Protection Warrior Tank Macros and Addons — Dragonflight 10.2.7

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General Information

On this page, you will find a number of useful macros and addons to make your life easier when playing your Protection Warrior in World of Warcraft — Dragonflight 10.2.7.

If you were looking for WotLK Classic content, please refer to our TBC Warrior addons and macros.




Generic Macros for Warriors


Mouseouver Interrupt Macro

  • #showtooltip Pummel
  • /cast [@mouseover,harm,nodead] Pummel; Pummel

This macro allows you to cast Pummel Icon Pummel on your mouseover target or on your current target if your mouseover target is not valid.


Stance Toggle Macro

  • #showtooltip
  • /cast [stance:2]!Defensive Stance;!Battle Stance

This macro lets you swap between Defensive Stance Icon Defensive Stance and Battle Stance Icon Battle Stance without having to have two separate keybinds for them.


Specific Macros for Protection Warriors


Shield Slam and Ignore Pain Macro

  • #showtooltip
  • /cast Ignore Pain
  • /cast Shield Slam

Use this instead of your regular Ignore Pain Icon Ignore Pain button, to reduce the chances of you missing a Shield Slam Icon Shield Slam reset.


Mouseover Heroic Throw Macro

  • #showtooltip Heroic Throw
  • /cast [@mouseover,harm,nodead] Heroic Throw; Heroic Throw

This macro allows you to use Heroic Throw Icon Heroic Throw on your mouseover target or on your current target if the mouseover target is not valid.


Mouseover Taunt Macro

  • #showtooltip Taunt
  • /cast [@mouseover,harm,nodead] Taunt; Taunt

This macro allows you to Taunt Icon Taunt your mouseover target or your current target if the mouseover target is not valid.


Intervene/Charge Macros

  • #showtooltip Charge
  • /cast [target=mouseover,help,exists,nodead]Intervene;Intervene
  • /cast [target=target,harm,exists,nodead]Charge;Charge

This macro allows you to Intervene Icon Intervene your mouseover target ally, or Charge Icon Charge your current target if it is a enemy.




Generic Addons for Warriors

Having a functional and readable interface is an extremely important aspect of the game that many overlook. What defines a good interface is subjective, but at the very least, it should present any and all important information in a clear and direct way. What that important information is varies depending on your role and the kind of content you are doing, but over time, you will figure out what information you need and do not need to display. Note that this section only goes over what is recommended for PvE content, such as dungeons and raids. "Quality of Life" addons, such as bag addons, quest addons, etc, are not discussed here.

Most solid interfaces have the following:

  • Centered action bars or WeakAuras. Whether it is just a couple WeakAuras tracking important procs or all of your action bars, moving rotational information close to the center of your screen can be extremely beneficial.
  • Centered unit frames. That is, the player frame and target frame.
  • A boss mod, such as Deadly Boss Mods or BigWigs.
  • While this pertains to some roles more than others, tracking the availability of things like other players' interrupts, external cooldowns, etc.

Again, a good interface is subjective. If you are the kind of player the only does open-world content, then a more minimal interface may be better for you. Spending the time to create an interface that works for you is more than worth it. The above are simply suggestions. That being said, if you are not sure where to start, centering important information around your character and making sure that your various addons/interface elements do not overlap is a good guideline to follow.

The following addons are recommended for building a solid interface:



ElvUI is a complete replacement of the default interface. It is highly customizable and provides many useful features that the default interface does not. If you are looking to get up and running quickly and do not want to mess around trying to build your own interface out of many different addons, ElvUI is highly recommended.


Boss Mods: Deadly Boss Mods or BigWigs

Boss mods are addons that warn you about boss abilities and give you live advice on how to handle some mechanics. We strongly recommend you to get one such addon. At Icy Veins, we mostly use Deadly Boss Mods, the most popular boss mod. A good alternative is BigWigs.



GTFO is a lightweight addon that notifies you when you are standing in harmful effects or when you are making other such mistakes. It is very useful, even if your boss mod is already alerting you of such things.



WeakAuras is an extremely useful addon that allows you to have visual effects on your screen, helping you track your buffs, debuffs, and cooldowns. It is highly customizable , and it can make it much, much easier to keep track of your procs and play your spec more proficiently. It can also be used for a variety of other functions.


Details! Damage Meter

Details! is a well-known addon that many people use for displaying the current DPS of the members of your group. It has many more uses in addition to that, such as seeing the events that led up to a death, checking who dealt damage to a particular enemy, etc. It is an extremely versatile and useful addon.

Alternatively, Recount also works well.


Plater Nameplates

If you are not using ElvUI (or another complete interface replacement), a good nameplate addon is a must. Plater Nameplates comes highly recommended for this. Nameplates are the health bars/names that appear above units' heads in the world.


Angry Keystones

If you like doing Mythic+, then a Mythic+ addon will prove to be very useful. An addon such as Angry Keystones displays more detailed information about time remaining, how many enemies are needed to complete the dungeon, and more.


Method Raid Tools

Method Raid Tools provides a vast array of useful functions. It is mostly modular, so you can enable only what you need. Take a look at the addon page to see all the different things it provides.



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