Mission Table Advancements Guide in Battle for Azeroth (BfA 8.1.5)

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Greetings! Welcome to the Battle for Azeroth Mission Table Advancements guide where we will guide you through the options and our recommendations on your mission table advancement to enhance your playing experience in Kul Tiras and Zandalar!



Advancements will work through a research process that consumes War Resources Icon War Resources and then takes some time to complete. War Resources can be acquired through numerous means including rare enemies, quest rewards, and random treasures. Be sure to acquire them as often as possible, because they will fuel your mission table capabilities and enable your mission table advancement without delays! Because of the time gating process, it is advised to begin this advancement research process as soon as possible which is Level 114. It is to note that you are not permanently locked into these traits as any of them can be changed after the initial completion of each tier. However, while changing to your new trait, you will not have any traits active from that tier until your research is complete. While the first tier is only a four hour wait, the rest of the tiers involve a 24 hour wait, so be careful when choosing your trait so that you do not waste time waiting!


Unlock Tiers and Research Costs

Tier Unlock Research Cost Choices
  • No Level Requirement
  • No Level Requirement
  • 3 Champions
  • 5 Champions
  • 3 Warfront victories against 2 unique commanders

Tier 1 Mission Table Advancements

The first tier unlocks immediately. Researching it costs 15 War Resources Icon War Resources and takes 4 hours. Both options enhance your movement across Kul Tiras and Zandalar in different ways.

Our recommendation: Swift Landing because of the frequent use of flight paths to travel around without player flight capabilities. This also conveniently aligns with your Flight Master's Whistle Icon Flight Master's Whistle cooldown to make sure your mounted speed is always buffed by 20%! Using your Hearthstone more frequently than thirty minutes will not be an issue while leveling. At max level, using Seafarer's Hearth may be strategically used to move around while doing world quests.


Tier 2 Mission Table Advancements

The second tier unlocks after acquiring 3 mission table champions which is possible as soon as you complete two of three footholds in enemy territory. In addition, researching this advancement costs 100 War Resources Icon War Resources and takes 24 hours to complete. Both of the options enhance your mission completion capabilities by enhancing the recruitment potential of your troops:

Our recommendation: Upgraded Troop Barracks IconUpgraded Troop Barracks because increasing your troop capacity by two will enable for more combinations of counters, which will increase mission success and allow for an increased number of missions able to be completed simultaneously. Most missions take long enough to allow for the thirty minute per troop recruitment period to be a non-issue.


Tier 3 Mission Table Advancements

The third tier unlocks after reaching Level 120 and completing 5 different Island Expeditions. Unlocking this will require two separate weeks of Island Expeditions as only three are available on any given week. Researching it costs 150 War Resources Icon War Resources and takes 24 hours to complete. The options enhance your Island Expedition experience:

Our recommendation: Island Plunderer IconIsland Plunderer as Seafarer's Dubloon Icon Seafarer's Dubloons have use within Island Expeditions on consumable items that will greatly increase your capabilities within Island Expeditions. Since Island Expeditions are the most optimal way to earn Azerite, these tokens will be the more beneficial perk. Increasing shrine duration may not even be useful if you pick a shrine that has no benefit to your class while the Seafarer Dubloons will almost always be useful.


Tier 4 Mission Table Advancements

The fourth tier unlocks after you obtain five mission table Champions which is possible after completing your War Effort and the achievement Ready for War Icon Ready for War (Alliance) / Ready for War Icon Ready for War (Horde). Researching it costs 200 War Resources Icon War Resources and takes twenty four hours to complete. These options enhance your Azerite Icon Azerite gathering potential or enhance your movement capabilities with an enhanced Flight Master's Whistle Icon Flight Master's Whistle:

  • Local Transportation IconLocal Transportation — upgrades your Flight Master's Whistle to become a quick travel option back to your faction's capital city when used near a flight path;
  • World Azerite Detector IconWorld Azerite Detector — grants a chance to gather additional Azerite when completing a world quest.

Our recommendation: World Azerite Detector IconWorld Azerite Detector because more Azerite rocks! Pun aside, this option has a direct impact on your character's power growth potential while Local Transportation IconLocal Transportation functions as a sort of Hearthstone option that really is not needed.


Tier 5 Mission Table Advancements

The fifth tier unlocks after you obtain two Warfront victories against two unique enemy commanders. Researching it costs 250 War Resources Icon War Resources and takes 24 hours to complete. Both of the options enhance your capabilities while fighting in Warfronts.

Our recommendation: Warfront Resourcer IconWarfront Resourcer enhances your capabilities of advancing your faction's Warfront effort by gathering and turning in resources quicker. The Warfront General option is, hopefully, taken by some of your faction teammates as this is also useful. However, it is our belief that most players will want to partake in combat instead of gathering resources, so our recommendation is to take Warfront Resourcer and collect resources within a Warfront.


Tier 6 Mission Table Advancements

This tier is the final tier of the mission table advancement and has only one option, different for each faction: Alliance Ambassador IconAlliance Ambassador or Horde Ambassador IconHorde Ambassador, which grants additional War Resources Icon War Resources fromemissary quests.

This tier unlocks after you complete the Azerothian Diplomat Icon Azerothian Diplomat achievement, which requires to have all six Battle for Azeroth reputations available to you at the revered level. This research also consumes 500 War Resources Icon War Resources and takes twenty four hours of research time to complete. This enhancement tier will award 50 War Resources for each emissary quest completed which will further aid your mission table missions and Warfront contributions capabilities.



  • 04 Dec. 2018: Checked guide to make sure it is up to date for Patch 8.1.
  • 14 Oct. 2018: Added information in regards to quantity of War Resources awarded from emissary quests.
  • 16 Sep. 2018: Corrected information about the Tier 4 and Tier 5 requirements after hotfixes were made.
  • 26 Aug. 2018: Added information about when to expect each tier to unlock as well as correcting the requirements for each tier's unlocking pre-requisites.
  • 08 Aug. 2018: Mission Table Advancements guide added.
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