Dawn of the Infinite: Murozond's Rise Dungeon Guide: Location, Boss Strategies, Trash, and Loot

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Welcome to our guide to the Dawn of the Infinite: Murozond's Rise dungeon in Season 3 of the Dragonflight World of Warcraft expansion. This guide will cover everything you need to know about the dungeon, including how to get to it, its layout, the trash and boss mechanics within, and its loot.


Short Introduction

This guide will focus on an extensive overview of the dungeon, providing vital information to increase your chance of completing the key. We will cover all 4 boss fights supported by the most notable trash enemies in the dungeon and their important abilities. If you would like to learn about the rest of the dungeons in Mythic+, please see our overviews linked below.


Getting into Dawn of the Infinite Murozond's Rise

Dawn of the Infinite Murozond's Rise is a max-level dungeon in Thaldraszus, Dragon Isles. You can quickly go there by using your Dragonriding mount and flying towards the southeast part of the zone near The Temporal Conflux (see the minimap down below). The dungeon is available in both MythicMythic and Mythic+ mode.


Dawn of the Infinite Murozond's Rise Layout


Infinite Conflux and Tyr, the Infinite Keeper


Notable Trash Before Tyr, the Infinite Keeper

  • Watch out for Tyr's Vanguard's Rending Cleave Icon Rending Cleave as it will hit everyone in front of the mob, applying a stackable BleedBleed effect.
  • Interrupt Infinite Twilight Magus's Epoch Bolt Icon Epoch Bolt and try your best to Stun its Corroding Volley Icon Corroding Volley cast.
  • Dodge the Valow, Timesworn Keeper's Temporal Strike Icon Temporal Strike ground animation. In addition, your Tank must move Valow, Timesworn Keeper away from his Titanic Bulwark Icon Titanic Bulwark "sphere". You can use that as a defensive cooldown since it does reduce all incoming damage by 50%!
  • Lerai, Timesworn Maiden will cast unavoidable AoE damage - Ancient Radiance Icon Ancient Radiance and a boomerang-type of frontal called Orb of Contemplation Icon Orb of Contemplation (dodge it to avoid being stunned).
  • Interrupt Spurlok, Timesworn Sentinel's Binding Grasp Icon Binding Grasp as quickly as you can to enable them to continue the fight. Keep in mind that the mob will be inside its Shrouding Sandstorm Icon Shrouding Sandstorm, so you must enter the lingering ground pull to interrupt.

Tyr, the Infinite Keeper Boss Guide


All Roles

  • Soak the incoming Dividing Strike Icon Dividing Strike and avoid staying in the following-up Consecrated Ground Icon Consecrated Ground lingering pool. If this ability fails to hit at least 2 players, the boss will gain Titanic Empowerment Icon Titanic Empowerment until the rest of the fight.
  • Avoid the Infinite Annihilation Icon Infinite Annihilation frontal cone and its following up Consecrated Ground Icon Consecrated Ground lingering pool.
  • Collect as many Temporal Essence Icon Temporal Essence as you can during the Siphon Oathstone Icon Siphon Oathstone channel cast. Remember, for each Temporal Essence Icon Temporal Essence, you will gain a stack of Stolen Time Icon Stolen Time at a maximum of 5 stacks.


  • Be careful of Titanic Blow Icon Titanic Blow, not only it will deal massive damage to you, but it will knock you out (yes, even out of the platform if you are too close). Avoid staying in the following up Consecrated Ground Icon Consecrated Ground lingering pool.


  • Quickly dispel one of the Spark of Tyr Icon Spark of Tyr while spot-healing the other debuff. Any other form of dispel removes it, so in case you have a Mass Dispel Icon Mass Dispel, ask for assistance. Just keep in mind that as soon as you dispel the debuff, there will be group-wide splash damage.
  • Use your healing cooldowns during the Radiant Barrier Icon Radiant Barrier shield.

Twisting Approach and Morchie


Notable Trash Before Morchie

Before facing Morchie, you first must complete a unique event where a dozen of Infinite Protector will be casting an Infinite Projectiles. If you get hit by any, you will be sent towards your original position, so pay attention and do it quickly. If you are the first one to pass the event, just to your left, you will be able to create a Temporal Rift Icon Temporal Rift for your party to pass through!


That's not all; you must make your way towards the only active teleport by slaying Temporal Fusion and Temporal Deviation and letting their corpses pave the way by exploding. This is the only way to get one of the most fun bosses in this instance - Morchie.

  • Avoid getting hit by Infinite Watchkeeper's Timeless Curse Icon Timeless Curse ground animation and use defensive on the Infinite Fury Icon Infinite Fury cast. This is a good place for your Healer to use major healing cooldowns.
  • Interrupt Timeline Marauder's Displace Chronosequence Icon Displace Chronosequence and try your best to stop (with Stun or any other effect) the deadly Infinite Schism Icon Infinite Schism channel cast.
  • Watch out for Infinite Timebender, as not only he will spawn adds - Time-Lost Wakethrasher and Time-Lost Tidehunter, but also buff them with Millennium Aid Icon Millennium Aid cast. Interrupt all Dizzying Sands Icon Dizzying Sands to prevent you from being disorientated.

