Twisting Corridors Strategy Guide for Torghast

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The Twisting Corridors are a special mode of Torghast, unlocked at the end of a lengthy questline and composed of three random Cell Blocks in a row, with 18 floors and 3 end bosses in total.

As all floors and torments scale as you go higher, you will be required to have a lot of great powers by floor 18 if you expect to finish the run successfully.

In this guide, we will explain the mechanics of the Twisting Corridors, how its lengthier runs change the regular Cell Block clearing dynamics and Anima Power priorities, as well as the rewards you can expect from completing its layers.


Shadowlands Torghast Twisting Corridors

Unlike the regular 6 floor runs, the Twisting Corridors section of Torghast is comprised of three 6 floor runs in a row, for a total of 18 floors. While the enemies, vendors, and general layout of Torghast are kept the same as the regular cell block runs, the added scaling makes the final floors and final boss extremely challenging, and you will need a lot of offensive and defensive powers to survive.

Also, because the run is so long, make absolutely sure to explore every floor and gather as many powers and free as many souls as you can, as each of them gives a 1% primary stat bonus, and you are looking to be finishing your run with 80 of these or more!

Soul Cell

Unlocking the Twisting Corridors

After starting the Torghast questline, you will be sent inside to find clues about, and eventually rescue, Baine, Jaina, and Thrall. This leaves Anduin as the final prisoner of Sylvanas and the Jailer, and immediately after you rescue Thrall, you will receive the Signs of the Lion quest which is meant to be completed inside the Twisting Corridors and is the first time you are allowed to go there.


Twisting Corridors Rewards

You can get any memories of the Runecarver you are missing from doing Twisting Corridors, as long as their drop source is a Torghast Cell Block. Besides those, there are four potential rewards from completing Twisting Corridors layers:

  • Layer 2: Death Seeker Icon Death Seeker pet;
  • Layer 4: Helm of the Dominated Icon Helm of the Dominated toy;
  • Layer 6: Spirestalker title;
  • Layer 8: Corridor Creeper Icon Corridor Creeper, a mount that works in The Maw!

Doing the run itself can be great fun, depending on how you feel about Torghast as a whole. You will certainly end as quite a different character than what you began with!


Twisting Corridors Strategy

Because you will be climbing so many floors, powers that increase your Phantasma gain, and the Stable Phantasma Lure Icon Stable Phantasma Lure legendary are much stronger than usual and should be prioritized in the first 12 floors. Powers that require a lot of time to hit their maximum potential, most notably Secret Spices Icon Secret Spices, are also amazing in Twisting Corridors and should be valued highly, especially if they show up in the first half of your run.

Anima Powers in general will make or break your run even more than usual, regardless of your gear level. For example, in one of my alt Twisting Corridor runs as a low gear Shadow Priest, this was the damage and healing log on the final, floor 18 boss:

Twisting Corridor Log

You can clearly see the difference Anima Powers made. Even though my character was way more powerful than usual in straightforward ways (triple primary stat, vastly increased secondary stats), the vast majority of the damage in the end still came from Catharstick Icon Catharstick and Reflective Shield Icon Reflective Shield, which doubled as a powerful defensive layer through stacked health increasing powers and Life Barrier Icon Life Barrier, as you can see in the healing part of the screenshot.

Being able to combine defense and offense is key to success in the Twisting Corridors, as both will be thoroughly tested in the final 6 floors. Also, even if your defense is great, you can still get destroyed by some enemy combos if not careful, such as the infamous Accursed Strength (50% damage self-buff) into Massive Strike (huge damage ground effect) Mawsworn enemy combo, as you can see in the Floor 17 death log below:

Empowered Massive Strike

Make sure to never drop your guard until the end! Crowd control and movement abilities are at least as effective on the final boss as they are on the first mob of Floor 1, use them!

Also, just like normal Cell Blocks, remember that you should use any cooldowns (including Time Warp Icon Time Warp or equivalent effects) you have left on the final boss of each floor, as moving to a new floor will reset all of your cooldowns. Ideally, this means you should look to use all your cooldowns for a big pull at the start of each floor and then on the boss at the end of the floor.


