Cross-Faction Guilds Guide

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Cross-Faction Guilds allow players of the opposite faction to be members of the same guild. The following guide goes over the basics of the system and its restrictions.


How to Invite Players to Your Cross-Faction Guild?

Players must be friends or part of the same community to invite or receive an invitation to an opposite-faction guild on the same realm.


What Does Determine a Cross-Faction Guild's Main Faction?

Guild affiliation with Alliance or Horde will depend on the faction of the Guild Leader, and guild achievements and vendors will still reflect the guild's primary faction.


Cross-Faction Guilds and Shared Perks

Guild members of the opposite faction will benefit from unlocked shared perks — guild repair and social conveniences, like shared chat, will be available to opposite-faction guild members.


Cross-Faction Guild Limitations

The following section talks about limitations of the Cross-Faction Guild system.

Cross-Faction Guilds are limited to the same realm. You cannot have players from different servers join your opposite-faction guild.

Cross-Faction Guild members are locked out of queued instance content in Patch 10.1, which means you cannot queue with other members for dungeons or LFR.

Blizzard clarified in an interview the limitations are a result of old code that needs to be updated, but we currently do not know when it will be fixed.

You cannot use the Guild Finder to search for Cross-Faction Guilds.

Guild members of the opposite faction cannot contribute to specific achievements. For instance, Alliance members of a Horde guild cannot contribute progress toward the Alliance Slayer Icon Alliance Slayer guild achievement.

Albeit intended, but you cannot invite members of the opposite factions to your guild without being in a Community or Battle.Net friends with them.

Opposite-faction guildmates can only play communally inside instances and will still be considered Unfriendly to each other (or Hostile in War Mode) in the outdoor world.


More on Cross-Faction Play

To learn more about cross-faction play in World of Warcraft, we advise you to visit our cross-faction play guide.

Learn more about Cross-Faction play by visiting our dedicated guide linked below.



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