your defensive if you are targetted). In addition, the witch will occasionally cast Runic Mark Icon Runic Mark to a random party member. If you do have a CurseCurse Dispel, here is the perfect time to use it.
  • Interrupt Coven Diviner's Soul Bolt Icon Soul Bolt. In addition, she will occasionally apply Fragment Soul Icon Fragment Soul to your Tank.
  • Matron Alma is the second and final "mini-boss" in this dungeon. She will exclusively apply Decaying Touch Icon Decaying Touch debuff to your Tank, hence why it is important to dispel it swiftly. In addition, interrupt her Ruinous Volley Icon Ruinous Volley at all costs. At last, Matron Alma will cast Dread Mark Icon Dread Mark on a random player, regardless of how you deal with it (CurseCurse dispel it or let it expire), be spread at the end of the duration to avoid the follow-up debuff - Lingering Dread Icon Lingering Dread.

Lord and Lady Waycrest Boss Guide

Lord and Lady Waycrest is a two-phase boss encounter, with the Phase 1 being semi-exclusive to Lord Waycrest, while Phase 2 will allow you to fight both bosses simultaneously. During Phase 1, you will have to deal with Virulent Pathogen Icon Virulent Pathogen coming from Lord Waycres while dodging Discordant Cadenza Icon Discordant Cadenza ground puddles coming from Lady Waycrest. Once Lord Waycrest reaches ~35-37% HP, Lady Waycrest will cast Vitality Transfer Icon Vitality Transfer healing him, while she loses 30% HP of hers. This must occur 3 (or until Lady Waycrest is at 10% HP) before Phase 2 starts. More information down below:


All Roles

  • Avoid being hit by Discordant Cadenza Icon Discordant Cadenza ground puddles.
  • Lord Waycrest will cast Virulent Pathogen Icon Virulent Pathogen on a random target; if you do have DiseaseDisease dispel in your party, here is the perfect opportunity to use it. However, if you don't, be aware that when Virulent Pathogen Icon Virulent Pathogen runs out, it will trigger a secondary effect - Contagious Remnants Icon Contagious Remnants. Be sure to avoid getting hit by the ground effect to avoid having Virulent Pathogen Icon Virulent Pathogen debuff re-applied.


  • Lord Waycrest will occasionally cast Wasting Strike Icon Wasting Strike on you; this is the time to use active mitigation.
  • Each time Lady Waycrest uses Vitality Transfer Icon Vitality Transfer, Lord Waycrest will gain a stack of Putrid Vitality Icon Putrid Vitality (maximum of 3 stacks when you fight the boss in Phase 2). Be mindful and manage your defensive cooldowns properly.


  • Be mindful of Wracking Chord Icon Wracking Chord. Lady Waycrest will continuously cast that through the boss fight.
  • Spot-heal your Tank during Wasting Strike Icon Wasting Strike, as not only they will get front-load damage but also a damage-over-time effect.

Gorak Tul


Notable Trash Before Gorak Tul

  • When fighting Gloom Horrors the most important thing to remember is that they will Dark Leap Icon Dark Leap on the furthest enemy, cleaving everyone within 5 yards of the impact. A common strategy here is to pre-use your major defensive cooldowns and "bait" the jumps away from your party.
  • Pro tip: Be mind full at how many of the Gloom Horrors you will engage at once, as they will be quite tough on your Tank.

Gorak Tul Boss Guide

The final boss of the dungeon, Gorak Tul, is an incredibly tough encounter to face, here is the detailed fight breakdown for you. The most important detail here is to manage the Deathtouched Slaver spawns, as Gorak Tul will roughly spawn them every 25 sec. They will Dark Leap Icon Dark Leap out on the furthest target and have a Death Lens Icon Death Lens cast to stop. Your goal is to kill them and use Alchemical Fire Icon Alchemical Fire (periodically spawning on the ground) on top of their corpse before Gorak Tul finishes its Dread Essence Icon Dread Essence (once he reaches 100 energy) resurrection cast. More details down below:


All Roles

  • Swap your damage when Deathtouched Slaver is spawned. If the boss has a while until he reaches maximum energy, or in other words, Dread Essence Icon Dread Essence cast, you can cleave them for more efficient boss damage. At last, if they begin to cast Death Lens Icon Death Lens use any disturbing effect to stop it.


  • Do your best to stack all Deathtouched Slavers on top of the Gorak Tul.


