Ingra Maloch Normal Encounter Journal

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Welcome to the Normal difficulty Encounter Journal for Ingra Maloch in Mists of Tirna Scithe.


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At the start of the encounter, Ingra Maloch uses Soul Shackle Icon Soul Shackle to take control of Droman Oulfarran, and players must endure both of their attacks.

When Oulfarran reaches 20% health, they break free and strike back at Maloch with Droman's Wrath Icon Droman's Wrath.

Damage Dealers

Stage 1: Foul Magic

Maloch's drust magic controls Oulfarran, making them hostile to players.

Soul Shackle Icon Soul Shackle

Maloch uses drust magic to take control of Oulfarran's mind, forcing them to attack players while above 20% health.

Force Compliance Icon Force Compliance

Maloch periodically forces Oulfarran to cast Tears of the Forest Icon Tears of the Forest.

Spirit Bolt Icon Spirit Bolt

Maloch fires a bolt of deathly energy that inflicts 3,651 Shadow damage.

Embrace Darkness Icon Embrace Darkness

Maloch shrouds himself in dark energy, applying Death Shroud to all players and reducing all damage he takes by 80%.

Oulfarran can remove this effect with Droman's Wrath Icon Droman's Wrath.

Death Shroud Icon Death Shroud

Inflicts 442 Shadow damage to all players every 1 sec while Maloch is protected by Embrace Darkness.

Droman Oulfarran
Bewildering Pollen Icon Bewildering Pollen

Oulfarran expels a cone of enchanted pollen that inflicts 5,311 Nature damage and disorients players for 4 sec.

Tears of the Forest Icon Tears of the Forest

Anima bursts from Oulfarran's bark and rains down around players. Each glob of anima inflicts 3,540 Nature damage to players within 3 yds and leaves behind an Anima Puddle.

Anima Puddle Icon Anima Puddle

Inflicts 1,106 Nature damage every 1 sec to players standing in the puddle.


Stage 2: Wrath of the Forest

At 20% health, Oulfarran breaks free of Maloch's control and assists players in battle.

Droman Oulfarran
Droman's Wrath Icon Droman's Wrath

Oulfarran overwhelms Maloch with the fury of the forest, stunning him and increasing all damage he takes by 200% for 12 sec.

This removes the effects of Embrace Darkness and Death Shroud.