Warlock Dungeon Run Class Guide

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This guide is designed to aid you in your Kobolds and Catacombs Dungeon Runs. It goes into great detail about Treasure rewards and Card Buckets to help you make the most optimal choices when forging your Dungeon Run deck.



As a Warlock you will begin your Dungeon Run with a deck that consists of the following 10 cards:

Warlock Cards Neutral Cards


After defeating the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th boss of the dungeon run, you will either get to choose 1 of 3 random powerful Treasure cards that you can add to your deck, or 1 of 3 powerful passive effects that will benefit you for the duration of the Dungeon Run.

The tables below contain a list of all the possible Treasures and Passive effects available and give them a general rating as to how good they are for the Warlock class. The comments give further details as to how and why the Treasures are good in addition to some of the Card Buckets that they have good synergies with.


Treasure Cards

Treasure Rating Comments
Bag of Stuffing Excellent Having a full hand of cards provides you with a lot more options and helps you draw into other powerful Treasures. It is works well with Khadgar's Scrying Orb and Boots of Haste and has excellent synergy with low-Cost cards such as those found in the Little Legion and Swarm card buckets.
Boots of Haste Excellent Boots of Haste is excellent for any deck and allows you to flood the board for quick wins. It is even more powerful in slower and is excellent in combination with minions from Dire Demons or Huge Hand buckets.
Portable Forge Excellent Accessing a Legendary weapon for just 1 Mana is incredibly powerful and has options to suit all decks. The card draw of Aluneth is great if you have a low Mana curve such as Little Legion an Swarm, Woecleaver is great for slower decks with the Huge Hand or Dire Demons buckets, and The Runespear is a great backup option for any Warlock deck.
Wondrous Wand Excellent Wondrous Wand is an excellent Tempo tool that gains the most with card buckets containing expensive cards such as Dire Demons and Huge Hand.
Bag of Coins Good Bag of Coins is a good tempo tool to rush out minions and has great synergy with the Huge Hand card bucket.
Horn of Cenarius Good Horn of Cenarius provides a huge burst of tempo in any deck. This is especially powerful with the Huge Hand and Dire Demons buckets.
Loyal Sidekick Good Loyal Sidekick is a powerful tempo tool that gains strength as you progress in your Dungeon Run. If played early, it can win games very quickly by itself.
Mask of Mimicry Good Mask of Mimicry provides a huge boost in resources and is especially useful with aggressive card buckets such as Little Legion or Swarm that can empty their hand quickly. As it only fills your hand with copies of a specific minion, it is much less flexible than Bag of Stuffing.
Primordial Wand Good Primordial Wand is an incredibly powerful tool for the final bosses, allowing you turn any minion into a huge source of damage through Windfury and Attack Adaptations.
Shifting Hourglass Good Shifting Hourglass is a powerful Treasure against later bosses that allows you to take consecutive turns to allow your minions to attack for huge amounts of damage.
Wand of Disintegration Good Wand of Disintegration provides a cheap and powerful board clear that can help preserve your board when ahead, or allow you to get back into the game if you fall behind.
Amulet of Domination Average Amulet of Domination functions as a 2-Cost Mind Control, which is underwhelming compared to other Treasures. Although it also adds a minion to your dungeon deck, it is a negligible effect as any minion copied is likely to be of similar strength to the cards in your deck.
Archmage Staff Average Archmage Staff is a consistent source of Mage spells that can be used throughout the game.
Blade of Quel'Delar Average Blade of Quel'Delar is a great removal tool for early-game tempo, but offers no real synergy for Warlocks.
Dr. Boom's Boombox Average Dr Boom's Boombox is great for contesting the board and works well with Captured Flag.
Embers of Ragnaros Average Embers of Ragnaros is a reasonable removal tool and source of burn damage, but it is greatly hindered by the randomness of the targets.
Golden Kobold Average Golden Kobold is weaker than it appears. As there are many poor Legendary minions available, replacing your hand with Legendary minions will not be very beneficial most of the time. As a result, Golden Kobold should mainly be considered purely based on the fact is a 6/6 minion for 3 Mana.
Gloves of Mugging Average Gloves of Mugging is a good tool for slowing down bosses, but as most bosses use fairly weak cards the cards stolen provide minimal value.
Greedy Pickaxe Average Greedy Pickaxe is an excellent source of Mana Crystals an reasonable removal tool if drawn early, however it is a very underwhelming card when drawn in the late-game.
Magic Mirror Average Magic Mirror is very similar in value Amulet of Domination. Although it loses the Mind Control effect, the fact it can target friendly minions allows you to fill your deck with additional copies of your most powerful minions.
Orb of Destruction Average Orb of Destruction is a good tool for slowing down opponents, but offers little value against final bosses which start with 2 additional Mana.
Party Portal Average Warlock decks use a small number of spells, which takes away a lot of the potential value that can be gained from Party Portal.
Portable Ice Wall Average Portable Ice Wall is a good defensive minion, but is incredibly vulnerable to hard removal.
THE CANDLE Average THE CANDLE is an efficient removal that can get multiple uses per game.
Vorpal Dagger Average Vorpal Dagger is a good removal tool for any type of deck that can be used protect your board.
Wax Rager Average Wax Rager is a resilient minion that offers a consistent 5 damage per turn. It is can be incredibly powerful if you have also picked up Totem of the Dead.
Wish Average Wish is an excellent card at saving games that are otherwise lost, however most fights will be over before you reach 10 Mana to play it.
Aleatoric Cube Bad Although the permanent discount on cards is nice, shuffling both decks together dilutes the synergies within your deck in addition to potentially giving your other Treasure cards to your opponent.
Hilt of Quel'Delar Bad Hilt of Quel'Delar provides a small boost in tempo but is quite weak as far as Treasures go. It is only worth considering if you also have Blade of Quel'Delar and wish to assemble Quel'Delar.
Rod of Roasting Bad Rod of Roasting is a fun Treasure that comes down to luck. It is only worth considering as a fun combination with Potion of Vitality.
Scroll of Confusion Bad Scroll of Confusion will even out the board on average, but the randomness of the effect makes it incredibly volatile compared to board clears like THE CANDLE.

