Maut Heroic Encounter Journal

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Welcome to the Heroic difficulty Encounter Journal for Maut in Ny'alotha, the Waking City.


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If you are interested in more information about this encounter, we are please to tell you that we have more content. First of all, we have the encounter journal for the other difficulties.

For our strategy guide for Maut, please use the following link.

Please refer to our loot page for all the loot from the Maut encounter.



Maut gains mana by Devour Magic Icon Devour Magic, leaving behind magical voids of Devoured Abyss Icon Devoured Abyss.

Upon reaching full mana Maut becomes encased in Obsidian Skin Icon Obsidian Skin and prepares to unleash Obsidian Shatter Icon Obsidian Shatter. When its cast completes or the mana shield is consumed, Maut will once again come alive to drain magic from its enemies.

Damage Dealers

Stage One: Obsidian Destroyer

Maut Devour Magic Icon Devour Magic from players while wielding powerful Shadow magic.

Upon reaching full mana Maut transforms into an obsidian statue.

Devour Magic Icon Devour Magic

Maut marks several players and after 6 sec consumes all magic around them, gaining mana for every player within 9 yards and inflicting 53,566 Shadow damage to all players hit.

The spell leaves behind a Devoured Abyss Icon Devoured Abyss.

Devoured Abyss Icon Devoured Abyss

An area devoid of magic that silences and prevents incoming healing, but grants immunity to all other magic for players and creatures within it.

Devoured Abyss also drains mana and inflicts 42,852 Shadow damage every 2 sec. This effect stacks.

Upon collapsing inflicts 267,833 Shadow damage to all units within 9 yds.

Stygian Annihilation Icon Stygian Annihilation

Maut causes ancient power to erupt throughout the chamber, inflicting 1.8 million Shadow damage to all players.

Shadow Claws Icon Shadow Claws

Maut slashes its current target, inflicting 267,833 Physical damage and applying Shadow Wounds Icon Shadow Wounds.

Shadow Wounds Icon Shadow Wounds

Wounds resulting from Shadow Claws Icon Shadow Claws burn with dark energy, inflicting 35,711 Shadow damage every 2 sec for 24 sec.

This effect stacks.

Dark Manifestation Icon Dark Manifestation

Maut causes shadows to coalesce at a nearby location, sucking in players and inflicting 267,833 Shadow damage to all players within 12 yds after 6 sec.

As the shadows collapse a Dark Manifestation is formed.

Dark Manifestation

Shadows twisted into a terrible manfestation of Ny'alotha's dark magic.

Dark Aegis Icon Dark Aegis

Swirling Shadow magic protects the Dark Manifestation, causing it to lose mana instead of health.

Dark Offering Icon Dark Offering

The Dark Manifestation sheds up to 20% of its total mana and grants it to Maut.

Devour Manifestation Icon Devour Manifestation

Maut destroys any Dark Manifestation within 20 yards, devouring part of its mana pool and adding it to its own.

Consuming Shadows Icon Consuming Shadows

Maut periodically inflicts Shadow damage to all players every 1 sec for 3 sec. Shadow damage increases as it gains mana.

Black Wings Icon Black Wings

Maut's wings unleash a blast of wind, knocking back all players in a 40 yard cone in front of the caster and inflicting 142,844 Physical damage.


Stage Two: Obsidian Statue

Maut protects itself with Obsidian Skin Icon Obsidian Skin and prepares to destroy its enemies with Obsidian Shatter Icon Obsidian Shatter.

Maut transforms again when the mana shield is broken or its cast of Obsidian Shatter completes.

Obsidian Skin Icon Obsidian Skin

Maut transforms into an obsidian statue protected by a mana shield. While the shield lasts, Maut loses mana instead of health and inflicts 100% of incoming damage back on attackers as Arcane damage.

Depleting Maut's mana breaks the spell and interrupts Obsidian Shatter Icon Obsidian Shatter.

Obsidian Shatter Icon Obsidian Shatter

Maut gathers power for 60 sec. Upon finishing its channel Maut's mana shield shatters, inflicting 1.1 million Shadow damage on all players.

Consumed Magic Icon Consumed Magic

Maut consumes 10% mana every 6 sec to permanently increase all magic damage done by 1%.

This effect stacks.

Forbidden Ritual Icon Forbidden Ritual

Maut draws orbs of mana from the altars around it.

Players or creatures that touch the orb explode, inflicting Arcane damage to all players based on how far the orb traveled. Each mana orb that reaches Maut restores up to 20% of its mana.

Players who touch the orb are afflicted with Forbidden Mana Icon Forbidden Mana.

Forbidden Mana Icon Forbidden Mana

Mana erupts from the player after 6 sec, granting allies within 20 yds 150% increased mana regeneration and increasing their healing done by 50% for 8 sec.

Drain Essence Icon Drain Essence

Maut drains life and mana from players, inflicting 35,711 Shadow damage and burning 4,000 mana every 1 sec for 8 sec. While the spell lasts, Maut gains 1% mana every second.

Upon removal the spell erupts, inflicting 71,422 Shadow damage and burning 10,000 mana from allies within 8 yds.



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