Skorpyron Strategy/Tactics for Normal/Heroic

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General Information

On this page, you will find a working strategy to defeat Skorpyron in The Nighthold for both Normal and Heroic modes, which usually only differ by the tuning of the boss.

Here, we assume that you have read our descriptions of the abilities for this encounter.

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Tanks should face the boss away from the group and move towards the back wall to protect the raid from Arcanoslash Icon Arcanoslash. After each cast of Arcanoslash Icon Arcanoslash, the tanks should immediately break their Arcane Tether Icon Arcane Tethers to minimize damage. After each Call of the Scorpid Icon Call of the Scorpid, a tank should quickly pick up the new scorpids and tank them slightly away from the boss. DPS should immediately switch and kill the scorpids as fast as possible; melee should be wary of the lethal explosion when the Volatile Scorpid is killed.


Shrouded Clouds

Coming into contact with any of the Shrouded Icon Shrouded red clouds around the edges of the room will causes fresh scorpids to be spawned. Ideally, your group will spawn no extra scorpids throughout the encounter, however, if this occur they should be dealt with immediately.


Focused Blast

Approximately every 30 seconds, Skorpyron will face towards a random member of the group and start a 3-second cast of Focused Blast Icon Focused Blast. The raid should quickly move out of this ability as it deals very high damage in a cone, but be careful not to make contact with any of the Shrouded Icon Shrouded clouds.



Every 60 seconds, Skorpyron will unleash a Shockwave Icon Shockwave. The group should hide behind the existing Broken Shard Icon Broken Shards to avoid the knock back. Anyone knocked back will spawn a host of additional scorpids due to the Shrouded Icon Shrouded clouds. Shockwave Icon Shockwave has a 3-second cast time, allowing for plenty of time to seek cover. Occasionally, however, the cast of Focused Blast Icon Focused Blast will precede Shockwave; if this occurs, the raid will have to be very quick to move to safety to avoid the follow up Shockwave cast. This can be avoided by having a designated Broken Shard Icon Broken Shard for the group to hide behind. The raid should be grouped away from this shard to "bait" the Focused Blast Icon Focused Blast cast (as it targets a player), then quickly move to the Broken Shard Icon Broken Shard to avoid the coming Shockwave Icon Shockwave.



Every 25% health lost, Skorpyron will undergo a Exoskeletal Vulnerability Icon Exoskeletal Vulnerability. The raid should budget damage cooldowns for this time for maximum impact. Healers should also do as much damage as possible during this time as there will be no damage to the group. The raid should try and clean up all remaining scorpids before pushing the boss to ensure a clean transition.