Passive Treasures

Treasure Rating Comments
Captured Flag Excellent Captured Flag provides a good boost in tempo for all deck types, it is especially good with card buckets containing cheap minions such as Swarm and Little Legion.
Cloak of Invisibility Excellent Cloak of Invisibility removes the ability for bosses to remove your minions outside of AoE effects. It works well in with aggressive card buckets like Swarm and Little Legion.
Crystal Gem Good Crystal Gem provides a strong boost in early-game tempo, allowing you to explode onto the board faster, which is great for any deck.
Scepter of Summoning Good Sceptre of Summoning if a great choice in combination with card buckets with expensive minions such as Dire Demons and Huge Hand.
Small Backpacks Good Small Backpacks is a good choice to provide additional fuel for aggressive decks and works well with the Little Legion and Swarm card buckets, but it pales in comparison to Bag of Stuffing.
Justicar's Ring Average Justicar's Ring allows the Warlock Hero Power to provide a consistent source of additional cards, which is excellent in combination with aggressive card buckets like Little Legion and Swarm.
Khadgar's Scrying Orb Average Khadgar's Scrying Orb offers minimal benefit as Warlock decks usually use a low number of spells. However, it can be a reasonable pick if you have invested heavily into the Destruction card bucket.
Mysterious Tome Average Mysterious Tome offers a good boost to early-game tempo, but it is largely unpredictable due to offering Secrets from all classes.
Robe of the Magi Average Robe of the Magi can provide a huge boost to Warlock removal tools such as Mortal Coil, Darkbomb, and Defile.
Totem of the Dead Average Totem of the Dead does not offer a huge amount of value for Warlock, but it can be a great choice if you have picked up powerful Deathrattle minions such as Possessed Lackey, Voidcaller, and Voidlord from the Dire Demons card bucket.
Battle Totem Bad Battle Totem can be great boost for Twilight Drake from the Huge Hand bucket, however Warlock naturally runs a lot minions with negative Battlecry effects such as Doomguard, and Flame Imp that will also get doubled by Battle Totem.
Glyph of Warding Bad As bosses get most of their value from their Hero Powers, increasing the cost of their minions has minimal effect.
Potion of Vitality Bad Potion of Vitality offers no real value as should aim to be in control of all encounters and therefore take minimal damage to your Hero. It is only worth considering as a fun combination with Rod of Roasting.

