Battle for Azeroth Tools of the Trade (BfA 8.1.5)

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Tools of the Trade questlines were added in Patch 8.1.5 and can be completed to earn a unique item for each of the crafting professions in World of Warcraft. These items have unique effects and provide crafters with a new quest chain and recipe to craft each profession's newest item!

The Tools of the Trade quests are available from profession trainers once you have 150 skill points in the profession that matches the trainer.


Alchemy — Silas' Sphere of Transmutation

The Alchemists' Tools of the Trade quest allows for alchemists to create the Silas' Sphere of Transmutation Icon Silas' Sphere of Transmutation, which can turn into one of four items randomly that each have a unique effect. This item also allows for lootable Boiling Cauldrons, which can reward random flasks or even a cauldron.



The materials for the Alchemy item are as follows:


Blacksmithing — Khaz'gorian Smithing Hammer

The Blacksmithing Tools of the Trade quest allows for blacksmiths to create the Khaz'gorian Smithing Hammer Icon Khaz'gorian Smithing Hammer, which can repair one piece of equipment instantly. This item also allows for the Indestructible tertiary stat to appear randomly on craftable items made by the blacksmith.



The materials for the Blacksmithing item are as follows:

  • Titan's Blood Icon Titan's Blood x30 — These are found from the Infused Crag in Silithus, along with a drop chance from the elite rock mobs found during the Azerite Madness World Quest.
  • Expulsom Icon Expulsom x10
  • Storm Silver Ore Icon Storm Silver Ore x25
  • Platinum Ore Icon Platinum Ore x10
  • Azerokk's Fist Icon Azerokk's Fist — This is found from Azerokk in THE MOTHERLODE on any difficulty with 100% drop rate.
  • Precision Blessing Tools Icon Precision Blessing Tools — This drops from the Tidesage Council in the Shrine of the Storms dungeon on any difficulty, with 100% drop rate.

Enchanting — Iwen's Enchanting Rod

The Enchanting Tools of the Trade quest allows for enchanters to create the Iwen's Enchanting Rod Icon Iwen's Enchanting Rod, which can gain extra resources while disenchanting, and they can spend 1 Veiled Crystal Icon Veiled Crystal to reanimate some inert golems found in the world, although this is largely a waste of resources at the moment.



The materials for the Enchanting item are as follows:


Engineering — Ub3r-Spanner

The Engineering Tools of the Trade quest allows for engineers to create the Ub3r-Spanner Icon Ub3r-Spanner, which can summon one of three random allies to fight for you with a 15 minute cooldown.

  • Ub3r-Improved Target Dummy — This is a tank guardian.
  • Ub3r S3ntry Mk. X8.0 — This is a DPS guardian.
  • Short-Fused Bomb Bot — This is a quick DPS burst.


The materials for the Engineering item are as follows:


Inscription — Sanguine Feather Quill of Lana'thel

The Inscription Tools of the Trade quest allows for scribes to create the Sanguine Feather Quill of Lana'thel Icon Sanguine Feather Quill of Lana'thel, which can siphon dead bodies for an efficient heal and allows for the creation of Blood Contracts.



The materials for the Inscription item are as follows:


Jewelcrafting — Jewelhammer's Focus

The Jewelcrafting Tools of the Trade quest allows for jewelcrafters to create the Jewelhammer's Focus Icon Jewelhammer's Focus, which can unsocket gems from gear without destroying them and allows for the mining of gems in special nodes.



The materials for the Jewelcrafting item are as follows:


Leatherworking — Mallet of Thunderous Skins

The Leatherworking Tools of the Trade quest allows for leatherworkers to create the Mallet of Thunderous Skins Icon Mallet of Thunderous Skins, which can grant a slightly worse version of Bloodlust, Heroism, or Time Warp by granting 25% Haste for 40 seconds, with a 60 minute cooldown.



The materials for the Leatherworking item are as follows:


Tailoring — Synchronous Thread

The Tailoring Tools of the Trade quest allows for tailors to create the Synchronous Thread Icon Synchronous Thread, which can allow the tailor to resurrect while outdoors, grants access to Chronal Cache of Cloth Icon Chronal Cache of Cloth, and rarely access to the Time Lost Trader, who will trade Embroidered Deep Sea Satin Icon Embroidered Deep Sea Satin for various tailoring patterns of past expansions.



The materials for the Tailoring item are as follows:



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