Mission Table Champions Guide in Battle for Azeroth (BfA 8.3)

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Welcome to our BfA Champions and Troops Mission Table guide, where we will explore the Alliance and Horde faction mission table champions, as well as the supplemental troops that will aid the champions in completing missions!



For each faction, there are 5 champions, all of which are required to progress your mission table traits and complete the achievements required for Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part One Icon Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part One, which will enable flying in a later content patch. Progressing on this mission table is a key contributor to your character progression.

All Champions will begin with Uncommon quality and will grow with experience earned by completing missions. Champions will be able to use champion equipment which will either slightly increase mission capabilities or increase your acquisition rate of profession materials such as ore, cloth, enchanting dust, ink, fish, and herbs!

As of Patch 8.1, followers can all obtain Legendary status by earning 30,000 experience points which either adds an additional equipment slot or, in the case of a champion having two equipment slots already, a new ability. 30,000 experience points will take a long period of time to obtain, so be sure to run your missions non-stop with the aid of the WoW Companion phone application!


Mission Mechanics

Mission table mechanics are very similar to how they were in previous expansions where your champions have a primary counter ability with some support abilities. Missions will almost always require a primary ability counter needed in order for you to have any chance of completing the mission with at least 100% chance. Your champions will have a primary counter ability that will need to align with the mission in order to give you the greatest odds of success. Missions will also usually have some other counters available that can be met with other champions or troops. For example, a mission with mounted troops can be countered with troops that counter mounted troops to add more completion percentage bonus. Your primary goal is to counter as many abilities of the mission as possible to get to at least 100% success chance.

You can increase your success chance all the way to 200% with optimal counters on some missions. Increasing your success chance above 100% starts a percent chance bonus tracker that starts at 0% and goes up to 100% which indicates the odds that you can acquire the bonus loot listed. This loot is often even better than the primary loot, so maximizing your counters to achieve the highest bonus odds percentage will often make your mission table efforts even more fruitful!


Alliance Champions


Falstad Wildhammer

Falstad Wildhammer is your first Alliance follower and comes with abilities that increase success chance against mounted troops, increased chance when troops accompany Falstad on missions, and has the potential to wear one piece of follower equipment:


Magister Umbric

Magister Umbric is acquired by successfully establishing a foothold in Vol'dun. Magister Umbric increases mission success by a small amount while reducing mission duration and can equip one piece of champion follower:


Kelsey Steelspark

Kelsey Steelspark is acquired by successfully establishing a foothold in Zulduzar. Kelsey Steelspark has the ability to increase success chance of bonus loot as an innate ability. Since this is her only ability, she can wear two pieces of champion equipment:


John J. Keeshan

John J. Keeshan is acquired by successfully establishing a foothold in Nazmir. John J. Keeshan comes with the ability to increase success chance against ranged troops and melee troops by 30% while wearing one piece of champion equipment:


Shandris Feathermoon

Shandris Feathermoon is acquired during the final phase of the Alliance War Campaign. Shandris has the ability to recover troops that would have otherwise died with one point of vitality while also increasing success chance against ranged troops. Shandris can also equip one piece of champion equipment:



To summarize the Alliance Champions' capabilities, we see:

  • 2 Operatives;
  • 2 Combat Specialists;
  • 1 Expert Technician.

Magister Umbric is unique with mission duration reduction and a flat success increase in all mission types. There is only one mounted troop counter, two ranged troop counters, and only one melee troop counter. Kelsey is unique in that she increases the chance of bonus loot by a flat 30%, which will be useful before the potential to guarantee 200% success chance.


Horde Champions


Arcanist Valtrois

Arcanist Valtrois is your first Horde follower and comes with abilities that increase success chance against melee troops, increased chance when troops accompany Valtrois on missions, and has the potential to wear one piece of follower equipment:


Shadow Hunter Ty'jin

Shadow Hunter Ty'jin is acquired by successfully establishing a foothold in Tiragarde Sound. Shadow Hunter Ty'jin has a chance on mission success to recover a troop that would have otherwise expired to one vitality, increases success chance of missions against mounted troops, and has the potential to wear one piece of champion equipment:


Hobart Grapplehammer

Hobart Grapplehammer is acquired by successfully establishing a foothold in Drustvar. Hobart increases mission success by 25%, but has a chance to cause one extra vitality loss to a random troop which, without Shadow Hunter Ty'jin's restorative proc, would kill the troop since the mission duration costs one point of vitality and troops only have two. Hobart has an opportunity to wear two pieces of champion equipment to make up for only having one ability:



Rexxar is acquired by successfully establishing a foothold in Stormsong Valley. Everyone's favorite Survival Hunter comes with an increased success chance against ranged troops and an increased success chance against mounted troops while having the ability to wear one piece of champion equipment:


Lilian Voss

Lilian Voss is acquired during the Strike on Boralus part of the Horde War Campaign. Lilian comes with the abilities to reduce mission time by 50%, increase success chance against melee troops by 20%, and wear one piece of champion equipment:

  • Soulsever Blade IconSoulsever Blade — increases success chance of allied melee troops by 20%;
  • Vanish IconVanish — reduces mission duration by 50%;
  • Operative IconOperative — Primary Combat Counter Ability.


