Protection Warrior Tank Mythic+ Tips — Dragonflight 10.2

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In this guide, you will find tips and advice to tackle Mythic+ dungeons with your Protection Warrior in World of Warcraft — Dragonflight 10.2.


Protection Warriors in Mythic+

Protection Warriors, while not the best in Mythic+ due to their stun-oriented utility, have very decent survivability and solid damage output when played correctly.

If you are unfamiliar with Mythic+ and its associated general mechanics, you can read more about it on our Dragonflight Mythic+ Season 3 page below.


Mythic+ Talents for Protection Warriors

Below, our sample Mythic+ tree will give you a good amount of survivability and offensive abilities. Refer to the Builds and Talents page for more information on particular talents and when to use them.

Standard Mythic+ Talent build Alternative Talent build for Mythic+

Standard Mythic+ Talents Protection Warrior

This build is the default Mythic+ build. It provides us with high Shield Block Icon Shield Block up-time, while also having access to multiple offensive cooldowns.

If you do not enjoy playing with Thunderlord Icon Thunderlord, just take the point from there and place it into Show of Force Icon Show of Force.


Alternative Talent build for Mythic+

This talent build is more focused on damage output. Just keep in mind that you do sacrifice Spell Block Icon Spell Block and Bloodsurge Icon Bloodsurge for 2 points in Bloodborne Icon Bloodborne. This will provide you harder-hitting bleeds that work together with Warrior Protection 10.2 Class Set 2pc Icon Warrior Protection 10.2 Class Set 2pc.

Be sure to make use of the 'Copy Export String' button to import the best build directly into your game!

If looking for something even more aggressive, or if your group already has plenty of stuns; you can drop the points in Endurance Training Icon Endurance Training and Shockwave Icon Shockwave to pick up Uproar Icon Uproar.


Races and What They Provide

There are many races in the game, and choosing between them can be daunting. In general, you should play whichever Race you like. They all have abilities that you will use in Mythic+ dungeons and other scenarios. I will be pointing out some of the more outstanding ones for Mythic+ below in no particular order.

  • HumanEvery Man for Himself Icon Every Man for Himself is an active ability that lets you remove stuns every 3 minutes. While there are not a lot of stuns in Mythic+ dungeons that are not avoidable it is still good to have in case of emergencies.
  • DwarfStoneform Icon Stoneform lets you remove various harmful effects from yourself and reduces your physical damage taken by 10% for 8 seconds every 2 minutes. This is extremely powerful in the right situation. For example, you can use this to remove Severing Blade Bleed from Kings Rest Spectral Berserkers or any of the other Poison/Disease/Magic/Curse debuffs you can find in dungeons. Dark iron Dwarves' Fireblood Icon Fireblood does roughly the same, with the only difference being that it provides you with 600 Strength on use and extra 200 Strength for each harmful effect you remove for 8 seconds.
  • Night ElfShadowmeld Icon Shadowmeld lets you turn invisible for as long as you stand still with a 2-minute cooldown. You can use this in dungeons to get out of combat with enemies. This truly becomes powerful if everyone in your group is a Night Elf or has stealth, and you can all use this to skip different packs.
  • Zandalari TrollEmbrace of the Loa Icon Embrace of the Loa lets you choose between different Loas that provide separate benefits. Embrace of Pa'ku Icon Embrace of Pa'ku is the best all-around choice, providing you with a chance to increase your critical strike.
  • Blood ElfArcane Torrent Icon Arcane Torrent removes 1 beneficial effect from all enemies near you and grants you a bit of Rage. Pretty much every dungeon has some sort of ability that can be purged, meaning that this will always be very useful.
  • TaurenWar Stomp Icon War Stomp lets you stun up to 5 enemies near you for 2 seconds every 1.5 minutes. While Warriors already have Shockwave Icon Shockwave, having a second AoE stun can be a lifesaver in dungeons if you need to create some distance between you and the enemies. This can also be used to interrupt casts if no other interrupts are available. Let's also mention Highmountain Tauren's Bull Rush Icon Bull Rush, which can be used in the same way.
  • PandarenEpicurean Icon Epicurean is a straightforward racial that increase your stats gained from food buffs by 100%. While this does sound "boring" compared to other racials mentioned here, it is actually pretty powerful , providing you with a lot of extra stats as long as you keep your food buff up.
  • VulperaNose For Trouble Icon Nose For Trouble reduces the first incoming damage from all the enemies by 5% of your maximum HP. This is a really good defensive effect that will reduce your overall damage intake in the dungeon by quite a lot. We are most vulnerable while charging into a new pack because we might not have enough Rage for Shield Block Icon Shield Block, so this will help you survive as you charge in.

Mythic+ Rotation for Protection Warriors

The single-target and multi-target rotations do not change in Mythic+ content. The main goal for you is to generate as much Rage as possible so you can use that Rage for either offensive abilities like Revenge Icon Revenge or defensive ones like Shield Block Icon Shield Block.

