Blood Death Knight Tank Mythic+ Tips — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.2.5

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In this guide, you will find tips and advice to tackle Mythic+ dungeons with your Blood Death Knight in World of Warcraft — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.2.5.


Blood Death Knight in Mythic+

Blood Death Knights are a very strong choice for Mythic+ tanking, with a deep utility toolkit and a much higher degree of self-sustain than most other tank specializations. While Blood can struggle with massive damage attacks, it shines in its ability to control enemies and shape pulls.


Blood Death Knight Mythic+ Rotation

Your rotation in Mythic+ is unchanged from the rotation provided on our Blood Death Knight Rotation page. From a practical perspective, the biggest difference in the feel of the rotation will be ensuring that Bone Shield Icon Bone Shield will not expire between pulls — it will be important to keep two runes available to refresh it with a Marrowrend Icon Marrowrend before moving out of melee range of the current fight.


Blood Death Knight Utility

  • Gorefiend's Grasp Icon Gorefiend's Grasp is a signature Blood Death Knight ability and an important component of Blood's value in Mythic+. On a 2-minute cooldown (90 seconds with Tightening Grasp Icon Tightening Grasp), it will immediately pull all enemies within 15 yards of the target together. You will typically want to plan ahead of time where in a given dungeon you will want to use it. Gorefiend's Grasp is particularly strong for bringing loosely-spread casters together to cleave, interrupting multiple dangerous channels or casts simultaneously, and positioning multiple high-priority targets together.
  • Death Grip Icon Death Grip is a versatile ability with several uses in Mythic+. Death Grip can be used to reposition individual casters in melee range, or as an additional interrupt on dangerous casts or channels. Be aware that Death Grip will only interrupt casts if the enemy is repositioned by the spell; enemies that are immune to repositioning effects, enemies that are currently rooted by another ability, and enemies that are already directly adjacent to the Death Knight will not be interrupted. To use Death Grip to interrupt a cast on an enemy already in melee range you should take a step back first, which will require additional planning. Death Grip also serves as a second taunt, and can be used to gain aggro on an additional target while engaging a group of enemies.
  • Mind Freeze Icon Mind Freeze is the Death Knight interrupt ability. It operates identically to other melee interrupts such as Kick Icon Kick and Pummel Icon Pummel, except that it has a 15-yard range. This allows Death Knights to interrupt casts when enemies are standing in zones that other melee cannot reach, helping to reposition them in a safer location.
  • Asphyxiate Icon Asphyxiate is a 4-second, single-target stun on a 45-second cooldown. This is particularly useful for preventing uninterruptible casts, or preventing enemies with movement abilities or that are coded to flee at low health from repositioning. As with Death Grip Icon Death Grip, be aware that enemies that are immune to stun effects will not be interrupted by Asphyxiate.
  • Death and Decay Icon Death and Decay, when paired with the Grip of the Dead Icon Grip of the Dead talent, becomes a highly effective tool for starting to kite as you head to the next pack. As with Bone Shield Icon Bone Shield, be sure that Death and Decay is available to use when you are ready to move on to the next pack.
  • Raise Ally Icon Raise Ally is the Death Knight combat resurrection spell. While in a raid environment, you would not normally want to rely on the tank for combat resurrection, in a Mythic+ dungeon you may be the only player to bring this utility. Additionally, the instant-cast nature of Raise Ally will make it preferable to other combat resurrections in some circumstances, even considering the cost in Runic Power. If you need to resurrect an ally, be sure to consider both timing and positioning — avoid placing the newly-resurrected player in the path of a dangerous boss cleave or immediately prior to a dungeon-wide damage event.

