Raszageth, the Storm-Eater Raid Guide in Vault of the Incarnates

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Raszageth, The Storm-Eater is the final encounter in the Vault of the Incarnates raid in Dragonflight. On this page you will find a both a short and a full written guide for this encounter, with video clips to show the important mechanics.


I also have my website dedicated to both tanks and raid leaders where I share my insight on the bosses with strategy and preparation advice which I will update after my guild has completed progress. If you are interested in this or want to discuss it on Discord, the links to them are below:


Strategy Guide: Quick TLDR Guide


Phase 1


Intermission 1: 65%

  • The raid will split in two. Know which side you are going to.
  • Watch where Raszageth is flying and avoid Lightning Devastation Icon Lightning Devastation.
  • When the shield on the Surging Ruiner is removed, multiple Othsworn Vanguards and Stormseeker Acolytes spawn.
  • Keep the Stormseeker Acolyte interrupted.
  • HeroicHeroic/MythicMythic: Move away with Surging Blast Icon Surging Blast.
  • After you have killed all of the adds on your platform, teleport to the phase 2 platform.

Phase 2

  • Run through the wave from Tempest Wing Icon Tempest Wing to avoid being pushed off.
  • MythicMythic: Spread from other players during Tempest Wing Icon Tempest Wing.
  • Do not be in Fulminating Charge Icon Fulminating Charge when it expires.
  • When Raszageth reaches 100 Energy stack with your correct Stormcharged Icon Stormcharged team for a damage and healing boost.
  • HeroicHeroic/MythicMythic: Avoid colliding with players that do not match your polarity as it will deal additional damage to players around you.

Intermission 2: 0% Vault Integrity

  • Avoid Ball Lightning Icon Ball Lightning.
  • Kill any Seeking Stormlings before they reach the Colossal Stormfiend(s).
  • After you have killed the Colossal Stormfiend(s), Raszageth will land and knock the raid away. Use this knockback to get to the final platform.

Phase 3

  • The platform is slowly getting smaller in this phase. Kill the boss before you run out of space!
  • Tanks. Mitigate the channeled damage from Thunderous Blast Icon Thunderous Blast to reduce the raid damage taken.

Strategy Guide: Full Guide


Phase 1

The goal of this phase is to get Razageth down to 65% Health.

  • Static Charge Icon Static Charge will be applied on 3 in the raid, and they will have this debuff applied for 8 seconds. When the debuff expires, they will place a Static Field Icon Static Field on the floor at their location. These Static Field Icon Static Field's will slow you by 50% and also slow forced movement effects such as Hurricane Wing Icon Hurricane Wing (Raszageth 100 energy ability). Place these not too far away from the raid, as you will want to get pushed into them.
  • Raszageth will pick a random player in the raid and cast Lightning Breath Icon Lightning Breath on them. Utilize movement speed abilities for the raid to move away from it, such as Stampeding Roar Icon Stampeding Roar and Wind Rush Totem Icon Wind Rush Totem.
  • Volatile Current Icon Volatile Current will create circles around players and spawn Volatile Sparks after it expires. They will explode if their casts are not stopped. The following effects will stop their casts;
    • Volatile Icon Volatile is dispelled. Make use of purges to remove this. Arcane Torrent Icon Arcane Torrent (Blood Elf Racial) or Mass Dispel Icon Mass Dispel will remove this buff from multiple enemies at once.
    • Interrupting Burst Icon Burst (or letting the cast go through) will also despawn the Volatile Spark. Ideally, people should interrupt their own Spark.
    • Displacing the Volatile Spark will interrupt the cast. This can be done with abilities such as Death Grip Icon Death Grip, Typhoon Icon Typhoon, Blinding Light Icon Blinding Light, Leg Sweep Icon Leg Sweep.
  • Healers. Raszageth will pulse damage on the raid with Electric Scales Icon Electric Scales.
  • Lightning Strikes Icon Lightning Strikes will spawn in the room. Standing in them will stun you and deal a large amount of damage. Move away from them!
  • Tanks. Swap at 1 stack of Electrified Jaws Icon Electrified Jaws.
  • When Raszageth reaches 100 energy, she will cast Hurricane Wing Icon Hurricane Wing which will push back players and deal damage based on the distance you are pushed back. Utilize Static Field Icon Static Field's to not be pushed off the platform.

HeroicHeroic changes:

  • Volatile Charges have 2 stacks of Volatile Icon Volatile. This means that 2 purges/interrupts are now required to remove it from the encounter.

