Patch 8.3 Death Knight Changes

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In this article, you are going to find a list of all the Death Knight changes for World of Warcraft Patch 8.3: Visions of N'Zoth.


Blood Death Knight

  • Mark of Blood Icon Mark of Blood (Talent) can no longer heal a target with a very large health pool for more than 5% of the casting Death Knight's maximum health.

Bug Fixes

  • Blood Death Knights can no longer sometimes cast Death and Decay Icon Death and Decay or Blooddrinker Icon Blooddrinker while they are pacified.

Unholy Death Knight

  • Bursting Sores Icon Bursting Sores (Talent) now increases the healing absorption provided by Necrotic Strike Icon Necrotic Strike.
  • Necrotic Strike Icon Necrotic Strike (PvP Talent) now applies a 4% max health healing absorb (was 5%).
  • Risen Skulker summoned from All Will Serve Icon All Will Serve (Talent) can now benefit from Path of Frost Icon Path of Frost.
  • The Risen Skulkers' Skulker Shot Icon Skulker Shot cast time and damage increased by 25%.
    • Developers' note: By increasing the cast time and damage, this ability should no longer collide with the global cooldown at higher Haste levels.

More Patch 8.3 Class Changes

You can find other Patch 8.3 class changes linked below.



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