Restoration Shaman PvP Best Arena Compositions (Dragonflight 10.2.7)

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Team composition in 2v2 or 3v3 Arena is very important, because not all classes work well together. Here, we give you the best compositions you can have for your Restoration Shaman (i.e., the best classes to pair with it).

This page is part of our Restoration Shaman PvP Guide.


2v2 Arena

In 2v2 Arena, you have many strong options. Strong pairing options are usually classes with strong self healing, like Death Knights or Demon Hunters, where the Restoration Shaman plays defensively and avoids taking damage, while Rogues and Warriors can also be good partners due to their high pressure. For high pressure, the Restoration Shaman wants to be aggressive with their teammate using Wind Shear Icon Wind Shear, Purge Icon Purge, Lava Burst Icon Lava Burst, and Flame Shock Icon Flame Shock / Lightning Lasso Icon Lightning Lasso to slay their opponents.

Here is a list of the best team compositions for 2v2:


3v3 Arena

Your role in 3v3 is similar to 2v2 Arena. If you are playing against a team with a healer with multiple HoTs or buffs (Restoration Druid or Discipline Priest), make sure you are using Purge Icon Purge/Greater Purge Icon Greater Purge as often as you can. Make sure to maintain Earth Shield Icon Earth Shield on the teammate taking the most damage. Rotate your Healing Stream Totem Icon Healing Stream Totem with Riptide Icon Riptide for a lot of instant healing. Use Grounding Totem Icon Grounding Totem to ground interrupts or big incoming damage. If you are being focused, use Astral Shift Icon Astral Shift and have your teammates help keep you alive. Use Ghost Wolf Icon Ghost Wolf to stay mobile and reposition as needed.

Here is a list of the best team compositions for 3v3:



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