The Ember Court, Venthyr Weekly Activity

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This page is meant to introduce and guide you through the Venthyr covenant weekly activity, the Ember Court. Inside you will find details on how this activity works, its rewards and how to obtain them.


How to unlock the Ember Court

Begin by unlocking the Ember Court through your Covenant's Anima Reservoir. You can also upgrade it as you get more Anima and Redeemed Souls over time:

Upgrade Cost Time
Court Unlock 1500 Reservoir Anima + 6 Redeemed Souls 1 Hour
Butler Helper 5000 Reservoir Anima + 12 Redeemed Souls 12 Hours
Third Guest Invite 10000 Reservoir Anima + 22 Redeemed Souls 24 Hours
Fourth Guest Invite 12500 Reservoir Anima + 40 Redeemed Souls 24 Hours
Specialist Staff 15000 Reservoir Anima + 70 Redeemed Souls 24 Hours

Although the prices rise steeply as you advance through the upgrades, each new advancement brings significant benefits, which will make earning all the rewards related to this event much quicker.


Planning your Ember Court Event

Because you can only do it once per week, it is important to plan ahead in order to maximize the rewards you can get from the Ember Court.

The first step is deciding which guests to invite. Because each guest has unique party atmosphere preferences, you should try to invite guests which have similar tastes, in order to be able to focus on those tastes during the party itself and still end up pleasing both.

You will also be able to choose multiple options of refreshments, entertainment, security and decor before the event starts, with each choice boosting the party atmosphere in specific ways described on the choice menu. You should look to pick options that will boost the atmosphere in the ways your guests prefer, in order to get a head start on getting the best rewards.


Ember Court Noblegarden Theotar Egg Hunt Event

During the Noblegarden Easter celebrations, there will be a special event available inside the Ember Court scenario: Theotar's Egg Hunt.

This event can be started by picking up Theotar's Egg Basket, which you can find in the north area of the scenario, and is marked on your map.

Once you pick the Basket, the egg locations will be marked on your map as well, and you can pick them up even during the preparation phase. Turn them at their respective NPCs to gain one of several buffs:

  • Prince Renathal's Egg increases guest reputation gains by 300%.
  • Temel's Egg extends the current Court phase time limit by 5 minutes; ideally you want to turn this during the party itself.
  • Theotar's Egg improves the happiness of all current guests.
  • Lord Garridan's Egg increases damage done by 50% and reduces damage taken by 50%.

Because of Prince Renathal's Egg, any Court scenarios completed using this buff are worth multiple weeks of reputation, making it a must if you are behind on reputation!


Completing the Ember Court Event

Once you are ready, talk with Temel, in area above Sinfall (your Covenant sanctum) and take on his quest, The Ember Court to begin preparations. Once this quest is completed, you can talk to him again in order to start the scenario itself, which will take around 15 minutes in total.

  • The first, Last-Minute Preparations gives you 60 seconds to start interacting with NPCs and objects around the area in order to change the party atmosphere.
  • The second stage, The Court represents the party itself where many random events will occur, all of which influence the atmosphere. You can interact with many of the events, but make sure to look at the reward from completing the event before turning it in, as doing so might change the atmosphere in a negative way towards the preferences of your guests.
  • Finally, once the timer ends you will be awarded Tribute from each of your guests, which contains loot based on how well you were able to please them. Do well and you will receive mounts, weapon transmog, extra reputation and pets. Fail to do so, and you might only get grey items, and not of the valuable kind.

After you are done, you can immediately start preparing for the following week's party, but will not be able to start it until the weekly reset.


Ember Court Rewards

By making your guests happy, you will be presented with multiple cosmetic rewards, such as pets, weapons and mounts. You will also earn reputation, with the Ember Court faction itself and also with each particular guest you invite.

Reputation unlocks items for sale, with the following scenario improvements and mounts being bought from Temel:

Reputation Item Cost
Friendly Building: Dredger Pool Icon Building: Dredger Pool 100 Reservoir Anima
Honored Building: Guardhouse Icon Building: Guardhouse 100 Reservoir Anima
Honored Staff: Stage Crew Icon Staff: Stage Crew 250 Gold
Honored Staff: Waiters Icon Staff: Waiters 250 Gold
Honored Leather Dredger Coif Icon Leather Dredger Coif 10 Infused Ruby
Honored Altar of Accomplishment Icon Altar of Accomplishment 25 Reservoir Anima
Revered Staff: Bouncers Icon Staff: Bouncers 250 Gold
Revered Staff: Dredger Decorators Icon Staff: Dredger Decorators 250 Gold
Revered Sinrunner Pony Reins Icon Sinrunner Pony Reins 55 Infused Ruby
Revered Battie's Pendant Icon Battie's Pendant 250 Polished Pet Charm
Exalted Mantle of Court Blades Icon Mantle of Court Blades 1750 Reservoir Anima
Exalted Juvenile Dredbat Harness Icon Juvenile Dredbat Harness 70 Infused Ruby
Exalted Silvertip Dredwing Icon Silvertip Dredwing 5000 Reservoir Anima
Exalted Letter of Note, Premier Party Planner Icon Letter of Note, Premier Party Planner 85 Infused Ruby

You can also get recolored Venthyr Covenant armor for each armor type from Lady Rovinette:

Reputation Transmog Slots Cost
Friendly Boots and Legs 1500 Reservoir Anima
Honored Chest 2000 Reservoir Anima
Honored Wrist and Waist 750 Reservoir Anima
Revered Gloves 1500 Reservoir Anima
Revered Shoulders 2000 Reservoir Anima
Exalted Helm 2000 Reservoir Anima
Exalted Cloak 750 Reservoir Anima

Covenant General Rewards

Besides the vendor and reputation rewards, you can also get any of the following items as tribute from the Ember Court. These items are shared among all Covenant weekly activities, and as such you will find mounts, pets and weapon transmogs inspired by each of the four Covenants.