MythicMythic changes:

  • Static Charge Icon Static Charge no longer leaves a puddle on the ground. This means that you will need to run against Hurricane Wing Icon Hurricane Wing and stay on the platform.
  • Volatile Charges have 3 stacks of Volatile Icon Volatile.This means that 3 purges/interrupts are now required to remove it from the encounter.

Intermission 1: 65% HP

This intermission begins with Raszageth reaching 65% Health. She will summon adds on the left and right platforms and take 99% less damage from Ruinous Shroud Icon Ruinous Shroud. This phase will last a maximum of 75 seconds.

  • Raszageth will remove 1% Vault Integrity every 1.5 seconds. This phase will end once you have defeated all the adds or have removed 50% Vault Integrity.
  • The raid will need to split into two teams and jump to the platforms on either side of the room. Have an even raid split to ensure you can safely complete this phase.
  • During this phase, Razageth will be sweeping over the platform with Lightning Devastation Icon Lightning Devastation. Ensure you are not standing in this as you will take a large amount of damage and ticking damage every 2 seconds.
  • When you reach your platform, you will see Surging Ruiner adds with shields on them. When this shield has been destroyed is removed multiple Oathsworn Vanguards, and Stormseeker Acolytes spawn.
  • Surging Ruiner. This add will apply Surge Icon Surge to itself. This shield deals damage to the entire raid every 3 seconds. When Surge Icon Surge has been removed, it will Overload Icon Overload, which deals even more ticking damage and increases the damage of all other enemies by 100% until it dies. Evokers should use Unravel Icon Unravel and Warriors should use Wrecking Throw Icon Wrecking Throw on these.
  • Oathsworn Vanguard. This add will gain a stack of Windforce Strikes Icon Windforce Strikes each time it attacks. This buffs it with attack speed and movement speed per stack.
  • Stormseeker Acolyte. These low kill priority adds will just cast Storm Bolt Icon Storm Bolt. This is an interruptable cast, which your raid needs to keep interrupting.

HeroicHeroic Changes

  • Surging Ruiner. This add will now apply the Surging Blast Icon Surging Blast debuff to several players. They will need to move away before their debuff expires, as they will deal damage to all players within 7 yards.
  • Stormseeker Acolyte. Will gain an EnrageEnrageenrage style effect when they reach 30% health. They gain the buff Ascension Icon Ascension, which increases their haste by 150%, making their casts much harder to interrupt!

MythicMythic changes:

  • For Mythic, there are two new adds. The Frostforged Zealot and Flamesworn Herald. These are your highest priority adds to kill.
  • Flamesworn Herald. This add will apply Flame Shield Icon Flame Shield to itself, making it immune to interrupts while the shield holds. This is a priority to remove as it will also cast Blazing Roar Icon Blazing Roar, which deals a large amount of damage to the raid and buffs all of the adds by 150%! Evokers should use Unravel Icon Unravel and Warriors should use Wrecking Throw Icon Wrecking Throw on these.
  • Frostforged Zealot. This add will cast Shattering Shroud Icon Shattering Shroud, which deals damage to the entire raid and applies a healing absorb to them.

Phase 2

This phase ends when the Vault Integrity has reached 0%. The faster you complete the intermission, the more time you have in this phase.

  • Raszageth maintains the abilities Volatile Current Icon Volatile Current, Electrified Jaws Icon Electrified Jaws Electric Scales Icon Electric Scales and Lightning Strikes Icon Lightning Strikes from Phase 1.
  • Tempest Wing Icon Tempest Wing will push back the raid and deal ticking damage, the pushback is not as harsh as the pushback from Phase 1.
  • Two new abilities are added for this phase Fulminating Charge Icon Fulminating Charge and a new 100 energy ability Stormsurge Icon Stormsurge.
  • Fulminating Charge Icon Fulminating Charge will be applied to several players. This debuff reduces the target's movement speed and deals damage when it expires after 6 seconds. It will also apply the Lingering Charge Icon Lingering Charge debuff to the player after it expires, which is a simple DoT. If any players are caught in the blast after the debuff times out; it will jump to the closest player!
  • Stormsurge Icon Stormsurge is the new 100 energy ability. Raszageth will apply a huge absorb shield and pulse damage on the raid, which increases in damage every tick. The raid will need to destroy this shield within 25 seconds or have a 1.5-minute DoT applied to them! Luckily we have buffs during this phase.
  • Every player in the raid will be Stormcharged Icon Stormcharged and marked with either a positive (lightning orb icon) or a negative charge (tornado icon).
  • If you are within 5 yards of another player who shares the same type of charge as yourself, you will gain Focused Charge Icon Focused Charge, which increases your damage and healing by 200%.
  • If you are not within 5 yards of another player who shares the same type of charge, then you will have the Scattered Charge Icon Scattered Charge debuff applied which deals damage to you every second.

