Subtlety Rogue PvP Best Covenants, Soulbinds, Conduits, and Legendary Powers (Shadowlands / 9.0.2)

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On this page, you will find information about which Covenant you should be unlocking. After choosing your Covenant, you will have to unlock your best Soulbind and collect Conduits. This page will outline which of these is the best, including the correct Soulbind path you should choose. Finally, we will tell you which Legendary Powers are the best to have for PvP and in which situations you should be swapping them.

This page is part of our Subtlety Rogue PvP Guide.


Best Covenant for Subtlety Rogue in PvP

For more information about what Covenants bring you, please refer to our page about Covenant abilities for Rogues.

It is important to choose the correct Covenant, as it has many impacts on your gameplay. Your Covenant will give you both a Covenant ability and a class ability. The next choice you have will be Soulbinds and Conduits. All of these are Covenant-specific and they are different based on which you choose. Here are the best Covenants for Subtlety Rogue.

  1. Kyrian is the best Covenant to choose. This gives you strong abilities that increase your survivability from Soulbinds, and a great damaging cooldown, Echoing Reprimand Icon Echoing Reprimand.

Best Soulbinds for Subtlety Rogues in PvP

Soulbinds are unlocked as you progress your character with a Covenant. These unlock powerful paths that can be taken to give you powerful spells, important passives, etc. Here is the Soulbind and path you should take if you chose Kyrian.

At the end of this path, you will have gained more damage from Combat Meditation Icon Combat Meditation and more healing from the Cloaked in Shadows Icon Cloaked in Shadows endurance conduit.


Best Conduits for Subtlety Rogues in PvP

Conduits are passive buffs that you can use to fill empty slots in your Soulbind Trees. There are three types of Conduits: Potency, Endurance, and Finesse. Here are the best Conduits for each of those different types:


Best Potency Conduits for Subtlety Rogues in PvP

  1. Deeper Daggers Icon Deeper Daggers makes Eviscerate Icon Eviscerate increases your Shadow damage after using it. This will increase your burst damage, as your Eviscerate Icon Eviscerate deals shadow damage when Find Weakness Icon Find Weakness is on the target.
  2. Perforated Veins Icon Perforated Veins makes Shadowstrike Icon Shadowstrike increase the damage of your next Backstab Icon Backstab. This can be useful for increasing your burst damage when you are generating Combo Points with Shadowstrike.

Best Endurance Conduits for Subtlety Rogues in PvP

  1. Recuperator Icon Recuperator makes Slice and Dice Icon Slice and Dice heal you over time. This is great for increasing your survivability, as you will often have Slice and Dice active while using your burst rotation.
  2. Cloaked in Shadows Icon Cloaked in Shadows gives you a shield when you enter stealth. As a Subtlety Rogue, you will often be re-entering Stealth once you have left it. This Conduit is great for increasing your survivability.

Best Finesse Conduits for Subtlety Rogues in PvP

  1. Quick Decisions Icon Quick Decisions reduces the cooldown of Shadowstep Icon Shadowstep and increases its range. This is great for both running down enemies or kiting away from them if you need to.
  2. Prepared for All Icon Prepared for All is a versatile Conduit that helps reduce the cooldown of some important defensives. Dodging attacks reduces the cooldown of Evasion Icon Evasion and interrupting spells reduces the cooldown of Cloak of Shadows Icon Cloak of Shadows.

Best Legendaries for Subtlety Rogues in PvP

Legendaries have many different effects and some can alter how you should use some of your abilities. For more information on Legendaries, check out our general guide on them.

Here are the best Legendaries for a Subtlety Rogues.

  1. Invigorating Shadowdust Icon Invigorating Shadowdust is the best Legendary you can get. This makes it so Vanish Icon Vanish reduces the cooldown of your other abilities by 20 seconds. This is crucial, as this means you can use Blind Icon Blind and if the enemy healer trinkets, you can Vanish and they will not have trinket for the next blind. This gives you much more utility and control over the enemy team.
  2. Mark of the Master Assassin Icon Mark of the Master Assassin is the next best Legendary to have. This increases your Critical Strike chance for a few seconds after Stealth breaks. This gives you short windows to do large amounts of damage to enemy players.
  3. Akaari's Soul Fragment Icon Akaari's Soul Fragment is another good Legendary you can get. This Legendary drastically increases your single-target burst.


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