The Upper Reaches Strategy Guide for Torghast

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The Upper Reaches is one of the Cell Blocks of Torghast. It has the potential to be the quickest Cell Block to run as its layouts tend to have the exit very close to where you begin, with a lot of optional content spread out, but it is not a particularly easy Cell Block to fully clear, as it contains a very large amount of dangerous elite enemies.

In this guide, we will explain the mechanics of The Upper Reaches, its enemies and torments, detail which special Anima Powers you can get from Ravenous Anima Cell Icon Ravenous Anima Cell here and finish by explaining the bosses you can find on this Cell Block.


The Upper Reaches

This Cell Block is populated by more elites than most other blocks, but also tends to have much shorter layouts and fewer regular enemies, overall. It is often populated by hostile Venthyr and Stoneborn, and is usually one of the fastest Cell Blocks in Torghast to run, especially if you skip most of the elites, who tend to not be in the main path.

Layout-wise, The Upper Reaches floors are usually short, filled with elite enemies on sideways and alternate paths and you can usually pick between rushing to the exit or taking your time to clear the elites and get their Phantasma and Anima Power orbs.

Upper Reaches Layout

Watch out also for the dedicated trap rooms, filled to the brim with traps, Anima Powers, and little else. Take your time figuring out these rooms and explore the side paths for extra Anima Powers, if you can deal with all the traps in the way.

Upper Reaches Trap Room

The Upper Reaches Notable Enemies

The Runecarved Colossus is a very powerful elite enemy that has powerful melee attacks, especially Ravage. He will also use Terrifying Roar to try and fear you into nearby packs. Fortunately, all of his abilities have low range, so kiting or moving away whenever he is about to finish a cast will make him waste the ability. The roar can also be interrupted.

Runecarved Colossus

The Lord of Torment is a caster elite that needs to be interrupted as much as possible. Be especially aware of his Wave of Suffering cast, as he will spam it multiple times in a row and each cast hits every player nearby for massive damage, quickly wiping your party if you let several casts go through.

Lord of Torment

Using Ravenous Anima Cell in The Upper Reaches

Using the Ravenous Anima Cell Icon Ravenous Anima Cell wisely is one of the keys to leaving alive with your Soul Ash. Different Cell Block archetypes have different threats and enemies you can convert into useful powers. You can find the following powers from transforming enemies in The Upper Reaches:

Enemy Power Explanation
Mawsworn Soulbinder / Endbringer / Disciple / Acolyte Marrow Scooper Icon Marrow Scooper Because of the short nature of the regular Cell Blocks, this power tends to not be profitable enough off the two floors you can do it with. The outcome is about the same as just getting Broker's Purse Icon Broker's Purse from using the Ravenous Anima Cell Icon Ravenous Anima Cell on the Broker vendor, with potential upside if you find a lot of skeletons on floor 4 and 5.
Broker Vendor Broker's Purse Icon Broker's Purse By using the Anima Cell on the Broker vendor, you will gain a significant amount of Phantasma, which more than covers its cost, but you will also be missing out on extra powers until the final boss, which is a significant downside.
Lost Dredger Treasure Room By waiting until the Lost Dredger starts casting his escape portal to use the Ravenous Anima Cell Icon Ravenous Anima Cell, you will spawn a portal leading to a room with multiple Phantasma jars and Anima Powers! Finding a Lost Dredger is unlikely to begin with, unfortunately, but count yourself very lucky if you do, and absolutely make sure to spawn the portal, for the massive rewards contained within.
Mawrats Maw Seeker Harness Icon Maw Seeker Harness Using this item allows you to turn into a Mawrat, increasing your speed by 100%. Taking or dealing any damage removes the buff, but you can reuse it after leaving combat. Due to its lack of combat effectiveness, this power is not recommended.
Skeletal Remains Skeletal Ward Icon Skeletal Ward The summoned ally is way too weak to be of much use and can pull unwanted enemies, so avoid getting this power.
Mawrat Harness

While Marrow Scooper Icon Marrow Scooper can be a great Twisting Corridors power, the short nature of the Cell Blocks makes the run finish before you really start getting rich on Phantasma from it. Take it if you are worried about the last boss, or just go with normal Anima Orbs and powers if you want their immediate benefit.


The Upper Reaches Bosses

The final boss of your run will be the hardest challenge and the most likely spot at which you can actually get stuck and have to reset. Knowing the boss abilities and reading some of our tips on how to deal with them before pulling can easily be the difference between victory and defeat!


Learn more about the bosses of Torghast on our specialized guide below:



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