World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Patch 10.0.7 Content Overview (10.0.7)

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Welcome to our Patch 10.0.7 content overview, a place, where we go over the main features of the second Dragonflight update.


When Will Dragonflight Patch 10.0.7 Be Released?

Patch 10.0.7 will release on March 21 in North America, and on March 22, in Europe.


What is Coming in Dragonflight Patch 10.0.7?

Here is an overview of the main features coming in the Patch 10.0.7 update.

  • New Max-Level Zone: The Forbidden Reach — The Dracthyr starting zone is now available to all players as a maximum-level zone with new mysteries to discover.
  • New Challenges: Zskera Vaults — is a new outdoor feature, which contains randomly generated treasure rooms on a weekly lockout.
  • Upgradable Ring: Onyx Annulet — Harness the power of Onyx Annulet Icon Onyx Annulet, Neltharion's upgradable ring.
  • Human and Orc Heritage Armor— Orcs and Humans at Level 50 can embark on a new quest to earn Heritage Armor Sets.
  • Recruit A Friend Program Updates — Earn new rewards from the updated Recruit A Friend Program!
  • Dragonriding Updates — Collect 8 new Dragonriding Glyphs to unlock 2 new Dragonriding talents.
  • Class Updates — Many classes received various class changes, with the main highlight being the Paladin rework.
  • Winterpelt Furbolg Reputation — Earn various rewards with the optional faction grind.
  • Baine Bloodhoof Questline — Seek out Mayla Highmountain in Valdrakken to learn more!
  • Monk Class Available to All Races — Goblins, Lightforged Draenei and Worgen can become Monks in the update.

Return to the Forbidden Reach

The Forbidden Reach is available to all players with this update. It comes with new activities, account-wide catch-up gear tokens, and more.


Zskera Vaults

Zskera Vaults is a new outdoor feature, essentially a treasure room, with randomly generated vaults on a weekly lockout. It is the main source of the upgradable Onyx Annulet ring.


The Onyx Annulet Ring

Onyx Annulet Icon Onyx Annulet is a new upgradable ring from Zskera Vaults. You can put Primordial Stones with powerful effects in them. You will find more information about the ring in our separate guide.


Human and Orc Heritage Armor Sets

Orcs and Humans can embark on a new questline to earn their Heritage Armor sets.


Recruit-a-Friend Program Updates

Invite up to 10 friends to receive new rewards in the updated Recruit A Friend Program!

Check out our detailed guide to learn more about what has changed and how reward tracks will work.


Dragonriding Updates

The Forbidden Reach adds 8 Dragonriding Glyphs for everyone to collect.

You will find their exact location with coordinates in our guide.

You will unlock 2 new Dragonriding talents specifically tailored for gathering professions in the latest content update.


Class Changes

Paladins have been massively reworked in Patch 10.0.7. All classes received tuning that you will find by visiting our class changes overview.


The Winterpelt Furbolg Faction

A new optional faction grind offers new rewards, including Dragonriding Customization.


Baine Bloodhoof Questline

Mayla Highmountain is worried about Baine, who disappeared in Ohn'ahran Plains in search for his long-gone friend...


The Monk Class Expands to New Races

In Patch 10.0.7, the Monk class will be available to the Goblin, Lightforged Draenei and Worgen races.



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  • 05 Feb. 2023: Fixed the Forbidden Reach paragraph.
  • 27 Jan. 2023: Guide added.
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