The Tarragrue LFR Encounter Journal

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Welcome to the LFR difficulty Encounter Journal for The Tarragrue in Sanctum of Domination.


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If you are interested in more information about this encounter, we are please to tell you that we have more content. First of all, we have the encounter journal for the other difficulties.

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Infused Goliaths defend the outer perimeter before The Tarragrue, offering potent Anima Powers when defeated.

In battle, The Tarragrue attempts to pick off defenseless targets with Chains of Eternity Icon Chains of Eternity while gathering power. Upon reaching 100 energy, The Tarragrue dissolves into Torghast's Hungering Mist Icon Hungering Mist and stalks its prey with a series of crushing assaults.

At 10% health remaining, the Jailer removes Anima Powers from all players and sends The Tarragrue into a wild frenzy.

  • Crushed Armor Icon Crushed Armor stuns the current target and applies a large Physical damage vulnerability.
  • There is a gap in Hungering Mist Icon Hungering Mist that can be used to avoid damage.
Damage Dealers
Chains of Eternity Icon Chains of Eternity

The Tarragrue focuses its gaze upon a player. After 8 sec, the chains fly in their direction and stun the first target struck, inflicting 11,491 Physical damage and pulling them in for an Annihilating Smash Icon Annihilating Smash.

Annihilating Smash Icon Annihilating Smash

The Tarragrue pulverizes to dust those caught by its chains, inflicting 27,578 Physical damage and stunning them for 10 sec.

Hungering Mist Icon Hungering Mist

The Tarragrue dissolves into the mists of Torghast, forming several images. These images erupt and inflict 20,683 Shadow damage to all players within 25 yds.

Predator's Howl Icon Predator's Howl

The Tarragrue howls, causing an aura of dread to form around players for 21 sec. This causes each target to radiate Unshakeable Dread Icon Unshakeable Dread to other players within 5 yds every 3 sec.

Unshakeable Dread Icon Unshakeable Dread

Causes the target to flee in fear for 8 sec.

Fury of the Ages Icon Fury of the Ages

Echoing rage fills the caster, increasing damage done by 25% and haste by 25% for 35 sec.

Grasp of Death Icon Grasp of Death

The Jailer's grasp tightens around players, inflicting 4,596 Shadow damage every 2 sec for 40 sec.

Overpower Icon Overpower

The Tarragrue slams its target, inflicting 45,964 Physical damage and stunning it for 4 sec. This strike applies Crushed Armor Icon Crushed Armor.

Crushed Armor Icon Crushed Armor

Increases Physical damage taken by 200% for 20 sec.



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