Zaralek Cavern Zone Guide (10.1)

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Muster your courage as you continue your adventure through the Dragon Isles and pursue your enemies into new dangers of the Zaralek Cavern. Dive deeper into the mysteries of the Black Dragonflight, meet new allies and enemies, and discover new treasures and rewards.


Why is Zaralek Cavern Important?

There are multiple reasons as to why completing Zaralek Cavern content is crucial:


How to Unlock Zaralek Cavern?

Zaralek Cavern is an underground zone located beneath the Dragon Isles It can be accessed as soon as Patch 10.1 goes live, and you will receive the first campaign quest automatically when you first log into the game in Embers of Neltharion.


How to Unlock Zaralek Cavern World Quests and the Loam Niffen Faction?

Completing the first Embers of Neltharion campaign chapter is required to unlock World Quests and the Loamm Niffen faction.


Zaralek Cavern Intro Skip

Currently, Zaralek Cavern does not have any intro skip for alts.


How to Enter Zaralek Cavern?

Zaralek Cavern lies directly beneath the Dragon Isles, and the transfer is seamless without any loading screens.

Zaralek Cavern can be entered from 3 different Dragon Isles locations. The entrances are marked with a cave icon on the map.

The first entrance lies within the chasm between Valdrakken and Ohn'ahran Plains. When you open the map of Ohn'ahran Plains, the entrance is at 49.21 54.75. On the map of Thaldraszus, it is at 29.77 62.97.

The second entrance can be found near Teerakai in Ohn'ahran Plains at 36.11 59.01.

The third entrance is in Azure Span near Three Falls Lookout at 18.75 23.37.

You can end up at 3 different locations within Zaralek Cavern, depending on the entrance you use.


Zaralek Cavern and Flight Masters

Zaralek Cavern contains 3 flight paths. Once unlocked, you can return to the surface at any time by talking to a Flight Master, which brings up the Flight Map.

In the bottom right corner, select Zaralek Cavern or Dragon Isles and the zone will appear along with all discovered flight paths.


Zaralek Cavern Dragon Glyph Locations with TomTom Coordinates

You can collect 8 new Dragonriding Glyphs to gain access to Dragonriding Perks here. New Dragonriding Racing tracks are available too.


Dragonflight Season 2 Gear and New Upgrading System

Patch 10.1 adds new Season 2 gear, which is upgraded using Flightstones Icon Flightstones and crests. You will receive upgradeable gear and Flightstones from various activities in Zaralek Cavern. Learn more about upgrading gear by visiting our guide.


Loamm Niffen Reputation and Activities

Loamm Niffen are a new faction with 20 Renown ranks. Completing content in the zone increases your reputation standing and unlocks rewards, including Drakewatcher Manuscripts, battle pets, a mount, and various cosmetics.


Loamm (Zaralek Cavern Hub)

The main hub of the Patch 10.1 zone is Loamm. In the following section of the guide, we will show you some of the important vendors you will find here.

Ponzo is a Barterer who offers various items for Barter Brick Icon Barter Bricks and Barter Boulder Icon Barter Boulders. You can find him in Loamm at 58.04 53.86.

Myrrit can be found at 55.67 57.43. You can talk to Myrrit to go Sniffenseeking when you have a map.

The remaining important NPCs are all located in this giant mushroom building.

At 56.47 55.76 you will find Harlowe Marl, the Loamm Niffen quartermaster and Mimuup, Keeper of Renown.

Cuzolth, the item upgrade vendor, is found at 56.49 55.97 alongside Vaskarn, who exchanges Shadowflame Crests.


Zaralek Cavern Daily and World Quests

Daily and World quests in the zone will increase your reputation standing with the Loamm Niffen. You can unlock them by completing the first Embers of Neltharion campaign chapter.


Zaralek Cavern Weekly Quest

Complete the A Worthy Ally: Loamm Niffen weekly quest by gathering 1,500 reputation with Loamm Niffen in Zaralek Cavern. You will receive a bag (Scentsational Niffen Treasures Icon Scentsational Niffen Treasures), which contains about 1,0000 gold, Flightstones Icon Flightstones, a Sniffenseeking map (Lost Dig Map Icon Lost Dig Map) and a piece of gear (not guaranteed).


