Legend in the Making — a Hearthstone Guide to Reach Legend

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Beyond the numbered ranks of Hearthstone lies Legend. A rank reserved for the top .25% of players in the game, many newer players believe that the climb to Legend ends at the top of an impossibly tall mountain. Regardless of your current rank or skill level, I am of the opinion that anyone can climb the mountain to Legend if they are equipped with the right tools.

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Outline of Our 4-part Guide to Reaching Legend

You will not find any shortcuts here, the primary goal of the Legend in the Making series of articles is to change your fundamental approach to the game of Hearthstone. I set out to do this by teaching incrementally more and more complex card game skills which will separate you from your opponents on the ladder, as well as by touching on the learning skills which will enable you to rapidly improve at all competitive pursuits. If having a proper framework for making difficult in-game decisions is what will enable you to climb the ladder, a healthy competitive mindset and the ability to learn from your mistakes is what will allow you to climb it quickly. Throughout the entire series I will be referencing an incredible book, The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin, as our guide for conquering the mental component of competitive Hearthstone.

Each part of this series discusses a different set of skills for vanquishing a stretch of the ladder. The ranks associated with each part of the guide are not intended to be jump-off points for you to begin reading the series, but as guidelines for where the concepts can take you on the ladder. I highly recommend beginning with part one and reading the series in order as some of the juiciest tips for rapid improvement at Hearthstone come in the first two parts of the series. Each article builds upon the ideas of the previous one, so you might be a bit confused if you choose to jump in the middle.


Part One

Part One covers what I believe to be the most critical of all card game skills, a decades old concept from Magic: The Gathering known as who's the beatdown? (or knowing your role). Though part one is intended to guide you past Rank 15, many of my readers were able to combine their previous experience with the concept of knowing your role to reach Legend after part one alone. For those who still have a long way to go on their climb, I also discuss the incredible importance of analyzing replays and embracing your mistakes as a method to dramatically increase your rate of learning and improvement.


Part Two

Part Two aims to increase the total amount of data available to us for making smart decisions. By learning how to have a plan, we can learn how to look to the past, present, and future of our current game to fold as much information as possible into our decision making process. If having a plan is a framework for making smart decisions when games are close, then playing to outs is the framework for making decisions when one player is winning by a wide margin. Through these two concepts, part two should be able to guide you to Rank 10 and beyond.


Part Three

Part Three introduces line up theory, or a way to view the game of Hearthstone through the lense of specific threats and specific answers. Many hands, games, and matchups are best understood through line up theory. Part three also covers mulligans, an often undervalued aspect of the game which is far more important and complex than many players realize. Mastering these two skills should be able to give you the edges you will need to reach Rank 5.


Part Four

Part Four wraps up the series by focusing on the out-of-game decisions we can make to optimize our climb from Rank 5 to Legend. Players with the skill to reach Rank 5 almost certainly have the skills and knowledge they need to reach Legend, but this does not necessarily mean they have the mental tools to maintain their composure, focus on the task at hand, and put together everything they have learned. As a last method for gaining a small edge over our highly skilled opponents, I discuss the art of reading opponents as a method for gaining information about the content of their hands.



It takes time, effort, and determination to reach Hearthstone’s highest rank, but I have no doubt in my mind that anyone reading these words has the ability to reach Legend. I have already received countless messages from people who were able to reach Legend for the first time after reading this series. I look forward to receiving one from you soon.



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