To summarize the Horde Champions' capabilities, we see that there are:

  • 2 Combat Specialists;
  • 2 Operatives;
  • 1 Expert Technician.

Only Lilian reduces mission time. There are two mounted troop counters, two melee troop counters, and only one ranged troop counter. It will be advised to only send troops with one vitality with Hobart since he has a chance to cause two points of vitality damage anyways; otherwise, it will be advised to try to send Hobart only with other champions to avoid unnecessary troop deaths.


Leveling Champions

Leveling your champions is as easy as sending them out on missions as often as possible. The experience needed for each champion to become Epic is greatly reduced from previous expansion requirements and can be done in a matter of just ten days. Using the WoW Companion Android and iOS application can be a great aid to collect rewards and send out missions while taking a break at work or riding along in the car! Upgrading your champions will unlock more perks and equipment slots. You do not need to worry about which champions to level or deactivate as you did in the past because you can have all five champions active at all times in Battle for Azeroth!



Troops are recruited for 25 War Resources Icon War Resources and need 30 minutes to be able to be recruited once initiated. Troop recruitment can be done by clicking on the flag near your mission table and clicking one of the recruit buttons. Recruit will recruit a single troop while Recruit All will recruit as many troops as you have capacity. You can recruit up to 4 troops at any time with a perk available to increase this to 6. There are a lot of different troops you can get randomly, and all of them are listed below!


Alliance Troops


Horde Troops


Use of Troops

Using these troops in conjunction with the Champions will enable you to ensure 100% success on all missions. Using troops against troops they counter maximizes your success chance. Success chance past 100% goes into a second percentage, up to 200%, which enables you chances for bonus loot! By using the perfect Champion with perfect troop counters, missions will prove to be even more fruitful and advantageous towards growing your wealth, increasing reputation, and acquiring more loot! Note that troops have only two vitality, so they will usually only be good for two missions. Be sure to keep your stock of troops at the maximum so that you are always prepared to counter your missions successfully!


Champion Equipment

Champion equipment enables you to increase the potency of your mission table Champions. There are lots of options that enable your missions to bring back profession materials, boost mission success chances, and other options! This equipment is made by professions, and the list of what is available is below!

Patch 8.1 has added two new pieces of equipment. The first is available for 200 War Resources Icon War Resources from the 7th Legion and Honorbound vendors. This item is called the Monelite Whetstone Icon Monelite Whetstone and increases the success chance of missions with that follower by 5%. The second item is MUCH more impactful in that it removes the heavy penalty provided by Stealth Icon Stealth missions. This item can be crafted and sold by alchemists and is called the Vial of Obfuscation Icon Vial of Obfuscation.

As you can see, most of the champion equipment can be customized to improve your profession material acquisition rate. There are only three pieces that can boost your mission capacity, and all of them are rather lackluster with the increase in chance by 5%, increase in chance per troop by 10% (max of 20%), and a duration reduction of 20%. The real value is in the profession material equipment which can be used to either boost your material acquisition rate for your own professions or just a way to make extra gold! Early on, herbs tend to have the best value since they are fuel for potions and flasks which will be in high demand. Fish, Azerite, Ink, and Dust will also have a high value that will likely sustain for quite a while.


Mission Priority and Rewards!

The rewards for completing missions can be very valuable to progress your character's power and access to game content. Prioritizing reputation mission rewards will speed up your reputation acquisition rate with some missions offering 250 reputation with a 250 reputation bonus! This is particularly useful for Champions of Azeroth as this reputation is the slowest reputation to acquire through conventional means. After reputation missions, you should prioritize Azerite missions. It is not advisable to use War Resources for gold missions as the gold reward is extremely minor. Send your champions out on gold missions only if they are in need of experience. Reputation → Azerite → Gold.

It is almost guaranteed that followers, equipment, and troops will grow in power as the expansion progresses. This guide will be updated as new items are made available!



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