Blood Death Knight Mythic+ Talents

Level Choices
56 Heartbreaker Heartbreaker Blooddrinker Blooddrinker Rune Strike Rune Strike
57 Rapid Decomposition Rapid Decomposition Hemostasis Hemostasis Consumption Consumption
58 Foul Bulwark Foul Bulwark Ossuary Ossuary Tombstone Tombstone
60 Will of the Necropolis Will of the Necropolis Anti-Magic Barrier Anti-Magic Barrier Rune Tap Rune Tap
75 Grip of the Dead Grip of the Dead Tightening Grasp ? Tightening Grasp Wraith Walk Wraith Walk
90 Voracious Voracious Bloodworms Bloodworms Mark of Blood Mark of Blood
100 Purgatory ? Purgatory Red Thirst Red Thirst Bonestorm Bonestorm

Most talent choices remain the same between raiding and Mythic+ content for Blood Death Knights. We have highlighted below some of the key differences in talent recommendations. Some of our recommendations draw a distinction between "lower-tier keys" and "higher-tier keys": there is no easy guideline as to where the line exists between the two. In these situations, you will need to take your gear, your skill, and your familiarity with the dungeon into account in deciding which talent to select.


Tier 1 (Level 56) Talents

You generally won't want to use Rune Strike Icon Rune Strike in Mythic+; if you are looking for a more defensive option the choice will be Heartbreaker Icon Heartbreaker. Blooddrinker Icon Blooddrinker is still an acceptable choice and will result in higher damage output, however especially on higher-tier keys, the survival gain of Heartbreaker is significant and should not be ignored.


Tier 4 (Level 60) Talents

Choose Will of the Necropolis Icon Will of the Necropolis. As your talent selections are locked for the entire dungeon in Mythic+, a highly situational talent such as Anti-Magic Barrier Icon Anti-Magic Barrier is unlikely to be worth taking over the other options in this row, even if a specific encounter in the dungeon would be ideal for the talent. Similarly, Rune Tap Icon Rune Tap simply does not provide enough value throughout a dungeon, and relatively few encounters have large spikes of damage for tanks to deal with, even on Tyrannical Icon Tyrannical weeks.


Tier 5 (Level 75) Talents

In most Mythic+ dungeons you will want to take Grip of the Dead Icon Grip of the Dead for the strong snare it will provide, allowing you to kite between packs. There may be specific pulls in some dungeons that require Tightening Grasp Icon Tightening Grasp to facilitate difficult back=to-back pulls; however, this may be better resolved by developing a pull strategy that allows for the extra 30 seconds between uses of Gorefiend's Grasp Icon Gorefiend's Grasp. The notable exception to this is during Sanguine Icon Sanguine weeks, when a snare on Death and Decay Icon Death and Decay can seriously undermine your pull strategy, and additional uses of Gorefiend's Grasp can be hugely important for repositioning enemies out of pools.


Tier 7 (Level 100) Talents

Generally, in a Mythic+ dungeon you will not be able to capitalize on the cooldown reduction provided by Red Thirst Icon Red Thirst in a reliable fashion, making it a less desirable choice. Your default pick here will be Bonestorm Icon Bonestorm, which provides a significant offensive and defensive benefit in Mythic+. In higher-tier keys, especially on Tyrannical Icon Tyrannical weeks, you may find you get more benefit from the death save of Purgatory Icon Purgatory.


Season 3 Affix: Beguiling

Beguiling is the new Season 3 seasonal affix, and provides your group with quite a step up compared to the previous season.

Throughout the dungeon, three types of emissaries will be present:

  • Void-touched Emissary: These mobs have truesight, and spam a 9-second cast that deals 50% of your maximum health as damage, if you are in line of sight at the end of the cast. Each person in line of sight at the end of the cast will be afflicted by a debuff that increases the damage from the next cast by 50%. You should aim to never pull those, unless there is no other way to go past, at which point you will need to carefully LoS the cast every time it happens. This debuff can be immuned by using Anti-Magic Shell Icon Anti-Magic Shell, however, you should make sure the amount that can be absorbed is high enough to do so.
  • Enchanted Emissary: While this emissary is up, everything in an 8-yard radius around it will have a 200% damage reflect aura. This aura also makes the emissary itself be knocked back 4 yards whenever you land a direct damage spell on it. As a Blood Death Knight, you do not have the resources or abilities to effectively single-target nuke that emissary to push it out of the pack, and as such should leave it to your teammates. Be particularly cautious with your AoE while it is nearby. When it is away, drop a Death and Decay Icon Death and Decay below it to slow it.
  • Emissary of the Tides: Makes everything nearby immune to CC, knockbacks, silences, interrupts, etc. The emissary can be CCed, but as we have no CC, the job falls on our teammates, again. When it is near death, stun it with Asphyxiate Icon Asphyxiate in order to make it immediately despawn instead of channeling its lengthy teleport spell.

