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General Information

On this page, you will find the best gear and best in slot items for your Feral Druid in World of Warcraft Shadowlands 9.2.5.

If you were looking for TBC Classic content, please refer to our TBC Classic Feral DPS Druid gear and best in slot.


Gearing a Feral Druid

Welcome to our Gearing Page for Feral Druid, this section will cover everything you need to know about equipping your character.

You can find information on what to enchant on any new piece of gear you acquire on our dedicated page below.


The Importance of "Simming Yourself" as a Feral Druid

At this stage in the game, there are so many variables and so many layers of optimization that you can apply to your character, that there is no way for a guide or anything else to tell you exactly what gear you should wear. This is why we always recommend simulating your own character using Raidbots. The website can help you choose set bonuses, Covenant choices, trinkets and combinations thereof in a way that is tailored completely to your specific character. Learning to use this tool is essential to maximizing your potential, as there is simply no other way to take all the variables into account.



The Droptimizer feature from Raidbots lets you identify which dungeons and Raid Bosses you should spend your Bonus Rolls on. It simulates all of the potential upgrades in a raid or a dungeon, and lists the bosses/dungeons by rank order of how much DPS you can expect to gain from bonus rolling on it. We have a guide for it that you can access using the link below.


General Simulations

While we heavily recommend simming yourself, you can find some of our general simulations on the dedicated page below.


Legendaries for Feral Druid

Feral has two strong options for different situations, and your selection is largely defined by the damage profile you are looking for:

Note that in Season 4, Legendaries are still stuck at item-level 291 and are not getting a new upgrade. Because of this, the old rule of crafting the piece on the highest stat budget has changed slightly, and instead should be put on the lowest (e.g. Cloak, Bracer etc.) if possible.

If you want a more detailed explanation of each individual Legendary and also more options for different scenarios, you can look at our dedicated page linked here:


Conduits for Feral Druid


Best Potency Conduits for Feral Druid

  1. Conflux of Elements Icon Conflux of Elements
  2. Carnivorous Instinct Icon Carnivorous Instinct
  3. Taste for Blood Icon Taste for Blood

These are almost never changed and stay locked in for most content types.


Best Endurance Conduits for Feral Druid

  1. Well-Honed Instincts Icon Well-Honed Instincts
  2. Condensed Anima Sphere Icon Condensed Anima Sphere
  3. Tough as Bark Icon Tough as Bark

For more details regarding each individual Conduit, you can look at our dedicated Covenant, Soulbind and Conduits page linked below:


Trinket Notes for Feral Druid

Due to how strong trinkets can sometimes be, and that they are not always easily accessible from Mythic+, raiding, and PvP sources, we always recommend using Raidbots' Top Gear to determine what your optimal trinkets are.

Bloodmallet.com also provides rankings for Shadowlands trinkets to give a general overview of relative power levels, and things to look out for:

For the complete simulation results, check out Bloodmallet.com


In many cases players often think too much about the specific distribution of secondary stats, when the most important rule tends to be that more stats is better than less. Especially going into Shadowlands with Agility rising to a high priority, this puts more of a focus on item level. This is not a hard rule but will often serve you well when evaluating gear so keep it in mind. For more specific information on stats though you can check our dedicated page below.


Tier 28 Set Bonus

Patch 9.2 adds in two-piece and four-piece set bonuses available for all specializations, granting effects built around class mechanics when equipped. The Feral effects are as follows:

This can be obtained from bosses within Sepulcher of the First Ones boss drops and The Great Vault. First and foremost you should aim to activate the four-piece bonus, but the weakest piece is the Chest, so if you have the choice this is the one to drop. You can find more details on our Rotation page covering the impact of the bonuses for Feral:


Creation Catalyst

These pieces can also be accessed outside of the regular drop sources through the new Creation Catalyst system. This allows you to use resources gathered on Zereth Mortis to convert items that share slots with Tier pieces into a Tier piece, enabling the set bonus requirements, and this system is still active in Season 4.

In Season 4 it is absolutely still worth maintaining this bonus, so using the Catalyst to create higher item level pieces is recommended.


Domination Shards

Season 4 has completely disabled Domination Shards in all content, and removed Domination sockets from any gear pieces that had them on previously.


This is a recommended set of gear available exclusively from the active Mythic+ Dungeons in Season 4. This is not a definitive best to equip, and moreso the best pieces in each given slot that can be adjusted around depending on your currently equipped gear. Trinkets are not listed, as they are covered in the dedicated section above.

Note: Due to the large number of similar loot pieces present within them, Grimrail Depot and Iron Docks are currently excluded from this table until more is known about the Season 4 loot table.

Slot Item Source
Helm Rakishly Tipped Tricorne Icon Rakishly Tipped Tricorne Tazavesh: So'Leah's Gambit
Neck Choker of Barbed Reins Icon Choker of Barbed Reins Lower Karazhan
Shoulder Breakbeat Shoulderguards Icon Breakbeat Shoulderguards Tazavesh: Streets of Wonder
Cloak Wine-Stained Mantle Icon Wine-Stained Mantle Upper Karazhan
Chest So'azmi's Fractal Vest Icon So'azmi's Fractal Vest Tazavesh: Streets of Wonder
Wrists Bracers of Autonomous Classification Icon Bracers of Autonomous Classification Tazavesh: Streets of Wonder
Gloves Self-Sanitizing Handwraps Icon Self-Sanitizing Handwraps Operation: Mechagon - Workshop
Belt Mekgineer's Championship Belt Icon Mekgineer's Championship Belt Operation: Mechagon - Workshop
Legs Greaves of Miraculous Magnificence Icon Greaves of Miraculous Magnificence Lower Karazhan
Boots Calliard's Galoshes Icon Calliard's Galoshes Lower Karazhan
Ring #1 Logic Loop of Division Icon Logic Loop of Division Operation: Mechagon - Junkyard
Ring #2 Overclocking Bit Band Icon Overclocking Bit Band Operation: Mechagon - Workshop
Weapons Reclaimed Shock Coil Icon Reclaimed Shock Coil Operation: Mechagon - Junkyard
Alternative Spire of Expurgation Icon Spire of Expurgation Tazavesh: So'Leah's Gambit

