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General Information

On this page, you will find the best gear and best in slot items for your Subtlety Rogue in World of Warcraft Shadowlands 9.0.2.

If you were looking for WoW Classic content, please refer to our Classic DPS Rogue gear and best in slot.


Gearing a Subtlety Rogue

Welcome to our Gearing Page for Subtlety Rogue, this section will help you to find out which item pieces aim for to maximize DPS.

This page does not refer to enchants, gems or consumables so in case you need help with getting the most out of your newly acquired item, make sure to check out what enchants and gems are the best for Subtlety Rogues in the page below.


Gearing up in Shadowlands

Major changes to gearing up in Shadowlands are making sockets only able to proc or be applied to only six slots in total, which are helm, belt, bracers, rings, and amulet, along with the removal of Warforging and Titanforging. This makes the gearing process quite a bit simpler, as you will not need to do content that rewards lower item level gear in hopes of Titanforging it. In the sections below, we will go over the content that is worth doing to gear up before release of Castle Nathria.


World quest rewards scale with your item level and Renown level. It is currently unknown exactly how it works, but keep an eye out for world quests with item rewards. Covenant items depend on your reputation and Renown levels, as well as your campaign progress, and cap out at 184.



Heroic Dungeons drop item level 171 gear and they can be accessed via the dungeon finder or simply by making a full 5-man group and walking into the instances, as this way you do not need the required item level. Heroic Dungeons are fairly easy, even with low item levels and getting the gear upgrades can make it significantly easier to do the Mythic dungeons afterwards.

Mythic Dungeons drop item level 184 gear and are the most efficient way of getting the pre-raid release best in slot gear. You can only do each dungeon once a week, effectively giving you two clears before Castle Nathria opens.



Farming Battlegrounds for Honor is a very good source of high item level gear, as the PvP items can be upgraded to item level 184. The downside of PvP gear is that they are very heavy on Versatility, but luckily for us Subtlety Rogues, it is one of our most desired stats. The PvP trinkets are the ones you are mainly after though, as the on-use ones are very powerful and it allows you to trade trinkets in your Mythic dungeon runs.


Legendary Powers

This section will briefly list the Legendaries that are good for Subtlety Rogues. For more in-depth information on them and how to craft them (through Runecarving), make sure to check our dedicated Legendary Powers page, as well as our Runecarving guide:

  1. Finality Icon Finality (Best overall for Raiding and Mythic+)
  2. Akaari's Soul Fragment Icon Akaari's Soul Fragment (Best one for single-target, falls off on AoE)
  3. Mark of the Master Assassin Icon Mark of the Master Assassin (Mythic+)
  4. Essence of Bloodfang Icon Essence of Bloodfang (Cleave)

The Importance of "Simming Yourself" as a Subtlety Rogue

At this stage in the game, and despite the stat priority, there are so many variables and so many layers of optimization that you can apply to your character, that there is no way for a guide or anything else to tell you exactly what gear you should wear. This is why we always recommend simulating your own character using Raidbots. The website can help you choose optimal gear such as Legendaries trinkets and combinations thereof in a way that is tailored completely to your specific character. Learning to use this tool is essential to maximizing your potential, as there is simply no other way to take all the variables into account.


What Gear Do I Farm/Bonus Roll/Chase After?

When identifying what gear you should be aiming after, we recommend using RaidBots' Droptimizer feature. It requires the SimulationCraft Addon. Once you have the addon installed, write "/simc" into the chat in-game, and copy-pasting the contents into the RaidBots Droptimizer.

Simply select the raid and difficulty you are interested in, and RaidBots will take a while to figure out where you should spend your bonus rolls, and more.


Best in Slot Items for Subtlety Rogue from Castle Nathria

Slot Raid Item Source
Helm Sadist's Sinister Mask Icon Sadist's Sinister Mask Sire Denathriusin Castle Nathria
Neck Noble's Birthstone Pendant Icon Noble's Birthstone Pendant The Council of Bloodin Castle Nathria
Shoulders Wicked Flanker's Gorget Icon Wicked Flanker's Gorget Stone Legion Generalsin Castle Nathria
Cloak Crest of the Legionnaire General Icon Crest of the Legionnaire General Stone Legion Generalsin Castle Nathria
Chest Finality Icon Finality Crafted Legendary through Runecarving
Wrists Precisely Calibrated Chronometer Icon Precisely Calibrated Chronometer Artificer Xy'Moxin Castle Nathria
Gloves Bleakwing Assassin's Grips Icon Bleakwing Assassin's Grips Sun King's Salvationin Castle Nathria
Belt Spell-Woven Tourniquet Icon Spell-Woven Tourniquet Huntsman Altimorin Castle Nathria
Legs Chiropteran Leggings Icon Chiropteran Leggings Shriekwingin Castle Nathria
Boots Enchanted Toe-Tappers Icon Enchanted Toe-Tappers The Council of Bloodin Castle Nathria
Ring #1 Hyperlight Band Icon Hyperlight Band Artificer Xy'Moxin Castle Nathria
Ring #2 Most Regal Signet of Sire Denathrius Icon Most Regal Signet of Sire Denathrius Sire Denathriusin Castle Nathria
Trinket #1 Stone Legion Heraldry Icon Stone Legion Heraldry Stone Legion Generalsin Castle Nathria
Trinket #2 Dreadfire Vessel Icon Dreadfire Vessel Sire Denathriusin Castle Nathria
Weapons Zenith Anima Spherule Icon Zenith Anima Spherule Sire Denathriusin Castle Nathria

Adding Sockets to Gear

In Shadowlands, you can add sockets to specific item slots via Spatial Realignment Apparatus Icon Spatial Realignment Apparatus, which requires a high amount of reputation with Ve'nari and costs Stygia to purchase.



This trinket list compares all current trinkets at various equal item levels, meant as a guideline to help prioritize upgrades, so care should be taken when assessing your own pieces should they vary in item level or bonuses. As always, simming your own gear is recommended.



For the complete simulation results, check out

Single-Target with Add Waves

For the complete simulation results, check out


  • 23 Nov. 2020: Updated page for Shadowlands release with gearing recommendations.
  • 12 Oct. 2020: Page updated for the Shadowlands pre-patch.
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