Survival Hunter PvP Stat Priority, Gear, and Trinkets (Dragonflight / Patch 10.0.5)

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Choosing your gear carefully is important for your Survival Hunter in PvP. We give you a stat priority to help you choose items with the right stats, followed by advice on how to choose the rest of your gear and your trinkets.

This page is part of our Survival Hunter PvP Guide.


Stat Priority for Survival Hunters in PvP

The stat priority for Survival Hunter in PvP is as follows:

  1. Agility;
  2. Versatility to 30%;
  3. Haste;
  4. Versatility beyond 30%;
  5. Mastery;
  6. Critical Strike.

Agility is the best stat in all situations. Versatility is the strongest secondary stat at all times. This will increase the damage/healing you do and decrease the damage you take. Haste is another strong secondary stat, due to it reducing the Global Cooldown on abilities and increasing your attack speed.


Gear Recommendations


General Guidelines

In general, Survival Hunters want to get trinkets that line up well with Aspect of the Eagle Icon Aspect of the Eagle and Coordinated Assault Icon Coordinated Assault. These trinkets can have a passive or on-use effect. The stats you want to be increasing are either Agility or Haste. The Agility will provide a very large increase to your damage and Haste increases your attack speed, resulting in an increase to your damage output. Here is the best gear we recommend you using as a Survival Hunter.


Note: It is important to be wearing 2 PvP trinkets. This will give you an Agility and Stamina boost that will increase your damage and survivability.

Crimson Gladiator's Medallion Icon Crimson Gladiator's Medallion is a mandatory trinket to have equipped at all times. This allows you to remove any crowd control on yourself. You will normally use this when you are stuck in crowd control and a teammate is at low health.

Crimson Gladiator's Insignia of Alacrity Icon Crimson Gladiator's Insignia of Alacrity increases your Haste and has a chance to proc your primary stat. This is an overall strong trinket, as the stat will proc often throughout an arena match.

Crimson Gladiator's Badge of Ferocity Icon Crimson Gladiator's Badge of Ferocity gives you Haste and has a 1-minute cooldown that increases your primary stat. This is great to use right before you activate a powerful cooldown.

Crimson Gladiator's Emblem Icon Crimson Gladiator's Emblem increases your maximum health when used. This gives you an additional defensive when you think a team will be focusing you.


Gems and Enchants

Here are the best enchants and gems for a Survival Hunter:

Gem all of your gear with Energized Malygite Icon Energized Malygite.



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