Battle for Azeroth Reputations Guide (BfA 8.2)

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Welcome to the BFA Reputations guide, where we will go over the reputations found across Kul Tiras and Zandalar, the rewards available for achieving higher reputation levels, where the reputation quartermasters can be found, and recommendations on which reputations to push for certain professions!


Reputation Requirements and Rewards

Reputations are a very important part of progressing your character in the Battle for Azeroth. Reputations unlock Allied Races when you complete exalted with either 7th Legion or The Honorbound along with the Ready for War Icon Ready for War (Alliance) / Ready for War Icon Ready for War (Horde) achievement. As in the past, reputations must be progressed in order to unlock Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part One Icon Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part One which will immediately grant you increased movement speed within Kul Tiras and Zandalar and eventually flying later in time. In order to unlock Pathfinder, you will need to progress reputations to revered for all three of your faction's zones, the Tortollan Seekers, and the Champions of Azeroth. Reputations also unlock numerous profession recipes and patterns at honored and revered, many toys and pets at honored and revered, and several mounts and tabards at exalted reputation.


Earning Reputation

Earning reputation in Kul Tiras and Zandalar can be done by almost any activity. You will passively unlock friendly reputation with each of your faction areas as you complete quests. At maximum level, World Quests will provide many opportunities to gain reputation in small amounts for each World Quest or one large amount per daily emissary. Warfronts will provide an opportunity to progress the 7th Legion and The Honorbound by means of Warfront contribution quests. Mission table rewards can grant tokens that boost your reputation level by a small amount. Despite this bonus being granted in small amounts, it can very quickly add up to a massive bonus to your most important factions, such as Champions of Azeroth. Even pet battles can grant reputation!

Almost all quests in a zone will award reputation for that zone's faction. Be sure to go back and do all of the side quests in a zone in order to maximize your reputation gains. More reputation means more and faster access to gear and other world content. Each day, you should prioritize doing all of the World Quests that you are able to do, especially the ones in on the opposite faction's island for 7th Legion or Honorbound reputation in order to unlock the ninth Mythic dungeon and all parts of the War Campaign. Maintaining your mission table and champions will also prove to be a fruitful method of reputation acquisition as your champions and troops work passively to acquire reputation rewards while you actively earn reputation through World Quests, island expeditions, and other means!

There are special ways to increase your reputation gains with the reputations found in Kul Tiras and Zandalar even quicker! There are a few special events that should be noted for those trying to boost their reputation levels as fast as possible.

  • The Darkmoon Faire provides a few perks including being able to ride the carousel and obtain the buff WHEE! Icon WHEE! which increases reputation gains by 10% for 1 hour.
  • Hallow's End provides an opportunity to obtain a buff that boosts reputation gains by 10% for 2 hours by acquiring the buffs Unburdened Icon Unburdened or Grim Visage Icon Grim Visage.
  • The Pilgrim Bounty event has the buff The Spirit of Sharing Icon The Spirit of Sharing which increases reputation gains by 10% for 1 hour.

If you were to turn in an emissary chest on a day where either the Darkmoon Faire buff was available or either of the buffs from the holiday events, your reputation reward would be boosted from 1,500 to 1,650! Stacking these events is even more beneficial!


Patch 8.2 Changes and Additions

With Patch 8.2, players will be introduced to 3 new reputations: Rustbolt Resistance, The Unshackled, and Waveblade Ankoan. Players can obtain reputation by completing quests in Mechagon for the Rustbolt Resistance and Nazjatar for The Unshackled/Waveblade Ankoan. While in Nazjatar, players can obtain Prismatic Pearls and purchase various items, such as Essences and Mounts, as they progress through their way to exalted.


Patch 8.1 Changes and Additions

Patch 8.1 has introduced new reputation items that can be purchased using Seafarer's Dubloon Icon Seafarer's Dubloons earned in Island Expeditions. These items can be purchased for 100 of the Seafarer's Dubloons and grant 250 of the reputation linked to the item purchased. This can be used as a great catchup mechanic for reputations needed for the primary reputations in Battle for Azeroth. The specific items can be found in each of our reputation guide pages.

Patch 8.1 added paragon reputation awards, similar to what was offered in Legion, except these caches will not contain mounts as rewards. Earning the paragon caches requires acquiring 10,000 reputation after hitting exalted. The rewards are 2,500 Azerite, 4,000+ gold, 20 Service Medals, and 500 War Resources Icon War Resources as well as the following toys and recipes:


Champions of Azeroth

Champions of Azeroth Supplies Icon Champions of Azeroth Supplies can contain the toy Azerite Firework Launcher Icon Azerite Firework Launcher


Tortollan Seekers

Tortollan Seekers Supplies Icon Tortollan Seekers Supplies can contain two toys, the Bowl of Glowing Pufferfish Icon Bowl of Glowing Pufferfish and the Kojo's Master Matching Set Icon Kojo's Master Matching Set, and the recipe for cooks to use Sanguicell in the Recipe: Sanguinated Feast Icon Recipe: Sanguinated Feast.