The following Rotation considers you are using one of the default builds provided above. The single target rotation is based on a priority system:

  1. Cast Avatar Icon Avatar on cooldown.
  2. Cast Demoralizing Shout Icon Demoralizing Shout on cooldown (only with Booming Voice Icon Booming Voice).
  3. Cast Ravager Icon Ravager, if talented.
  4. Cast Shield Slam Icon Shield Slam on cooldown.
    • It can be reset anytime you cast Devastate Icon Devastate, Thunder Clap Icon Thunder Clap, Revenge Icon Revenge, or Execute Icon Execute, so watch out for these procs.
  5. Cast Thunder Clap Icon Thunder Clap on cooldown.
  6. Cast Execute Icon Execute if you do not need the Rage for survivability.
  7. Cast Revenge Icon Revenge if you do not need the Rage for survivability.

The AoE rotation for maximizing damage is as follows:

  1. Cast Avatar Icon Avatar on cooldown.
  2. Cast Demoralizing Shout Icon Demoralizing Shout on cooldown (only with Booming Voice Icon Booming Voice).
  3. Cast Ravager Icon Ravager, if talented.
  4. Cast Thunderous Roar Icon Thunderous Roar, if talented.
  5. Cast Shield Charge Icon Shield Charge, if talented.
  6. Shockwave Icon Shockwave on cooldown, if Sonic Boom Icon Sonic Boom talented.
  7. Cast Thunder Clap Icon Thunder Clap on cooldown.
  8. Cast Shield Slam Icon Shield Slam on cooldown.
    • It can be reset anytime you cast Devastate Icon Devastate, Thunder Clap Icon Thunder Clap,Revenge Icon Revenge, or Execute Icon Execute, so watch out for these procs.
  9. Cast Revenge Icon Revenge if you do not need the Rage for survivability.

Whirlwind Icon Whirlwind is currently not worth using over Revenge Icon Revenge as Revenge does everything better!

The above is just a very brief explanation about the Rotation of Protection Warriors. There are situations, especially in Mythic+, where you just have to adapt and might be forced to use some other spell. To get a full overview of Protection Warrior, and when to use their various abilities, take a look at our main Rotation page.


Abilities and Utility

  • Heroic Throw Icon Heroic Throw is important for gaining aggro on distant enemies, particularly because there are many enemies that cast at the group and do not immediately move towards you.
  • Your movement abilities, Intercept Icon Intercept and Heroic Leap Icon Heroic Leap are extremely important tools in Mythic+. Using them to position yourself, get out of dangerous mechanics, or move to enemies that need to be picked up are essential parts of playing effectively.
  • Intimidating Shout Icon Intimidating Shout is primarily used as an interrupt because the disorient it provides is easily broken by damage. You can also use it as crowd control by using it on a group of enemies and pulling a specific enemy out of that group to focus it down.
  • There are many, many interruptible abilities in dungeons. Identifying the dangerous interruptible abilities and using Pummel Icon Pummel to interrupt them is key.
  • Shockwave Icon Shockwave is your AoE stun. Use it to delay or cancel dangerous abilities, or use it as a survivability tool to stun enemies when your defensives are down.
  • Storm Bolt Icon Storm Bolt acts as another strong single-target stun. Use it instead of Shockwave Icon Shockwave when you only need to stun one enemy in order to prevent stun DR kicking in.
  • While Spell Reflection Icon Spell Reflection is primarily used for the magic damage reduction, in Mythic+, in particular, there are many spells that can be reflected back to the caster. There are some spells that hit very hard, and if you are able to reflect those, you can deal a lot of damage to the enemy. Additionally, sometimes you are able to apply debuffs to the enemy that normally would have been applied to you had you been hit by the spell.
  • Berserker Rage Icon Berserker Rage is often an overlooked ability when it comes to Mythic+. Any time that there is a fear in the dungeon, this ability's value significantly increases.
  • Shattering Throw Icon Shattering Throw may have niche uses in some dungeons where the enemies either have a magical immunity or an absorb. Just remember that it has a cast time, meaning that you do not want to use it while actively tanking enemies.

The Importance of Kiting

In higher-level Mythic+, it becomes extremely important to kite enemies when needed. That is, running away from enemies in order to stop taking damage. Doing so gives your healer a chance to catch up, allows your defensive to come off cooldown, etc. There is no hard rule as to when you should kite; it is something you will get a feel for as you do more Mythic+. Just know that doing so is a necessary strategy in many cases. One of the ways to kite as Warrior would be to cast Shockwave Icon Shockwave to stun all the enemies and then use either Heroic Leap Icon Heroic Leap or Intervene Icon Intervene to move away from them quickly.

Remember not to turn your back to enemies if you do decide to kite since you can not mitigate attacks; doing so is a sure-fire way to get killed.



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