HeroicHeroic Changes

  • Scattered Charge Icon Scattered Charge will now deal damage to all nearby players that do not match your polarity.

MythicMythic changes:

  • Raszageth will periodically change the polarities of some players by casting Inversion Icon Inversion be mindful of when this is happening and be ready to move instantly.
  • Players hit by the Storm Wave from Tempest Wing Icon Tempest Wing will pulse damage around them. Spread for the Tempest Wing Icon Tempest Wing.
  • The target of Fulminating Charge Icon Fulminating Charge is rooted.

Intermission 2: 0% Vault Integrity

When the vault integrity hits 0%, Raszageth will lift off and begin the second intermission.

  • As with the first intermission, you will need to dodge Lightning Devastation Icon Lightning Devastation.
  • There is now only one type of add in this intermission; however, it does spawn its own adds.
  • Colossal Stormfiend. This add will teleport to players in a similar way to the Lightning intermission add from Kurog Grimtotem and deal damage to the entire raid every time it does this.
    • When it teleports away it will create Seeking Stormlings from the location it teleported from.
    • If the Seeking Stormlings reach the Colossal Stormfiend, they will heal and increase its maximum health and damage for each Stormling that reached it.
    • You, unfortunately, cannot keep the Stormlings in CC as when they reach 100 Energy, they gain Indomitable Focus Icon Indomitable Focus and become immune to CC. Focus on killing the Stormlings when they appear.
  • Colossal Stormfiend. will also cast Ball Lightning Icon Ball Lightning which deals damage to all players in its path. Avoid this by moving out of the path.
  • Healers. Crackling Energy Icon Crackling Energy is a pulsing aura from the Colossal Stormfiend, which deals damage every 2 seconds.

HeroicHeroic Changes

  • There are now two Colossal Stormfiends.
  • When a Colossal Stormfiend dies, any remaining Colossal Stormfiends will gain 30% increased attack speed and deal more damage with Crackling Energy Icon Crackling Energy.
  • Aim to get them low and kill them at a similar time.

MythicMythic Changes

  • In addition to the two Colossal Stormfiends there is now an Electrified Colossal Stormfiend.
  • This Stormfiend does not require a tank and will pulse damage onto the raid and teleport at the same time as the Colossal Stormfiends.

Phase 3

The final phase of the encounter! This phase has a soft enrage where the platform will get smaller over time.

  • Use Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust / Heroism Icon Heroism on this phase, as it is a DPS check.
  • As the phase goes on, the edge of the room will slowly close in from Raging Storm Icon Raging Storm. Standing in this will apply damage to you every second with Storm's Spite Icon Storm's Spite.
  • Raszageth maintains the following abilities in this phase: Tempest Wing Icon Tempest Wing, Fulminating Charge Icon Fulminating Charge, Lightning Breath Icon Lightning Breath, Lightning Strikes Icon Lightning Strikes , and Electric Scales Icon Electric Scales.
  • There is one new ability in this phase, and its a new tank mechanic!
  • Tanks. The new tank mechanic for this phase is Thunderous Blast Icon Thunderous Blast. This mechanic works in two stages:
    • Step 1: Raszageth will channel a beam of Nature damage on the tank dealing damage every 0.3 seconds.
    • Step 2: You will replicate the damage you took from that beam on the raid 1.5 seconds later.
  • This means that to reduce raid damage taken, you need to reduce your damage taken. Utilize your personal cooldowns and some external cooldowns to keep the raid alive. A good tank is essential here.
  • Additionally, the tank is debuffed with Thunderstruck Armor Icon Thunderstruck Armor which increases their damage taken by 100% for 40 seconds, so they cannot take two in a row.

MythicMythic Changes

  • Storm's Spite Icon Storm's Spite tornadoes will now spawn from the edge of the room and float towards Raszageth. If any of these reach the boss she will heal for 5% and deal 20% more damage. These can be intercepted by players but they will have a permanent DoT applied to them.


  • 18 Mar. 2023: Small updates to include Mythic information.
  • 15 Dec. 2022: Updated Intermission information based on recent kill informations. Added imagery for how intermissions work.
  • 12 Dec. 2022: Fixed hyperlinks, added tags, added video clip descriptions.
  • 11 Dec. 2022: Guide added.
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