Tred'ova Mythic Encounter Journal

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Welcome to the Mythic difficulty Encounter Journal for Tred'ova in Mists of Tirna Scithe.


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Tred'ova feasts upon the Cocoon of Lakali at 70% and 40% health, triggering Consumption Icon Consumption. After feasting Tred'ova becomes more intelligent, increasing the power of several of her abilities.

Damage Dealers
Consumption Icon Consumption

Tred'ova consumes the depleted Cocoon of Lakali causing anima to erupt from them, inflicting 1,768 Nature every 2 sec to all enemies for 14 sec. While this occurs Tred'ova will launch missile of anima at random locations around them

Gorging Shield Icon Gorging Shield

Tred'ova hardens her shell, absorbing 42,047 damage. While this shield is active, Consumption Icon Consumption cannot be interrupted.

Anima Rejection Icon Anima Rejection

Anima erupts from Tred'ova, inflicting 1,768 Nature damage to all players.

Anima Shedding Icon Anima Shedding

Tred’ova unleashes a blast of anima that impacts at a random location nearby, inflicting 6,639 Nature damage to all players within 8 yards of the impact.

Accelerated Incubation Icon Accelerated Incubation

Tred'ova quickly incubates nearby eggs, summoning 4 Gormling Larva.

Gormling Larva
Decomposition Pool Icon Decomposition Pool

Gormling Larva explode into a pool of acid upon death, inflicting 2,213 Nature damage every 1.5 sec to anyone in the pool.

Mind Link Icon Mind Link

Tred'ova tethers a target to multiple allies, inflicting 1,106 Shadow damage every 1 sec. All damage taken is duplicated to tethered player as Shadow damage.

Moving more than 8,852 yards from the player dispels the Mind Link Icon Mind Link from that ally.

Marked Prey Icon Marked Prey

Tredova marks a random player for the Gormling Larva to fixate on for 20 sec.

Acid Expulsion Icon Acid Expulsion

Tred'ova spits a glob of acid at all nearby players' location, inflicting 7,081 Nature damage to any player within 4 yards of impact.

As Tred'ova gains intelligence she will attempt to predict where her enemies will move and also fire globs of acid at those locations.

Parasitic Pacification Icon Parasitic Pacification

Tred'ova spits a Parasitic Infester at a player, inflicting 2,213 Nature damage every 1 sec and pacifying them until the Parasitic infester is killed.

Parasitic Incapacitation Icon Parasitic Incapacitation

Tred'ova spits a Parasitic Infester at a player, inflicting 2,213 Nature damage every 1 sec and Stunning them until the Parasitic infester is killed.

Parasitic Domination Icon Parasitic Domination

Tred'ova spits a Parasitic Infester at an player, Mind Controlling and shielding them for 50% of their maximum health. Breaking the shield kills the parasite and removes the Mind Control.