  • When the boss casts Dread Essence Icon Dread Essence, it will deal massive AoE damage to the whole party, top them quickly before any Deathtouched Slavers use their Dark Leap Icon Dark Leap.

Waycrest Manor Loot Table


Heartsbane Triad

Type Item Stats
Dagger Jagged Iris Sica Icon Jagged Iris Sica Int, Vers/Mastery
Off-Hand Solena's Watchful Collection Icon Solena's Watchful Collection Mastery/Vers
Leather Wrist Bracers of Dreadful Maladies Icon Bracers of Dreadful Maladies Mastery/Crit
Cloth Hands Twisted Sisters Handwraps Icon Twisted Sisters Handwraps Mastery/Vers
Plate Waist Girdle of Burgeoning Apathy Icon Girdle of Burgeoning Apathy Vers/Haste
Leather Legs Blight Toadskin Leggings Icon Blight Toadskin Leggings Vers/Crit
Mail Boots Bramble Looped Boots Icon Bramble Looped Boots Haste/Vers

Soulbound Goliath

Type Item Stats
Fist Weapon Sinister Wicker Talons Icon Sinister Wicker Talons Crit/Haste
Cloth Wrist Drust-Thatched Wristwraps Icon Drust-Thatched Wristwraps Haste/Vers
Mail Hands Thornshaper Mitts Icon Thornshaper Mitts Crit/Mastery
Leather Waist Hound-Jowl Waistband Icon Hound-Jowl Waistband Mastery/Vers
Plate Legs Petrified Wickerplate Greaves Icon Petrified Wickerplate Greaves Crit/Haste
Ring Thornwoven Band Icon Thornwoven Band Vers/Haste
Trinket Balefire Branch Icon Balefire Branch Mastery

Raal the Gluttonous

Type Item Stats
1H Axe Servant Splitter Icon Servant Splitter Str/Special effect
Back Raal's Bib Icon Raal's Bib Crit/Haste
Mail Wrist Slaughterhouse-Chain Bracers Icon Slaughterhouse-Chain Bracers Mastery/Haste
Cloth Legs Bloodstained Sous Chef Pants Icon Bloodstained Sous Chef Pants Mastery/Haste
Plate Boots Fatty Hooves of Gory Comfort Icon Fatty Hooves of Gory Comfort Vers/Mastery
Trinket Gore-Crusted Butcher's Block Icon Gore-Crusted Butcher's Block Str

Lord and Lady Waycrest

Type Item Stats
1H Mace Soulcharmer's Bludgeon Icon Soulcharmer's Bludgeon Agi, Vers/Haste
Plate Hands Risen Lord's Oversized Gauntlets Icon Risen Lord's Oversized Gauntlets Vers/Crit
Cloth Waist Belt of Undying Devotion Icon Belt of Undying Devotion Vers/Mastery
Mail Waist Waistguard of Deteriorating Grace Icon Waistguard of Deteriorating Grace Vers/Crit
Leather Boots Moss-Covered Wingtip Shoes Icon Moss-Covered Wingtip Shoes Mastery/Haste
Ring Lord Waycrest's Signet Icon Lord Waycrest's Signet Crit/Vers
Trinket Lady Waycrest's Music Box Icon Lady Waycrest's Music Box Intellect

Gorak Tul

Type Item Stats
Staff Blightreaper Icon Blightreaper Agi, Vers/Mastery

Waycrest Manor Achievements

There are 6 total achievements to obtain in Waycrest Manor:

Achievement Criteria
Waycrest Manor Icon Waycrest Manor Defeat Goral Tul in Waycrest Manor.
Heroic: Waycrest Manor Icon Heroic: Waycrest Manor Defeat Goral Tul in Waycrest Manor on HeroicHeroic difficulty or higher.
Mythic: Waycrest Manor Icon Mythic: Waycrest Manor Defeat Gorak Tul in Waycrest Manor on MythicMythic difficulty.
Keystone Hero: Waycrest Manor Icon Keystone Hero: Waycrest Manor Complete a Waycrest Manor at MythicMythic Level 20 or higher, within the time limit.
Alchemical Romance Icon Alchemical Romance Destroy three Deathtouched Slavers's corpses using a single Alchemical Fire Icon Alchemical Fire, then defeat Gorak Tul in Waycrest Manor on MythicMythic difficulty.
Run Wild Like a Man On Fire Icon Run Wild Like a Man On Fire Defeat the Soulbound Goliath without it gaining 12 stacks of Soul Harvest Icon Soul Harvest in Waycrest Manor on MythicMythic difficulty.


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