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The Anima Conductor allows you to unlock extra daily activities in your Covenant's home zone.

Once you unlock it at the Anima Reservoir, you can pay some anima to unlock additional activities at an area of your choice in your Covenant's zone. These zones stay active for about 18 hours and persist through the daily reset, allowing you to potentially complete them twice per each activation.

After you activate the Anima Conductor ten times, you can permanently reinforce one of the areas to unlock it permanently. Eventually, you will be able to have all the dailies active every day without the need to spend anima.


What is the Anima Conductor

The Anima Conductor is a device on your Covenant hall that allows you to empower an area in your Covenant's zone. This unlocks daily activities in that area, which can be completed in order to obtain unique rewards.

Building the Anima Conductor

To begin with, you need to unlock it through the Anima Reservoir. You can also upgrade it as you get more Anima and Redeemed Souls over time:

Upgrade Cost Time
2 Zones: Elite + Treasure 1000 Reservoir Anima + 1 Redeemed Soul 1 Hour
2 Zones: Daily Quests + World Quests 5000 Reservoir Anima + 8 Redeemed Souls 12 Hours
2 Zones: Group Elite + Enhancement 10000 Reservoir Anima + 22 Redeemed Souls 24 Hours

Once unlocked, you can empower the areas which you have uncovered so far in your Covenant's zone in order to unlock extra activities, for the cost of 25 Anima each.

These empowered areas will stay active for 18 hours afterwards, and their activities can be completed again once the daily reset hits, effectively allowing you to complete them twice per activation.

Depending on your Anima Conductor upgrade level, you will have 2, 4 or 6 areas available to upgrade, and receive extra Grateful Offering Icon Grateful Offering from doing Covenant callings, which also scale with your Conductor levels.


Best Anima Conductor Activities

The Group Elite is the most valuable target, as long as you can get a group to kill it, as it awards a whooping 6 Grateful Offering Icon Grateful Offering for a single activation.

Next, the extra Quests provide both reputation and 3 Grateful Offering Icon Grateful Offering per completion, which is more than the Treasure and Elite activities, which only provide 2 each.

Finally, Enhancements do not award Grateful Offering Icon Grateful Offering but their buffs can speed up your other activities. These now persist past the daily reset and work within all non-instance zones in Shadowlands.

Gieger Dead

Reinforcing the Anima Conductor

Each time you activate an area, you get one charge in the bottom of your Anima Conductor UI. These stack up to 10, and once you hit full stacks, you can reinforce one of the zones, allowing its dailies to be available permanently.

Reinforcing a Zone

Farming Grateful Offering: Anima Conductor Rewards

You will gain small amounts of Anima and other Shadowlands drops (including mounts, such as Bonecleaver's Skullboar Icon Bonecleaver's Skullboar) from doing these activities, but the main objective is to gather its unique currency, Grateful Offering Icon Grateful Offering.

This currency is used to purchase mounts / pets / transmogs from the Covenant vendors and each activity you complete awards a fixed amount of it:

A notable item you can buy with offerings is Chronicle of Lost Memories Icon Chronicle of Lost Memories, which unlocks a random legendary power that you do not yet have, for 35 Grateful Offering Icon Grateful Offering. It is slow to unlock, however, as it requires 4 reinforced areas, equivalent to 40 days of using your Anima Conductor to empower an area.

Finally, you can get even more Grateful Offering Icon Grateful Offering by heading to the other Covenant zones and helping players of those Covenants with some of their own activities! This only works with the daily Elite and group Elite quests.


Activities Unlocked by the Anima Conductor

All of these have slight differences between Covenants, as the area you will do the activity in differs.

Regardless, the objectives are all very similar, and follow the same design logic. We will use Necrolord's Maldraxxus activities as examples.


Anima Conductor Elite

Activating this activity allows you to fight an elite in your zone, the location of which will be marked in your map.

Gieger Spawn Point

Gieger is the elite fought by Necrolords, is found on the top left of Maldraxxus, in the House of Constructs, and is activated by pulling the Final Thread object nearby. He has a lot of health but weak damage, allowing him to be soloed by all classes.


Anima Conductor Treasure

Activating this activity allows you to unlock a special treasure in your zone, the location of which will be marked in your map.

The Chosen Runecoffer is the Necrolord treasure and can be found in the House of the Chosen in the bottom left of Maldraxxus. You need to find and click three runes which are semi-hidden nearby, often underneath packs of enemies. They will always spawn in the large room the coffer is connected to, so do not bother to search the outside areas. Check this video by Sipder for an example chest unlock.


Anima Conductor Quests

Activating this activity allows you to unlock extra Daily or World quests, the location of which will be marked in your map.

For Necrolord players, you can unlock new quests at the House of Plagues or House of Eyes, each of which grants 3 Grateful Offering Icon Grateful Offering and reputation. Eventually, reinforcing House of Eyes will result in two new daily quests per daily reset.

Reinforced Stream

Anima Conductor Group Elite

Activating this activity allows you to unlock a dangerous Group Elite in your zone, the location of which will be marked in your map.

While killing this elite grants a lot of Grateful Offering Icon Grateful Offering, you will need a group to do so. Luckily for Necrolord players, Sabriel the Bonecleaver spawns at the Theater of Pain, in rotation with the other bosses, so there will likely be players nearby completing their own Theater quests.


Anima Conductor Enhancement

Activating this activity allows you to obtain a powerful buff that will be active for 24 hours in all non-instanced Shadowlands zones and lasts through death.

While it does not reward any Grateful Offering Icon Grateful Offering, this buff can help you clear the remaining activities and quests in your home zone quicker. Necrolord players can get theirs from the Infiltrator NPCs in the House of Blades, inside the House of Rituals area:



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