Survival Hunter DPS Spec, Builds, Talents, and Pet Talents — Dragonflight 10.2.7

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General Information

On this page, you will find out the best talents for each tier for your Survival Hunter in World of Warcraft — Dragonflight 10.2.7. We also have default talent lists for various types of content, such as raiding or Mythic+. If you play with Warmode on, we have your PvP talents covered as well.

If you were looking for WotLK Classic content, please refer to our WotLK Classic Survival Hunter talents.


Best Dragonflight Talent Builds for Survival Hunter

Note that these builds are generic recommendations for various content. For more specific recommendations for the Raid and Mythic+, check out the dedicated pages below.


Dragonflight Talent Builds for Survival Hunter

Single-Target Single-Target No CD AoE/Mythic+ Talents Explained

Best Single-Target Talent Build for Survival Hunter

This build is optimal for pure single-target situations.

Be sure to make use of the 'Copy Export String' button to import the best build directly into your game!


Best No CD Single-Target Talent Build for Survival Hunter

This build is around ~1.5% behind the standard Spearhead Icon Spearhead-based single-target build, but is simpler to play and can even be stronger on fights that are hostile to Spearhead's 90-second CD timing.

Be sure to make use of the 'Copy Export String' button to import the best build directly into your game!


Best AoE/Mythic+ Talent Build for Survival Hunter

This is our recommended build for AoE scenarios. This works well for AoE Fights in Raids, as well as most Mythic+. Getting rid of all cooldowns grants us excellent flexibility. Neither of our cooldowns are particularly strong for the usually large-mobcount, bursty AoE demands competitive Raiding and Mythic+.

Be sure to make use of the 'Copy Export String' button to import the best build directly into your game!


Talent Explanations for Survival Hunters

Note that we do not explain EVERY Talent in the tree on this page. We only explain Talents that are part of our optimal builds for single-target and AoE. For full details and explanations of every Talent, please visit our Spells page via the button below.


Class Talents


Row 1-4

Kill Shot Icon Kill Shot Strong DPS button and a mandatory pick.
Posthaste Icon Posthaste Essential as one of our strongest mobility talents.
Improved Kill Shot Icon Improved Kill Shot A passive, powerful increase to our Kill Shot Icon Kill Shot's damage.
Counter Shot Icon Counter Shot Our main interrupt.
Natural Mending Icon Natural Mending Provides incredible CDR to Exhilaration Icon Exhilaration and is a must-pick for survivability. If you are not using Exhilaration Icon Exhilaration very liberally, you can get away with dropping a point here for other utility.
Tar Trap Icon Tar Trap Not great, but it leads us on a path to better talents, as we need to get to the left side of the tree later on.
Survival of the Fittest Icon Survival of the Fittest A strong defensive for both one-shots and powerful DoTs.

Row 5-7

Tranquilizing Shot Icon Tranquilizing Shot Useful for many scenarios and leads us to better talents on the left side of the tree.
Nature's Endurance Icon Nature's Endurance Must-pick, as it doubles the damage reduction of Survival of the Fittest Icon Survival of the Fittest.
Born To Be Wild Icon Born To Be Wild A solid pick for lower Turtle and Cheetah cooldowns, making it strong for both survivability and mobility.
Improved Tranquilizing Shot Icon Improved Tranquilizing Shot An incentive to Tranquilizing Shot Icon Tranquilizing Shot when we can, and leads us nicely to the left side of the tree, which becomes important.
Intimidation Icon Intimidation Hugely useful for add control in Mythic+ and some Raiding scenarios.
Binding Shot Icon Binding Shot/Scatter Shot Icon Scatter Shot Both viable options in this choice node and are necessary to pick up other essential Talents. For most Mythic+, we recommend Binding Shot Icon Binding Shot, but Scatter Shot Icon Scatter Shot can be used as a single-target cast stopper, similar to Intimidation Icon Intimidation.
Rejuvenating Wind Icon Rejuvenating Wind Increases our maximum health and gives our Exhilaration Icon Exhilaration some extra power, which can be useful or weak depending on how liberal you are with Exhilaration Icon Exhilaration usage. This is mandatory for the maximum HP.
Camouflage Icon Camouflage Useful for skips and out-of-combat self-healing in Mythic+. It is useless for Raiding, though.
Hunter's Avoidance Icon Hunter's Avoidance A much-needed boost to our survivability on unavoidable mechanics.
Pathfinding Icon Pathfinding A solid boost to movement speed, but you can drop a point here to pick up other utility as needed.

Row 8-10

Keen Eyesight Icon Keen Eyesight A strong DPS increase and is a mandatory pick.
Master Marksman Icon Master Marksman A strong DPS increase and is a mandatory pick.
Serrated Shots Icon Serrated Shots Affects Serpent Sting Icon Serpent Sting, making it worth using.
Arctic Bola Icon Arctic Bola A bit of a DPS increase, and we pick it at the lack of other options.
Serpent Sting Icon Serpent Sting Not actually used as an ability, but we need it to get to the hugely important talent below.
Death Chakram Icon Death Chakram Introduces a mini-cooldown to our rotation, enhancing our burst a little and focuses on amplifying other damage, even though it does not do a ton of damage on its own.
Explosive Shot Icon Explosive Shot Incredible for AoE paired with the Ranger Icon Ranger Talent.
Poison Injection Icon Poison Injection Incredible synergy with our Viper's Venom Icon Viper's Venom Talent that we talk about later, and is a free, high DPS increase.