Morchie Boss Guide


All Roles

  • Avoid the Sand Blast Icon Sand Blast frontal.
  • During the More Problems! Icon More Problems! transition, quickly find the correct version of Morchie and avoid staying directly in front of her; this way you can dodge the Dragon's Breath Icon Dragon's Breath and prevent you from getting a Sand Buffeted Icon Sand Buffeted debuff.
  • Avoid getting hit by the ground Time Traps Icon Time Traps. In case you get caught by one of them, you will trigger follow-up effects - Time Stasis Icon Time Stasis and Temporal Backlash Icon Temporal Backlash.
  • When Morchie casts Familiar Faces Icon Familiar Faces, kite the fixates through Time Traps Icon Time Traps, this way they will be suspended until Morchie frees them.


  • Help your team identify the right version of Morchie during the More Problems! Icon More Problems! transition.


  • If any of your team members get caught in a Time Traps Icon Time Traps, be quick to dispel the Time Stasis Icon Time Stasis and top the remaining of your party members after the Temporal Backlash Icon Temporal Backlash explosion.

Immemorial Battlefield and Time-Lost Battlefield


Notable Trash Before Time-Lost Battlefield

  • Time-Lost Rocketeer does primarily tank damage through its Staticky Punch Icon Staticky Punch ability. It is easy to handle as long as you interrupt Rocket Bolt Volley Icon Rocket Bolt Volley.
  • Dodge the Time-Lost Aerobot's Electro-Juiced Gigablast Icon Electro-Juiced Gigablast frontal ability.
  • Interrupt Pendule's Time Beam Icon Time Beam.
  • Avoid the Horde Destroyer's Volatile Mortar Icon Volatile Mortar ground animation. In addition, make sure to use crowd-control effects during the Deploy Goblin Sappers Icon Deploy Goblin Sappers cast, or else you might end up dying!

Time-Lost Battlefield Boss Guide

Time-Lost Battlefield boss encounter features a slight difference between Horde and Alliance players. Although some of the boss's spells and NPCs have different names, they will do identical jobs. Below, you can find all differences:

  • On behalf of all Horde, you will be facing Grommash Hellscream and its 3 allies - Horde Grunt, Horde Axe Thrower and Horde Warlock.
  • On behalf of all Alliance, you will be facing Anduin Lothar and its 3 allies - Alliance Footman, Alliance Archer and Alliance Conjuror.

All Roles

  • During the whole fight Grommash Hellscream OR Anduin Lothar will summon Horde Grunt, Horde Axe Thrower and Horde Warlock OR Alliance Footman, Alliance Archer and Alliance Conjuror, focus the boss while cleaving them.
  • Avoid getting hit by Bladestorm Icon Bladestorm.
  • Dodge the incoming Shockwave Icon Shockwave.
  • When FOR THE HORDE! Icon FOR THE HORDE! / FOR THE ALLIANCE! Icon FOR THE ALLIANCE! is cast, the boss will re-summon its 3 fallen allies, once again, make sure to cleave them all together with the boss for maximum efficiency.


  • Use your active mitigation on the Decapitate Icon Decapitate cast.


  • You can dispel Horde Warlock's Immolate Icon Immolate OR Alliance Conjuror's Fireball Icon Fireball.
  • Be ready to top up your teammates during the War Cry Icon War Cry cast.

Crossroads of Fate and Chrono-Lord-Deios


Notable Trash Before Chrono-Lord-Deio

  • Avoid Infinite Slayer's Bronze Exhalation Icon Bronze Exhalation frontal cone ability while side-stepping the Timeless Curse Icon Timeless Curse.

Chrono-Lord-Deios Boss Guide

Chrono-Lord Deios is the last boss encounter in the Dawn of the Infinite and a 2 Phase boss fight. During Stage 1: We are Infinite, you will have to deal with Infinite Keepers and downing the boss under 20%, after which, Stage 2: Lord of the Infinite will begin. More information, down below:


All Roles

  • Once the boss casts Infinity Orb Icon Infinity Orb, make sure you have one person soaking one of the ground puddles so you can stagger the 2nd explosion of the follow-up effect - Infinity Nova Icon Infinity Nova.
  • During the Summon Infinite Keeper Icon Summon Infinite Keeper channel, everyone must swap and nuke down each Infinite Keeper before they are able to swap reinforcements - Time-Displaced Trooper Icon Time-Displaced Trooper. Keep in mind two things: first, each Infinite Keeper will keep on casting Infinite Blast Icon Infinite Blast and Chronal Burn Icon Chronal Burn (you can dispel that) and, upon , death will trigger Collapsing Time Rift Icon Collapsing Time Rift, damaging Chrono-Lord Deios.
  • During Stage 2: Lord of the Infinite, make sure you avoid the ground puddles coming from Infinite Corruption Icon Infinite Corruption. They will also leave a Temporal Scar Icon Temporal Scar lingering ichors that are advised not to stay in.
  • When the boss reaches 10%, Nozdormu will be freed, granting you extra powers.


