The Forbidden Reach Zone Guide for Dragonflight (10.1)

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the Forbidden Reach zone in Patch 10.0.7. Here, you will find a list of activities you can complete in the max-level zone and the rewards they offer.


How to Unlock the Forbidden Reach?

When you log into the game for the very first time after Patch 10.0.7 goes live, you will auto-accept the Forbidden Reach intro quest called Forbidden Legacies. Seek out Kazra at the Seat of Aspects in Valdrakken and hear her report. Accept the Return to the Reach quest and talk to the Flight Master in Valdrakken to fly to the Forbidden Reach.


Why is the Forbidden Reach Important?

It contains Zskera Vaults, an outdoor feature and source of the Onyx Annulet.

You can collect 8 new Dragonriding Glyphs to unlock 2 Dragonriding Perks here. New Dragonriding Racing tracks are available too.

It will be easy to catch up on gear with Item Level 385 Bind-to-Account catch-up gear, which you can upgrade with Untapped Forbidden Knowledge Icon Untapped Forbidden Knowledge to Item Level 395.

A new Primal Storm type has been added to the zone, which rewards Elemental Overflow Icon Elemental Overflow.

The Forbidden Reach also contains new Rare Elites, treasure chests, Pet Battles, and various events for you to complete!


Zskera Vaults

The vault is a randomized treasure room and contains puzzles, monsters, and mysteries. Each vault is unique to your character and available to complete until the next weekly reset. You must run it at least once for the Onyx Annulet ring. For more information, visit our Zskera Vaults guide.


The Onyx Annulet

Onyx Annulet is a new Best-in-Slot ring from Zskera Vaults in Patch 10.0.7. We have a dedicated guide available for it, linked below.


Morqut Village

Your main hub for Patch 10.0.7 is Morqut Village. In the following section of the guide, we will show you some of the important vendors you will find here.

Near Ham'urit you can remove Primordial Gems from your Onyx Annulet or break them down.

Whenever you need to upgrade anything, seek out Researcher Baneflare.

Mythressa can be found here selling Primal Storm Gear for Elemental Overflow Icon Elemental Overflow, which can be upgraded to Item Level 395 (Rank 3) in Patch 10.0.7.

Everyone can now gain reputation with the Dracthyr faction, and Quartermaster Treysh sells the following items in addition to the Dracthyr racial mounts:


Faction Envoy System

Faction Envoys unlock when you complete Wings of Mercy.

The Faction Envoy system lets you pick up one of the four Major Factions to help each day to earn a 10% reputation increase for that faction. Envoys will occasionally offer quests for extra reputation and Elemental Overflow Icon Elemental Overflow to spend at the Envoy traders for new rewards, such as new Dragonriding Customization, the Time-Lost Timbertooth Icon Time-Lost Timbertooth battle pet, and the Noble Bruffalon Icon Noble Bruffalon mount.

As highlighted in the screenshot above, every major faction has its Envoy. Envoys also sell bags with reputation, which are helpful if you need to catch up on Renown. The bags can also contain Zskera Vault Keys. Envoys should offer 4 Dragonriding customization options, according to the Patch 10.0.7 notes. However, one of the vendors (Kraxxus) only sells 2 now.

To select your Envoy for the day, click on the missive on the table in Morqut Village.


Forbidden Reach Daily and World Quests

Daily and World quests in the zone will increase your reputation standing with the Obsidian Warders (Alliance) or Dark Talons (Horde), in addition to Elemental Overflow Icon Elemental Overflow.


Forbidden Reach Catch-Up BoA Tokens

Almost all activities in the Forbidden Reach have a chance to drop Bind-to-Account Primalist gear tokens that you can send to alts.

The gear tokens are used to create Item Level 385 and are available for all slots.

Primalist gear can be upgraded to Item Level 395 with Untapped Forbidden Knowledge Icon Untapped Forbidden Knowledge at Researcher Baneflare in Morqut Village. The item drops from random activities in the zone.


New Froststone Vault Primal Storm Event

The impact of Raszageth's escape is still keenly felt near her prison, and Primal Storms consisting of the varying elements, continue to besiege the area outside her prison. Completing these storm events rewards adventurers with upgraded Primal Storm gear. You will also get plenty of Elemental Overflow Icon Elemental Overflow as you engage with the Forbidden Reach's mysteries and creatures. Elemental Overflow can be exchanged for equipment in Morqut Village or Mythressa in Valdrakken.

Froststone Vault Primal Storms will be marked with a skull icon on the Forbidden Reach map. They consist of two phases.

During Phase 1, you must defeat 5 Elite NPCs before the boss in the center becomes attackable. Phase 2 removes the boss shield and lets you kill it.

Froststone Vault Primal Storms reward Condensed items that generate a random Primordial Stone (Condensed Earth Magic Icon Condensed Earth Magic, Condensed Fire Magic Icon Condensed Fire Magic, Condensed Frost Magic Icon Condensed Frost Magic and Condensed Nature Magic Icon Condensed Nature Magic), important for Onyx Annulet.

Additionally, you will also receive Elemental Overflow Icon Elemental Overflow and progress toward the Gooey Snailemental Icon Gooey Snailemental mount in the form of Leftover Elemental Slime Icon Leftover Elemental Slime.


Forbidden Reach Rares

In the Forbidden Reach, you will find 16 standard rares as well as special Profession Rares that require a new type of item called curios to summon.

Rares have a chance to drop Primalist gear tokens, Zskera Vault Keys, Elemental Overflow Icon Elemental Overflow, and Untapped Forbidden Knowledge Icon Untapped Forbidden Knowledge.

We recommend you to download Tama's Forbidden Reach Helper to keep track of all Rare spawn timers and locations.

Whenever a Rare spawns, you will see an icon on the map. Below is a map with locations of all the standard rares.

If you are using TomTom, you can create a macro with the following coordinates for all 16 rares.

/way 2151 28.38 37.72 Gahz'raxes
/way 2151 36.63 11.98 Ookbeard
/way 2151 40.99 14.36 Ishyra
/way 2151 47.79 20.40 Reisa the Drowned
/way 2151 32.81 29.21 Duzalgor
/way 2151 61.72 33.76 Wyrmslayer Angvardi
/way 2151 67.92 45.35 Mad-Eye Carrey
/way 2151 78.09 50.30 Volcanakk
/way 2151 72.81 67.23 Veltrax
/way 2151 58.15 48.12 Vraken the Hunter
/way 2151 34.79 57.77 Lady Shaz'ra
/way 2151 43.50 60.79 Bonesifter Marwak
/way 2151 51.68 72.67 Pyrachniss
/way 2151 44.55 79.21 Galakhad
/way 2151 45.87 79.50 Warden Entrix
/way 2151 44.03 90.40 Grugoth the Hullcrusher

Forbidden Hoards

Treasure chests surrounded by Elite NPCs will pop up on the map every 30 minutes. They are guaranteed to drop Zskera Vault Keys and have a chance to drop Untapped Forbidden Knowledge Icon Untapped Forbidden Knowledge, catch-up gear tokens, and Elemental Overflow Icon Elemental Overflow.


Trial of the Storms

Trial of the Storms can be completed weekly for loot. Once you complete the event, you can open the locked Storm-Bound Chest. We will add more details about the drops soon.


The Forbidden Reach Meta-Achievement

You Know How to Reach Me Icon You Know How to Reach Me is the Forbidden Reach meta-achievement. Upon completion, you will be granted The Forbidden title. For the achievement, you must complete the following 11 achievements:



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