Using Ravenous Anima Cell in Twisting Corridors

Using the Ravenous Anima Cell Icon Ravenous Anima Cell wisely is one of the keys to winning. Different Cell Block archetypes have different threats and enemies you can convert into useful powers:

Ravenous Anima Cell
Enemy Power Explanation
Broker Vendor Broker's Purse Icon Broker's Purse (varies) Do not use Ravenous Cells on Brokers in Twisting Corridors. Doing so will prevent them from appearing in later levels and stop you from spending your Phantasma!
Mawsworn Soulbinder / Endbringer / Disciple / Acolyte Marrow Scooper Icon Marrow Scooper While ordinarily irrelevant, if you can manage to get this power early on your Twisting Corridors run, the Phantasma gain will be massive and very worth it. You can force this to happen by abandoning your run immediately until you get either Fracture Chambers or The Upper Reaches as your first Cell Block, which are the ones containing the enemies you need to transform, and also the largest amount of skeletons to farm.
Mawsworn Archer / Mawsworn Interceptor Pocketed Soulcage Icon Pocketed Soulcage Gaining an average of 15% extra primary stat is a pretty good deal and should be your priority when doing Skoldus Halls wings.
Caster enemies on The Soulforges Cell Blocks Flamestarved Cinders Icon Flamestarved Cinders This power can either be amazing or useless depending on what your final floors are like, but should always be taken if your final Cell Block is Soulforges, as it will prevent most of the damage intake in this environment.
Lost Dredger Treasure Room By waiting until the Lost Dredger starts casting his escape portal to use the Ravenous Anima Cell Icon Ravenous Anima Cell, you will spawn a portal leading to a room with multiple Phantasma jars and Anima Powers! Finding a Lost Dredger is unlikely to begin with, unfortunately, but count yourself very lucky if you do, and absolutely make sure to spawn the portal, for the massive rewards contained within.
Mawsworn Shackler Shackle Keys Icon Shackle Keys While Shackle effects can be quite dangerous (especially when combined with ground effects from other enemies which you cannot dodge while Shackled), the high opportunity cost of the Ravenous Anima Cell Icon Ravenous Anima Cell would be best spent elsewhere, if possible.
Mawsworn Guard / Mawsworn Sentry Warden's Authority Icon Warden's Authority You can open the cages opened by this power manually, causing it to be mostly useless.
Skeletal Remains Skeletal Ward Icon Skeletal Ward The summoned ally is way too weak to be of much use and can pull unwanted enemies, so avoid getting this power.
Coldheart enemies in the Coldheart Interstitia Cell Blocks Dark Armaments Icon Dark Armaments While this is a great power for trash and certain bosses that spawn minions, it can also be useless when you need the most help on some of the hardest final bosses that have no minions, so take it at your own risk.
Deadsoul enemies in Mort'regar Purifier's Flame Icon Purifier's Flame Bosses do not cause the pools absorbed by this effect, and you should generally be able to simply move out of them while progressing through the floors, making this power not worth taking in most situations.
Mawrats Maw Seeker Harness Icon Maw Seeker Harness Using this item allows you to turn into a Mawrat, increasing your speed by 100%. Taking or dealing any damage removes the buff, but you can reuse it after leaving combat. Due to its lack of combat effectiveness, this power is not recommended.
Mawrat Harness

There are a few more powers related to non-Torghast native enemies that you might find fighting the forces of the Jailer, but they are low impact, and can safely be ignored.

Out of the listed powers, we recommend saving your Cell for Marrow Scooper Icon Marrow Scooper if you can get it early on in your run or Pocketed Soulcage Icon Pocketed Soulcage, otherwise, as the primary stat boost is always useful but extra Phantasma needs a lot of time to develop into a significant advantage.

Flamestarved Cinders Icon Flamestarved Cinders can be situationally amazing if The Soulforges are your final 6 floors, but otherwise, there is little fire damage happening on most other Cell Blocks.


Twisting Corridors Bosses

While bosses are a super important part of Twisting Corridors, especially the final one which is by far the hardest challenge in the full run, they are shared with the Cell Block boss pool and use the same abilities.

Gherus the Chained

Learn more about the bosses of Torghast on our specialized guide below:



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