Feral Druid PvP Best Arena Compositions (Dragonflight 10.2.7)

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Team composition in 2v2 or 3v3 Arena is very important, because not all classes work well together. Here, we give you the best compositions you can have for your Feral Druid (i.e., the best classes to pair with it).

This page is part of our Feral Druid PvP Guide.


2v2 Arena

In 2v2 Arena, you have a few options. Your primary goal is to force multiple defensive cooldowns without using Incarnation: Avatar of Ashamane Icon Incarnation: Avatar of Ashamane. You need to be swapping from player to player and maintaining multiple bleeds on them. When you finally force multiple cooldowns or trinket, you can use your burst rotation.

Here is a list of the best team compositions for 2v2:


3v3 Arena

Your role in 3v3 is similar to 2v2 Arena. Your teammate can use their burst rotation whenever they want, but you should save Incarnation: Avatar of Ashamane Icon Incarnation: Avatar of Ashamane for when your team has forced multiple defensives. Keep swapping between targets to maintain your bleeds on them. If a team tries to swap to you, make sure to use Bear Form Icon Bear Form and kite away from players using their burst rotation. It is important to note that your Skull Bash Icon Skull Bash ability has a 13-yard range. This means you do not have to be in melee range to use it, and it is also additional mobility.

Here is a list of the best team compositions for 3v3:



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