You can buy some of these items at the Covenant vendors, in which case we will have the cost listed.

Type Item Cost
Mount Dauntless Duskrunner Icon Dauntless Duskrunner 5000 Reservoir Anima
Mount Gruesome Flayedwing Icon Gruesome Flayedwing 5000 Reservoir Anima
Mount Silvertip Dredwing Icon Silvertip Dredwing 5000 Reservoir Anima
Mount Pale Acidmaw Icon Pale Acidmaw 5000 Reservoir Anima
Pets Pearlwing Heron Icon Pearlwing Heron 1000 Reservoir Anima
Pets Dusty Sporeflutterer Icon Dusty Sporeflutterer 1000 Reservoir Anima
Pets Plaguelouse Larva Icon Plaguelouse Larva 1000 Reservoir Anima
Pets Corpulent Bonetusk Icon Corpulent Bonetusk 1000 Reservoir Anima
Pets Violet Dredwing Pup Icon Violet Dredwing Pup 1000 Reservoir Anima
Pets Brightscale Hatchling Icon Brightscale Hatchling 1000 Reservoir Anima
Pets Sable Icon Sable 1000 Reservoir Anima
Pets Bloodfeaster Spiderling Icon Bloodfeaster Spiderling 1000 Reservoir Anima
Weapons Bronze Ceremonial Targe Icon Bronze Ceremonial Targe Event Reward
Weapons Broadbladed Severer Icon Broadbladed Severer Event Reward
Weapons Final Arbiter's Gavel Icon Final Arbiter's Gavel Event Reward
Weapons Grove Warden's Edge Icon Grove Warden's Edge 1000 Reservoir Anima
Weapons Songwood Staff Icon Songwood Staff 1000 Reservoir Anima
Weapons Grove Warden's Harvester Icon Grove Warden's Harvester 1000 Reservoir Anima
Weapons Bonejowl Ballista Icon Bonejowl Ballista 1000 Reservoir Anima
Weapons Bonebound Tome Icon Bonebound Tome 1000 Reservoir Anima
Weapons Redelev House Foil Icon Redelev House Foil 1000 Reservoir Anima
Weapons Silver-Bladed Ritual Dagger Icon Silver-Bladed Ritual Dagger 1000 Reservoir Anima
Weapons Sterling-Silver Cudgel Icon Sterling-Silver Cudgel 1000 Reservoir Anima
Weapons Temple Guard's Partisan Icon Temple Guard's Partisan Event Reward
Weapons Tranquil's Censer Icon Tranquil's Censer Event Reward
Weapons Pugilist's Chakram Icon Pugilist's Chakram 1000 Reservoir Anima
Weapons Bellringer's Hammer Icon Bellringer's Hammer Event Reward
Weapons Nightwillow Barb Icon Nightwillow Barb 500 Reservoir Anima
Weapons Grove Warden's Maul Icon Grove Warden's Maul 500 Reservoir Anima
Weapons Elderwood Barrier Icon Elderwood Barrier 500 Reservoir Anima
Weapons Ripvine Saber Icon Ripvine Saber 500 Reservoir Anima
Weapons Nightwillow Shortbow Icon Nightwillow Shortbow 500 Reservoir Anima
Weapons Marrowfused Warglaive Icon Marrowfused Warglaive 500 Reservoir Anima
Weapons Marrowfused Dagger Icon Marrowfused Dagger 500 Reservoir Anima
Weapons Marrowfused Sword Icon Marrowfused Sword 500 Reservoir Anima
Weapons Marrowfused Shield Icon Marrowfused Shield 500 Reservoir Anima
Weapons Crypt Watcher's Spire Icon Crypt Watcher's Spire 500 Reservoir Anima
Weapons Bloodstained Hacksaw Icon Bloodstained Hacksaw 500 Reservoir Anima
Weapons Blightclutched Greatstaff Icon Blightclutched Greatstaff 500 Reservoir Anima
Weapons Dredger Anklebiter Icon Dredger Anklebiter 500 Reservoir Anima
Weapons Shiny-Metal Topped Basher Icon Shiny-Metal Topped Basher 500 Reservoir Anima
Weapons Ember Court Barrier Icon Ember Court Barrier 500 Reservoir Anima
Weapons Dutybound Spellblade Icon Dutybound Spellblade Event Reward
Weapons Elderwood Gavel Icon Elderwood Gavel Event Reward
Weapons Crossbow of Contemplative Calm Icon Crossbow of Contemplative Calm Event Reward
Weapons Bronze Dual-Bladed Glaive Icon Bronze Dual-Bladed Glaive Event Reward
Weapons Cupbearer's Claymore Icon Cupbearer's Claymore Event Reward
Weapons Axeblade Blunderbuss Icon Axeblade Blunderbuss 500 Reservoir Anima
Weapons Batwing Glaive Icon Batwing Glaive 500 Reservoir Anima
Weapons Heartwood Stem Icon Heartwood Stem 500 Reservoir Anima
Weapons Marrowfused Claymore Icon Marrowfused Claymore 500 Reservoir Anima
Weapons Gem-Crowned Wand Icon Gem-Crowned Wand 500 Reservoir Anima
Weapons Spineforged Tenderizer Icon Spineforged Tenderizer 500 Reservoir Anima
Weapons Crypt Keeper's Vessel Icon Crypt Keeper's Vessel 500 Reservoir Anima
Weapons Stonewing Halberd Icon Stonewing Halberd 500 Reservoir Anima


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