As part of Shadowlands Season 4, all three raids of the expansion — Castle Nathria, Sanctum of Domination, and Sepulcher of the First Ones — will be dropping higher item level gear and be brought up accordingly in their tuning. However, only one of these "Fated Raids" will be active per week. Because of this, there are multiple tables featuring gear from each raid that you may wish to seek out — simply select the button for the current week's raid. Remember, however, that these are general recommendations. It is highly likely that any piece featuring a higher item level than your current gear will remain an upgrade for your character, and you should consider simulating your character using Raidbots when optimizing for offense.

It should also be noted that the Creation Catalyst in Zereth Mortis is still available with all of its accumulated charges. This will be very useful as a way to upgrade your Tier Set, given that the individual tokens will still only be dropping from bosses in Sepulcher of the First Ones. You should always aim to maintain the 4-piece bonus at all times no matter what gear setup you are using, so using this system is a perfect way to keep it active with your new gear!

Finally, be aware that items from Sanctum of Domination no longer feature Domination Sockets for use with Shards of Domination, so their relative value is purely based on stats.

Recommended Raid Gear Table
Combined Castle Nathria Sanctum of Domination Sepulcher of the First Ones
Slot Item Boss
Neck Beacon of Stormwind Icon Beacon of Stormwind Anduin Wrynn
Shoulders Shoulderpads of the Fixed Stars Icon Shoulderpads of the Fixed Stars Lords of Dread
Cloak Cloak of Scarred Honor Icon Cloak of Scarred Honor Soulrender Dormazain
Wrists Clasps of the Unfortunate Troubadour Icon Clasps of the Unfortunate Troubadour The Tarragrue
Belt Runecarver's Twisted Ward Icon Runecarver's Twisted Ward The Jailer
Boots Treads of Titanic Curiosity Icon Treads of Titanic Curiosity Rygelon (Creation Catalyst)
Ring 1 Rygelon's Heraldric Ring Icon Rygelon's Heraldric Ring Rygelon
Ring 2 Tarnished Insignia of Quel'Thalas Icon Tarnished Insignia of Quel'Thalas Sylvanas Windrunner
Weapon (General) Zovastrum, the Unmaking Icon Zovastrum, the Unmaking The Jailer
Weapons (Burst) Jotungeirr, Destiny's Call Icon Jotungeirr, Destiny's Call The Nine

Puzzling Cartel Dinar Purchases

As part of Fated Raids in Season 4 of Shadowlands, you will have the opportunity to acquire up to three Puzzling Cartel Dinar Icon Puzzling Cartel Dinars. With these special coins, you can purchase weapons or trinkets from any of the raids for one Dinar each. These take multiple weeks to acquire, so your exact purchases may vary depending on what loot you are able to naturally obtain while progressing the quest toward each Dinar. The following is a list of items to look out for with this system.

  • Zovastrum, the Unmaking Icon Zovastrum, the Unmaking — provides a max item-level weapon and is also one of the more difficult items to obtain due to being sourced from The Jailer, who has a large loot table.
  • The First Sigil Icon The First Sigil — while this is a trinket anyone can loot, the power of this trinket has been proven after Sepulcher of the First Ones, and having a huge surge of power with our burst window is extremely valuable so is worth considering for the upgrade.
  • Decanter of Endless Howling Icon Decanter of Endless Howling — not exactly exciting but is a passive boost that can pair with on-use trinkets if needed and provides a large Agility boost when active, working well with Sigil.
  • Titanic Ocular Gland Icon Titanic Ocular Gland — the strongest stat stick available, and you generally want to pair something passive with an on-use option in most situations.
  • Gavel of the First Arbiter Icon Gavel of the First Arbiter — this is questionable because it is technically purchasable for Feral. While this is a Strength weapon, the on-use is so powerful that it is worth considering because you cannot loot it yourself. This also requires weapon swap macros which may be fixed at any time, so do not buy this early.

If you would like to learn more about acquiring Puzzling Cartel Dinar Icon Puzzling Cartel Dinars or how to further upgrade gear from Fated Raids, please see our overview of this new system below.


Unique Season 4 Items

Season 4 does open up a few previous items and combinations that have been desirable in the past that are worth looking at. Also, Legion Timewalking is going to be available briefly as well with some powerful items contained within that are worth grabbing for the item level upgrade:

  • Logic Loops and Bit Bands — in a situation where both Ring slots are available to us, this provides free Haste when combining either Recursion or Division with the Overclocking Bit Band. These come as two separate items that work together from the Lower and Upper Mechagon dungeons, and are worth considering.
  • Jeweled Signet of Melandrus Icon Jeweled Signet of Melandrus — this comes from Court of Stars that is only active during Legion Timewalking. Due to the high auto-attack speed of Feral this is a useful pickup if you do not use a pairing of Mechagon rings.


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