7th Legion

7th Legion Supplies Icon 7th Legion Supplies can contain one toy, the Rallying War Banner Icon Rallying War Banner, or the Inscription pattern for the 7th Legion, the Recipe: Contract: 7th Legion Icon Recipe: Contract: 7th Legion.


Order of Embers

Order of Embers Supplies Icon Order of Embers Supplies can contain one pet, the Cobalt Raven Hatchling Icon Cobalt Raven Hatchling, or the toy Bewitching Tea Set Icon Bewitching Tea Set.


Proudmoore Admiralty

Proudmoore Admiralty Supplies Icon Proudmoore Admiralty Supplies can contain the pet, the Albatross Feather Icon Albatross Feather, or the toy Proudmoore Music Box Icon Proudmoore Music Box.


Storm's Wake

Storm's Wake Supplies Icon Storm's Wake Supplies can contain the pet, the Violet Abyssal Eel Icon Violet Abyssal Eel, or the Inscription technique that allows Frost Mages to change the appearance of their water elemental in the Technique: Glyph of Storm's Wake Icon Technique: Glyph of Storm's Wake.



Honorbound Supplies Icon Honorbound Supplies can contain a toy, the Rallying War Banner Icon Rallying War Banner, or the Inscription recipe for reputation gains with the Honorbound in the Recipe: Contract: The Honorbound Icon Recipe: Contract: The Honorbound.


Talanji's Expedition

Talanji's Expedition Supplies Icon Talanji's Expedition Supplies can contain one pet, the Pair of Tiny Bat Wings Icon Pair of Tiny Bat Wings, or the toy For da Blood God! Icon For da Blood God!.



Voldunai Supplies Icon Voldunai Supplies can contain one of three toys in the Goldtusk Inn Breakfast Buffet Icon Goldtusk Inn Breakfast Buffet, Words of Akunda Icon Words of Akunda, or Meerah's Jukebox Icon Meerah's Jukebox.


Zandalari Empire

Zandalari Empire Supplies Icon Zandalari Empire Supplies can contain just one toy, the Warbeast Kraal Dinner Bell Icon Warbeast Kraal Dinner Bell.

See below for the guide links of what each quartermaster sells including a short summary above the table with desirable items such as profession recipes, toys, mounts, and pets.


Shared Faction Reputations


Alliance Factions


Horde Factions


Profession Summary

This section will summarize the profession patterns you may want to aim for based on what professions you or your guild may need early on to prepare for dungeons, raids, warfronts, island expeditions, and world PvP against the other faction!

Profession Pattern Alliance Faction Horde Faction
Alchemy Strength Potion 7th Legion The Honorbound
Alchemy Agility Potion Order of Embers Voldunai
Alchemy Intellect Potion Proudmoore Admiralty Talanji's Expedition
Alchemy Stamina Potion Storm's Wake Zandalari Empire
Alchemy Strength Flask Order of Embers Voldunai
Alchemy Agility Flask 7th Legion The Honorbound
Alchemy Intellect Flask Storm's Wake Zandalari Empire
Alchemy Stamina Flask Proudmoore Admiralty Talanji's Expedition
Enchanting Ring - Haste (Pact) Storm's Wake Zandalari Empire
Enchanting Ring - Crit (Pact) 7th Legion The Honorbound
Enchanting Ring - Crit (Seal) Tortollan Seekers Tortollan Seekers
Enchanting Ring - Mastery (Pact) Proudmoore Admiralty Talanji's Expedition
Enchanting Ring - Versatility (Pact) Order of Embers Voldunai
Enchanting Weapon - Masterful Navigation Proudmoore Admiralty Talanji's Expedition
Enchanting Weapon - Siphoning Proudmoore Admiralty Talanji's Expedition
Enchanting Weapon - Deadly Navigation Storm's Wake Zandalari Empire
Enchanting Weapon - Stalwart Navigation Storm's Wake Zandalari Empire
Enchanting Weapon - Gale-Force Striking Order of Embers Voldunai
Enchanting Weapon - Versatile Navigation Order of Embers Voldunai
Inscription Darkmoon Card of War Tortollan Seekers Tortollan Seekers
Tailoring 30 Slot Bag Order of Embers Voldunai
Engineering Haste Scope 7th Legion The Honorbound


Thank you for reading the Battle for Azeroth reputation guide! We hope that this helped you determine your optimal path of pushing your reputation levels up for profession recipe access, pets, toys, tabards, mounts, and some gear!



  • 08 Jun. 2019: Added various updates for Patch 8.2.
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  • 04 Dec. 2018: Added information about Island Expedition reputation items and paragon caches.
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