Phantasma Currency in Torgast: How to Obtain it and What to Buy with It?

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This extinguished strand of anima can be used to gain power within Torghast. Leaving Torghast will destroy all Phantasma.


What is Phantasma

Phantasma is a Torghast currency that you collect and exchange for items that increase your power. It is important to note that you cannot carry Phantasma over between runs and it is lost when you leave Torghast.


Where To Obtain Phantasma

You can loot Phantasma from enemy corpses and by breaking Ashen Phylacteries, destructible objects found in Torghast.

Certain Anima Powers grant you a flat amount of Phantasma or increase the amount of Phantasma you gain from enemies. You can learn more about Anima Powers by visiting our dedicated guide.


Spending Phantasma

Once you accumulate enough Phantasma, the currency can be used in the Tower of the Damned to purchase consumables from traders called Shackled Brokers that appear every third floor.


Shackled Brokers

Shackled Brokers are vendors that appear on every third break floor in Torghast. They offer powerful items in exchange for Phantasma. Break rooms, where they are found, also contain Free Souls and Anima Cells.

The only two items Brokers always sell are Plundered Anima Cell Icon Plundered Anima Cells and Ravenous Anima Cell Icon Ravenous Anima Cells.

Ravenous Anima Cell Icon Ravenous Anima Cells will turn Brokers into Anima Cells, so make sure to use them only after you bought everything you wanted from the vendors!

The rest of the items the Brokers sell changes each time you encounter one. The amount of items you can buy from the vendors is limited. As you can see in the below image, the Broker offers 2 Plundered Anima Cell Icon Plundered Anima Cells, 2 Obscuring Essence Potion Icon Obscuring Essence Potions, 5 Blinding Smoke Capsules Icon Blinding Smoke Capsules, 1 Ravenous Anima Cell, 1 Obleron Winds Icon Obleron Winds, 1 Obleron Talisman Icon Obleron Talisman, 1 Curious Miasma Icon Curious Miasma, and 1 Secret Spices Icon Secret Spices. However, you can buy as many Rejuvenating Siphoned Essence Icon Rejuvenating Siphoned Essences as you would like on the floor.

If you meet a Shackled Broker for the second time, you will notice that some of the items they sell are different, compared to what was available the first time around.

Based on the screenshot, we see that the Broker no longer sells Obleron Winds Icon Obleron Winds, Obleron Talisman Icon Obleron Talisman, Curious Miasma Icon Curious Miasma, Secret Spices Icon Secret Spices, and the items got replaced by Fleeting Frenzy Potion Icon Fleeting Frenzy Potion, Obleron Ephemera Icon Obleron Ephemera, Obleron Endurance Icon Obleron Endurance, and Bloating Fodder Icon Bloating Fodder.



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