Overall, this affix tests your ability to do sensible pulls as a Blood Death Knight, as you have no real spell in your toolkit to help deal with any of the emissaries.


Blood Death Knight Dungeon Tips






Priestess Alun'za



  • It will be very difficult for you to escape Pursuit Icon Pursuit; watch the timer and save Death's Advance Icon Death's Advance or another mobility cooldown in case you are fixated.


  • Save Brain Freeze Icon Brain Freeze for interrupting Wracking Pain Icon Wracking Pain during movement unless your group has a reliable ranged interrupt for this circumstance.




  • Pull Irontide Crackshots to you with Death Grip Icon Death Grip to position them for the pull.

King's Rest




Dazar, The First King


Shrine of the Storm





  • Consider saving Death's Advance Icon Death's Advance as an emergency tool during Phase Two, in the event that you get caught between two Aqualings as casting Surging Rush Icon Surging Rush.

Lord Stormsong

  • The most important Void Bolt Icon Void Bolt to interrupt is the one immediately after he casts Awaken the Void, while everyone is starting to kite their Awoken Voids. Save your Mind Freeze Icon Mind Freeze for this interrupt if you do not have a ranged interrupt for it.

Vol'zith the Whisperer

  • Use Gorefiend's Grasp Icon Gorefiend's Grasp to group Manifestations of the Deep, pulling them away from Vol'zith. You can snare Mainfestations with Death and Decay Icon Death and Decay if your group doesn't have more effective way to control them.

Siege of Boralus




Sergeant Bainbridge/Chopper Redhook


Temple of Sethraliss



  • Use Asphyxiate Icon Asphyxiate to interrupt Drain Icon Drain from Faithless Tenders — unless your group has a mage who intends to Spellsteal Icon Spellsteal the buff.
  • Death's Advance Icon Death's Advance will not prevent the gauntlet reset knockback from hitting an orb.
  • You can clear a path for orbs in the bazaar fairly easily. Be ready to Death Grip Icon Death Grip the Orb Guardian that spawns when you first get close to the skull. With a well-timed Death and Decay Icon Death and Decay, you can get some distance between you and the adds and run it in yourself as well, thanks to the passive snare reduction from Death's Advance Icon Death's Advance.




  • Use Anti-Magic Shell Icon Anti-Magic Shell at the start of soaking an Energy Core; you will be able to soak a full pillar by yourself this way and still end with reasonable stacks of Galvanize Icon Galvanize.

Avatar of Sethraliss





  • Wait until Mech Jockeys actually start running towards a mech, then use Death Grip Icon Death Grip to interrupt their attempt to activate the mech. Asphyxiate Icon Asphyxiate will have the same effect if needed. Mech Jockeys will only attempt to activate a mech once.
  • Use Death Grip Icon Death Grip or Asphyxiate Icon Asphyxiate to interrupt Repair Icon Repair cast by Expert Technician.

The Underrot



  • When Devout Blood Priests get low on health, they cast Gift of G'huun Icon Gift of G'huun followed immediately by Dark Reconstitution Icon Dark Reconstitution. You can Mind Freeze Icon Mind Freeze the first and Asphyxiate Icon Asphyxiate the second; she should be dead before the stun wears off.
  • Use Control Undead Icon Control Undead on a Fallen Deathspeaker Turn off autocast on Wicked Frenzy Icon Wicked Frenzy until you are through that area — if a Reanimated Guardian is currently engaged, he will cast the buff on the hostile Guardian instead of himself.

Sporecaller Zancha


Unbound Abomination

  • Use Death Grip Icon Death Grip to grab the Blood Visage farthest from Titan Keeper Hezrel when they spawn; Hezrel will stun and kill the closer Visage on his own.

Tol Dagor




Overseer Korgus


Waycrest Manor


Raal the Gluttonous

  • Use Gorefiend's Grasp Icon Gorefiend's Grasp only after the Bile Oozelings begin moving. Do not use Gorefiend's Grasp to group Bile Oozelings if there is any chance it will pull a Wasting Servant closer to Raal.


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