Patch 8.3 Druid Changes

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In this article, you are going to find a list of all the Druid changes for World of Warcraft Patch 8.3: Visions of N'Zoth.


Balance Druid

  • Moonfire Icon Moonfire and Sunfire Icon Sunfire damage and periodic damage reduced by 10%.
  • High Noon Icon High Noon (Azerite Trait) damage increased by 11%.
  • Power of the Moon Icon Power of the Moon (Azerite Trait) damage increased by 11%.

Feral Druid

  • Feral Druids' abilities now have improved sound effects.
  • Finishing abilities should now audibly stand compared to other abilities.
  • Dealing bonus damage against bleeding targets can now be heard.

Restoration Druid

  • Mastery: Harmony Icon Mastery: Harmony healing bonus reduced by 9%.
  • High Noon Icon High Noon (Azerite Trait) damage reduced by 34%.
    • Developers' note: Restoration Druid has an overall package of healing, damage, and utility that is very hard to compete with in solo-healed content. Two things that stand out in particular are the efficiency of focused healing on a single target with high Mastery, and the ease of contributing DPS with every little GCD usage of Sunfire Icon Sunfire.

Bug Fixes

  • The base of Claws of Ursoc transmogrification appearance is no longer missing on Zandalari and Kul Tirans.

More Patch 8.3 Class Changes

You can find other Patch 8.3 class changes linked below.



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