Ra-den the Despoiled Loot in Ny'alotha (BfA 8.3)

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This page contains a full list of all of the loot that can be obtained from Ra-den the Despoiled in Ny'alotha.


Ny'alotha Loot

To view the full loot tables for the Ny'alotha raid, take a look at our full loot page below.



Ra-den is one of five bosses that drop the Encrypted Ny'alothan Text Icon Encrypted Ny'alothan Text, which is required to obtain and upgrade the essence from the Ny'alotha raid. The other bosses are N'Zoth the Corruptor, Prophet Skitra, Vexiona, and Il'gynoth, Corruption Reborn.

You can read more about it on our Essences page below.


Loot From Ra-den the Despoiled

Item Type
Encrypted Ny'alothan Text Icon Encrypted Ny'alothan Text XXX
Unguent Caress Icon Unguent Caress Fist Weapon
Shandai, Watcher of Cosmos Icon Shandai, Watcher of Cosmos Staff
Robe of the Fallen Keeper Icon Robe of the Fallen Keeper Cloth Chest
Boots of Wrought Shadow Icon Boots of Wrought Shadow Cloth Feet
Gibbering Maw Icon Gibbering Maw Leather Head
Dreamer's Unblinking Pauldrons Icon Dreamer's Unblinking Pauldrons Mail Shoulders
Carapace of Pulsing Vita Icon Carapace of Pulsing Vita Plate Chest
Reality-Defying Greaves Icon Reality-Defying Greaves Plate Legs
Vita-Charged Titanshard Icon Vita-Charged Titanshard Trinket
Void-Twisted Titanshard Icon Void-Twisted Titanshard Trinket


Ra-den drops one of the pets from Ny'alotha, the Void-Scarred Anubisath Icon Void-Scarred Anubisath, which can be seen in the image below on the far right.



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