  • Aim the Temporal Breath Icon Temporal Breath frontal away from your teammates.
  • Drag the boss closer to each Infinite Keeper, so your party can easily cleave them together.


  • Infinity Orb Icon Infinity Orb will repeat throughout the whole fight, so make sure you have your cooldowns ready in case 2 of the debuffs go through simultaneously.
  • If Infinite Keeper casts Chronal Burn Icon Chronal Burn, dispel it immediately.

Dawn of the Infinite Murozond's Rise Loot Table


Tyr, the Infinite Keeper

Type Item Stats
2H Mace The Infinite Hand Icon The Infinite Hand Haste/Vers
Cloth Head Crown of the Infinite Lord Icon Crown of the Infinite Lord Haste/Vers
Leather Shoulder Titanic Shouldersparks Icon Titanic Shouldersparks Crit/Haste
Mail Chest Temple Acolyte's Uniform Icon Temple Acolyte's Uniform Vers/Mastery
Plate Boots Marbled Oathstone Greatboots Icon Marbled Oathstone Greatboots Vers/Crit
Trinket Echoing Tyrstone Icon Echoing Tyrstone Int


Type Item Stats
Dagger Morchie's Distorted Spellblade Icon Morchie's Distorted Spellblade Haste/Mastery
Gun Traveler's Timesplitter Icon Traveler's Timesplitter Mastery/Haste
Leather Wrist Chronomancer's Stasis Shackles Icon Chronomancer's Stasis Shackles Vers/Mastery
Cloth Hands Familiar's Frayed Gloves Icon Familiar's Frayed Gloves Haste/Crit
Mail Waist Reality-Warping Waistband Icon Reality-Warping Waistband Mastery/Haste
Plate Legs Greaves of Parallel Lives Icon Greaves of Parallel Lives Haste/Vers
Trinket Time-Thief's Gambit Icon Time-Thief's Gambit Int

Time-Lost Battlefield

Type Item Stats
2h Axe Gorehowl, Might of the Warchief Icon Gorehowl, Might of the Warchief Mastery/Crit
1H Mace Cudgel of Bygone Victories Icon Cudgel of Bygone Victories Agi, Crit/Haste
1H Sword Quel'Zaram, High Blade of the Lion Icon Quel'Zaram, High Blade of the Lion Mastery/Crit
Leather Head Hood of Perpetual Conflict Icon Hood of Perpetual Conflict Crit/Haste
Plate Chest Unceasing Footman's Breastplate Icon Unceasing Footman's Breastplate Mastery/Haste
Cloth Wrist Arathi Field Bandages Icon Arathi Field Bandages Crit/Mastery
Mail Feet Grunt's Eternal Treads Icon Grunt's Eternal Treads Haste/Mastery

Chrono-Lord Deios

Type Item Stats
Polearm Borrowed Time Icon Borrowed Time Haste/Vers
Off-Hand Murozond's Timeless Scale Icon Murozond's Timeless Scale Haste/Crit
Mail Shoulder Chrono-Lord's Wingspan Icon Chrono-Lord's Wingspan Mastery/Vers
Plate Hands Displaced Trooper's Gauntlets Icon Displaced Trooper's Gauntlets Crit/Vers
Leather Waist Belt of the Eternal Struggle Icon Belt of the Eternal Struggle Haste/Crit
Cloth Legs Leggings of the New Dawn Icon Leggings of the New Dawn Crit/Vers
Trinket Mirror of Fractured Tomorrows Icon Mirror of Fractured Tomorrows Int/Agi/Str
Mount Reins of the Quantum Courser Icon Reins of the Quantum Courser

Dawn of the Infinite Murozond's Rise Achievements

There are 3 total achievements to obtain in Dawn of the Infinite Murozond's Rise:

Achievement Criteria
Dawn of the Infinite: Murozonds Rise Icon Dawn of the Infinite: Murozonds Rise Defeat Chrono-Lord Deios in Dawn of the Infinite.
Keystone Hero: Dawn of the Infinite Icon Keystone Hero: Dawn of the Infinite Complete Dawn of the Infinite: Galakrond's Fall and Dawn of the Infinite: Murozond's Rise at MythicMythic Level 20 or higher, within the time limit.
Back En-masse Icon Back En-masse Defeat Tyr, the Infinite Keeper, after closing 18 Time Rifts in Dawn of the Infinite on MythicMythic difficulty.


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