Dathea, Ascended Raid Guide in Vault of the Incarnates

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Dathea has escaped from The Primal Council and has Ascended! She is the second and final boss in the left wing of the instance which can be found after defeating The Primal Council in the Vault of the Incarnates raid in Dragonflight. On this page you will find a both a short and a full written guide for this encounter, with video clips to show the important mechanics.


I also have my own website dedicated to both tanks and raid leaders where I share my insight on the bosses with strategy and preparation advice which I will update after my guild has completed progress. If you are interested in this or want to discuss it on Discord, the links to them are below:


Strategy Guide: Quick TLDR Guide


Phase 1

  • Raging Burst Icon Raging Burst will create a tornado at the players' location. Avoid these.
  • Crosswinds Icon Crosswinds will change the locations of all active tornadoes.
  • Avoid being pulled into Cyclone Icon Cyclone.
  • Spread for Conductive Mark Icon Conductive Mark and wait for the debuff to time out. This will spread to other players within 5 yards.
  • Tanks: Swap after 2-3 stacks of Zephyr Slam Icon Zephyr Slam.
  • HeroicHeroic/MythicMythic: The same group of people should not go to the platforms every time as Thunderbolt Icon Thunderbolt applies a stacking debuff which increases damage taken for 1.2 minutes.

Phase 2 - 100 Energy

  • Two Volatile Infusers will spawn. Kill the first one on the edge of the room and get hit to the other side with Blowback Icon Blowback, kill the second Volatile Infuser and get knocked back to the other side.
  • Interrupt Diverted Essence Icon Diverted Essence.
  • HeroicHeroic/MythicMythic: Send a pre-designated group of players to the platforms to kill the adds and get knocked back to the main platform.
  • HeroicHeroic/MythicMythic: You shouldn't have the same group go twice in a row.

Strategy Guide: Full Guide


Phase 1

The goal of this phase is not to be knocked around the room and spread Conductive Mark Icon Conductive Mark.

  • Use Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust / Heroism Icon Heroism on the pull.
  • When Dathea casts Raging Burst Icon Raging Burst, this will deal damage to the entire raid and create a permanent tornado. Moving into a tornado will deal a large amount of nature damage and knock you up into the air.
  • When Dathea casts Crosswinds Icon Crosswinds the locations of all active tornadoes will change to another player's location. Move out of these.
Look for the lines from the Tornadoes to indicate which way they will move with Crosswinds Icon Crosswinds
  • Tanks: The tank mechanic of the fight is Zephyr Slam Icon Zephyr Slam. This will knock you away from the boss, and the strength of the hit and the knockback increases with the debuff applied. Swap on 2-3 stacks to prevent being knocked all the way off!
Tank being knocked back with Zephyr Slam Icon Zephyr Slam
  • Cyclone Icon Cyclone will pull all players towards Dathea and deals damage to the entire raid for the duration of the channeled spell. If you are pulled into the Cyclone Icon Cyclone, then they will knock you into the air.
Cyclone Icon Cyclone mechanic example video
  • When Conductive Mark Icon Conductive Mark is cast, spread out and wait for the debuff to time out.
  • Similar to The Primal Council Conductive Mark Icon Conductive Mark will spread to players within 5 yards. Make sure this does not happen as it is a lot of unnecessary raid damage and could lead to a wipe!
  • Mythic: The debuff does not time out, instead of you will need to run into Dormant Volatile Infusers to remove the debuff. You should all run into pre-designated Infusers to spawn them correctly for phase 2.

HeroicHeroic changes:

  • Before the pull: Establish which players are going to the phase 2 platforms first and who will go second.
  • Conductive Mark Icon Conductive Mark now lasts 15 seconds (up from 10 seconds).

MythicMythic changes:

  • Conductive Mark Icon Conductive Mark is now permanent! needs to go into an add.
  • All Volatile Infusers are now in the room before you pull the boss. However, they are all dormant and need to be empowered.
  • To power them up, you will need to run into them with Conductive Mark Icon Conductive Mark. Each mark will give the add 10 energy, and it revives on 100 energy.
  • You will have 3 sets of marks applied to 4 players each time. This means that you will have 120 Energy per phase and only need to use 100. Luckily, when a Volatile Infuser resurrects, it removes all of the energy on all Dormant Infusers.
  • You must not unnecessarily spread Conductive Mark Icon Conductive Mark, as this will create unnecessary complications to the strategy.

Phase 2 - 100 Energy

The goal of this phase is to prevent Dathea from being buffed too much from Diverted Essence Icon Diverted Essence. This phase ends once the Volatile Infuser has been defeated.

  • Two Volatile Infuser will spawn. Mark one of these as a priority to kill and move it to the edge of the platform. When it dies it will cast Blowback Icon Blowback and knock back the entire raid.
  • Repeat the same process for the second Volatile Infuser.
  • The Volatile Infuser will cast Diverted Essence Icon Diverted Essence which should be interrupted as this buffs Dathea.

HeroicHeroic changes:

  • There is now one Volatile Infuser in the boss arena and another on a platform on the edge of the room.
  • At the start of the intermission, you need to look for which one of the platforms around the edges have Thunder Caller adds on it. Aim to get knocked back to the platform with approximately half the raid and kill everything on here. There will also be another Volatile Infuser on here which can knock you back to the main platform. This Volatile Infuser does not knock players on the main platform.
  • While players are on the platforms, they will be hit by Thunderbolt Icon Thunderbolt which deals damage and applies a stacking debuff increasing the damage taken by it.
HeroicHeroic/MythicMythic intermission example video
  • The same group of people should not go to the platforms every time as the duration of Thunderbolt Icon Thunderbolt is 1.2 minutes, which is slightly shorter than the time to get to the next intermission.
  • If you send a large enough group of players to the platforms, you can finish the platform adds very quickly, and the debuff will time out before the next intermission!

MythicMythic changes:

  • This phase plays similarly to Heroic, except that you need to create the Volatile Infuser instead of it spawning on a timer.
  • We found that you want to trigger the resurrection of the Volatile Infuser before Dathea enters phase 2 so that you can kill it before Conductive Mark Icon Conductive Mark's come out so you don't get marks on the platform as those players will be considered out of range of the ability.
  • Thunderbolt Icon Thunderbolt duration increased to 1.5 min. This makes it harder to send the same people multiple times in a row, but you may opt to do this still if the healers are up to the challenge, as not all damage profiles are created equal.


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  • 11 Dec. 2022: Guide added.
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