Zaralek Cavern Activities

The following activities can be completed in Zaralek Cavern:


Zaralek Cavern World Events

Zaralek Cavern contains mini-world events that are announced via chat when they are about to begin. You can either get Clinking Dirt-Covered Pouch Icon Clinking Dirt-Covered Pouch which contains Flightstones Icon Flightstones and 25 Loamm Niffen reputation or Clanging Dirt-Covered Pouch Icon Clanging Dirt-Covered Pouch with 50 reputation with the new faction and more Flightstones. The event will appear on the map after it is announced.


Researchers Under Fire (Weekly Event)

Located in Ruins of Drekazera (47.60 56.76), the event will be marked with a golden horn icon on the map. It lasts for 30 minutes and runs every hour.

It has two phases. In the first phase, you must assist Rannan to lift a titan lockdown by completing various tasks. In the second phase, you must defend the camp from outside attackers. The event culminates in a boss fight.

Researchers Under Fire is a weekly event that grants you rewards based on the number of tasks you complete. This works like Maruuk Centaur Grand Hunts and repeated completions within a single week will give fewer rewards.

The first completion of the week will grant you 250 reputation with Loamm Niffen, a piece of Suffusion gear, Flightstones Icon Flightstones, and a chance at the Devourer Lobstrok Icon Devourer Lobstrok pet and Flaming Shalewing Subject 01 Icon Flaming Shalewing Subject 01 mount.


Zaralek Cavern Rares

Zaralek Cavern contains 27 rares that have a chance to drop gear, Loamm Niffen reputation and Flightstones Icon Flightstones.

Whenever a Rare spawns, you will see an icon on the map. Below is a map with rare locations from the 10.1 PTR. Please note not all rares are up there.

If you are using TomTom, you can create macros with the following coordinates. If you would like to paste this as a single macro, check out Macro Toolkit.

/way #2133 57.05 73.00 Alcanon
/way #2133 48.40 75.2 Aquifon
/way #2133 41.52 85.5 Brullo the Strong
/way #2133 48.62 23.30 Collosian
/way #2133 28.69 50.76 Dinn
/way #2133 31.84 50.53 Emberdusk
/way #2133 36.03 45.07 Flowfy
/way #2133 42.59 18.88 General Zskorro
/way #2133 68.53 46.90 Goopal
/way #2133 46.05 33.45 Invoq
/way #2133 42.31 65.58 Karokta
/way #2133 60.21 39.68 Kapraku
/way #2133 54.10 41.09 Klakatak
/way #2133 64.60 55.41 Kob'rok
/way #2133 40.73 37.52 Magtembo
/way #2133 52.80 18.90 Professor Gastrinax
/way #2133 36.55 52.70 Skornak
/way #2133 38.50 46.37 Subterrax
/way #2133 53.09 64.08 Spinmarrow
/way #2133 61.65 67.29 Underlight Queen
/way #2133 38.25 71.05 Viridian King

Unearthed Fragrant Coins and Shadowflame Crests

Unearthed Fragrant Coin Icon Unearthed Fragrant Coins are items obtained from events in the new zone that act as a currency.

You can spend them on gear upgrading items at Spinsoa in Loamm.

You can buy the following Shadowflame Crest chests from Spinsoa once per week:

You will need 15 Shadowflame Crest Fragments to create 1 Shadowflame Crest.

Alternatively, Unearthed Fragrant Coin Icon Unearthed Fragrant Coins can be converted convert into Coveted Bauble Icon Coveted Baubles for cosmetics offered by Saccratros in Loamm.

The cosmetics you can buy are two mounts and a battle pet.

Alternatively, you can buy chests, which contain Shadowflame Crest fragments, intended for gear upgrading from Spinsoa in Loamm.


Zaralek Cavern World Boss

Zaqali Elders are a new World Boss duo found in Zaralek Cavern. They will start spawning on May 9, so do not forget to defeat them every week for a chance at Item Level 415 loot.


Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible Raid

Aberrus, the new raid, can be found in Zaralek Cavern. To learn all about it, we recommend you visit our raid guide.


Zaralek Cavern Meta-Achievement

Que Zara(lek), Zara(lek) Icon Que Zara(lek), Zara(lek) is the Zaralek meta-achievement. For the achievement, you must complete the following 8 achievements:



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