Creation Catalyst Guide for Shadowlands (9.2.5)

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The Creation Catalyst is a new system that lets you convert non-set items into Tier Set items in Patch 9.2. The following guide covers everything you need to know about the new feature.


Dragonflight Pre-Patch Update

You can still continue to craft set pieces in the Dragonflight pre-patch, but set bonuses will be disabled in combat.


Creation Catalyst Changes in Shadowlands Season 4

  • All gear obtained in Fated Raids can be converted into set pieces at the Creation Catalyst.

What is the Creation Catalyst?

The Creation Catalyst is a system that lets you convert Season 4 non-set items into Tier Set items in Shadowlands.

The system has been introduced as bad luck protection for players who cannot complete their tier set and for alts to catch up on gear later in the patch.


When Will the Creation Catalyst Be Available in Patch 9.2.5?

The Creation Catalyst became available on live servers on April 12,2022, during the 8th week of Patch 9.2.


How Does the Creation Catalyst Work?

At a base level, how it works is you input a piece of Season 4 gear and a corresponding tier set piece will be made with a matching item level. The useable item can be Season 4 gear from raids, Mythic+, World Boss Antros, or items purchased with Sandworn Relics from Rafiq in Pilgrim's Grace, Zereth Mortis.

The applicable slots are Helms, Shoulders, Cloaks, Chests, Bracers, Gloves, Belts, Legs, and Boots.


Where is the Creation Catalyst Located?

The Creation Catalyst Console can be found in Catalyst Gardens in Zereth Mortis.

You can access the area even without flying by walking into the geyser highlighted on the map.

This will take you up the tower where General Draven and the Creation Catalyst Console are located.

You can talk to General Draven to exit the area.


How to Create Items Using the Creation Catalyst in Patch 9.2

The Creation Catalyst User Interface is simple and has two slots. The non-set Season 4 item from Mythic+, Rated PvP, World Boss Antros, Elder Rafiq (Sandworn Gear) or gear from Sepulcher of the First Ones you want to convert into a Tier Set item goes into the first slot. Keep in mind the non-set item is lost after the conversion.

In the second slot you will see a preview of the item you will get after you finish the conversion.

You also need Cosmic Flux to complete the whole process. The exact cost depends on the converted armor slot.

  • Converting a Helm, Chest, or Leg item costs 1,500 Cosmic Flux Icon Cosmic Flux per item.
  • Converting Shoulders or Gloves costs 1,200 Cosmic Flux Icon Cosmic Flux per item.
  • Converting Bracers and Cloaks costs 600 Cosmic Flux Icon Cosmic Flux per item.
  • Converting Belts and Boots costs 800 Cosmic Flux Icon Cosmic Flux per item.

More information about how to acquire Cosmic Flux Icon Cosmic Flux can be found in our guide below.


Will Tier Set Bonuses Work on Items Created in the Dragonflight Pre-Patch?

No, Tier Set Bonuses have been disabled in combat in the Dragonflight pre-expansion update.

Other slots will be converted to non-set items with different secondary stats. You may want to use the conversion process on them if you are not satisfied with the secondary stats on your non-set items.


What is the Item Level of the Tier Set Item from the Creation Catalyst?

The resulting item level will have the same item level of the item that you put into the catalyst. It also keeps Mythic/PvP upgrade paths, tertiary stats, and sockets.


How Are Catalyst Charges Going to Work in Patch 9.2?

As of May 10, 2022, you will gain 1 Catalyst charge every 4 days. The recharge rate will accelerate over time, to the point where eventually you will be earning a charge every other day.

Are Tier Set Items Created by the Creation Catalyst Upgradeable or Do You Need to Remake the Tier with a Higher Item Level Base Piece?

You will want to remake it with a higher item level base piece, unless the initial version had an upgrade path from PvP or Mythic+ and you earned currency to allow it to be upgraded in that way. For example, if you convert a non-set 9/12 helm from Mythic+ to a 9/12 tier piece, you will be able to use Valor to upgrade it to a 12/12 tier piece.


What Secondary Stats Will Be on the Items Made by the Creation Catalyst?

The tier pieces all have specific secondary stats regardless of what item is put into the system; only the tertiary stats, and sockets carry over.


How to Restore Vendored, Disenchanted, or Destroyed Season 4 Items for the Creation Catalyst?

If you deleted, destroyed, or disenchanted a Season 4 item that you want to use for the system, you should visit the World of Warcraft Item Restoration page for assistance.



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  • 10 May 2022: Catalyst recharge updated to 4 days.
  • 13 Apr. 2022: Clarified the conversion of non-set items and tier set bonuses.
  • 10 Apr. 2022: Guide updated with more details about Season 3 items and the conversion process.
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