Card Buckets

After you defeat each boss, you will be offered a choice of 3 different card buckets that you can add to your deck. Each bucket contains 3 cards that fit a certain theme and will help shape your deck in different ways.

The table below contains a list of all the possible Warlock card buckets and gives a general rating as to how good each card bucket is on average. The comments section contains further details of each bucket and when to choose them.

Bucket Rating Comments
Dire Demons Excellent Dire Demons contains powerful Demons that are an excellent choice for any deck such as Mal'Ganis, Voidlord, and Voidcaller. It has great synergy with Scepter of Summoning to play the huge threats even sooner.
Swarm Excellent Swarm is an excellent aggressive card bucket and contains many tools to flood the board such as Haunted Creeper, Imp Gang Boss, and Imp-losion. It is has excellent synergy with the Little Legion card bucket and Captured Flag Treasure.
Blood Good Blood contains some great cards such as Flame Imp, Vulgar Homunculus, and Hellfire. As call the cards deal damage to your Hero, it is not recommended to pick up more than 1 or 2 copies of this card bucket.
Destruction Good Destruction contains some excellent removal tools such as Darkbomb, Defile, and Blastcrystal Potion that can be used to support any type of deck.
Huge Hand Good Huge Hand contains many huge threats such as Twilight Drake, Mountain Giant, and Molten Giant, which are excellent additions to slower Warlock decks and have great synergy with the Scepter of Summoning Treasure.
Little Legion Good Little Legion contains strong low-Cost Demons such as Flame Imp, Voidwalker, and Imp Gang Boss. It is an excellent addition to aggressive decks using Swarm card buckets.
Sacrifice Good Sacrifice contains some useful tools such as Power Overwhelming and Shadowflame. It also contains Nerubian Egg and Devilsaur Egg which are excellent additions to aggressive decks and great if you have the Captured Flag or Totem of the Dead Treasures.
Taunt Good The Taunt card bucket contains a range of good Taunt minions that are a addition to any deck, such as Voidwalker, Tar Creeper, Sludge Belcher, and Voidlord.
Discard Average The Discard card bucket contains all Warlock Discard effects in addition to the Lakkari Sacrifice Quest. It is not recommended to pick up the Quest as it is very difficult to complete, however the bucket offers some good stand-alone choices such as Malchezaar's Imp, Doomguard, and Soulfire.
Lifesteal Average Lifesteal is a fairly poor card bucket, but has a couple of good choices to offer such as Siphon Soul and Bloodreaver Gul'dan.
Cult of C'Thun Bad The Cult of C'Thun will always offer C'Thun in the first bucket and will appear more frequently thereafter. To get any real value from the bucket you must fully commit to picking it when it is offered, however it is much weaker than committing to buckets such as Dire Demons or Swarm.
Unique Bad The Unique bucket will offer you Reno Jackson, Kazakus, and Raza the Chained in addition to random cards you do not already have in your deck. This bucket is generally not worth it, as effects of the unique minions generally do not outweigh the potential value you can get from having many copies of other powerful minions you can pick up in your Dungeon Run.


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