Spec Talents


Row 1-4

Raptor Strike Icon Raptor Strike One of our core abilities, and mandatory to progress.
Wildfire Bomb Icon Wildfire Bomb and Tip of the Spear Icon Tip of the Spear Fundamental to our spec and are necessary to continue.
Ferocity Icon Ferocity A solid, flat DPS increase.
Harpoon Icon Harpoon A bit of utility and a damage increase, all in one, via the talent that it leads to.
Bloodseeker Icon Bloodseeker A substantial, flat DPS increase.
Aspect of the Eagle Icon Aspect of the Eagle Not strictly included in our builds, but it can be a DPS increase for encounters where you are forced out of melee at particular intervals.
Terms of Engagement Icon Terms of Engagement Adds a DPS component to Harpoon Icon Harpoon.

Row 5-7

Guerrilla Tactics Icon Guerrilla Tactics A solid DPS increase, especially when paired with Wildfire Infusion Icon Wildfire Infusion.
Lunge Icon Lunge Mandatory, flat DPS increase.
Butchery Icon Butchery A crucial AoE button, not only doing hefty damage on its own but also reducing our Wildfire Bomb Icon Wildfire Bomb cooldown via other talents.
Mongoose Bite Icon Mongoose Bite The bread and butter of our single-target rotation especially. It accounts for over 35% of our damage in single-target, and a big amount on AoE as well.
Intense Focus Icon Intense Focus Strong for all situations and gives us more Focus to execute the rest of our rotation.
Improved Wildfire Bomb Icon Improved Wildfire Bomb A strong, flat DPS increase.
Frenzy Strikes Icon Frenzy Strikes Immensely powerful and enables a big part of our AoE rotation.
Flanking Strike Icon Flanking Strike A super-powered Kill Command Icon Kill Command.
Spear Focus Icon Spear Focus Enhances the damage of our most important button and is mandatory for single-target.
Viper's Venom Icon Viper's Venom The reason that we choose Poison Injection Icon Poison Injection in the Class Tree!
Sharp Edges Icon Sharp Edges Just a bit of flat DPS. It is nothing special, and this is the talent you might swap out to grab Lunge Icon Lunge or Aspect of the Eagle Icon Aspect of the Eagle or both.
Sweeping Spear Icon Sweeping Spear A solid DPS increase in all situations.

Row 8-10

Wildfire Infusion Icon Wildfire Infusion Useful to all builds, as there is nearly always something you can use the special effects for, whether you are on single-target or AoE.
Quick Shot Icon Quick Shot A bit of flat DPS.
Coordinated Assault Icon Coordinated Assault Our 2-minute cooldown, useful for some low-target AoE scenarios.
Fury of the Eagle Icon Fury of the Eagle A powerful burst AoE button and is used for pretty much all scenarios in some capacity.
Ranger Icon Ranger Nearly always useful as it buffs several valuable abilities for us.
Coordinated Kill Icon Coordinated Kill Amplifies our Coordinated Assault Icon Coordinated Assault AoE cooldown and leads to another powerful talent for AoE.
Spearhead Icon Spearhead Our primary single-target cooldown.
Birds of Prey Icon Birds of Prey A powerful cleave talent.
Deadly Duo Icon Deadly Duo A powerful single-target talent.


Depending on affixes and other variables, Mythic+ can require a mix of AoE and Single-Target talents. You should check out our page below if you want advice specific to Mythic+.


Rotation for Survival Hunter Talents

Some talents will require you to play in a particular way to get the most out of them. You can find more information on how your rotation will look after selecting your talents on our rotation page below.


Best Pet for Survival Hunter in Dragonflight

We have made a dedicated page for Hunter Pets information that we recommend you check out!


PvP Talents for Survival Hunter in Dragonflight

War Mode offers several benefits for you in the open world.

  • PvP talents enabled in the outdoor world.
  • At least 10% increase in World Quest rewards at maximum level.
  • 10% more experience gained while leveling.
  • Earn Conquest Points, which can reward gear every week.

With the benefits of enabling War Mode for leveling and PvE content, it is recommended to enable the feature to maximize your leveling and rewards at maximum level. However, you will be available for open-world PvP, and the possibility of being "ganked" while leveling or doing World Quests exists.


PvP Talents (War Mode) for Survival Hunter

In this section, we will rank the PvP talents best for leveling and doing solo / small group PvE content. Below is a ranking of all PvP Talents for Survival Hunter


Best PvP Talents for Survival Hunter

  1. Survival Tactics Icon Survival Tactics is useful for negating powerful casts from mobs and other players that you cannot otherwise stop.
  2. Mending Bandage Icon Mending Bandage is a potent out-of-combat heal that also clears lingering debuffs.
  3. Hunting Pack Icon Hunting Pack is a valuable speed increase for leveling and open world content.

You can consider the other options essentially down to preference.

For details on how to play in Survival Hunter PvP, please visit our Survival Hunter PvP page.



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