Ventunax Normal Encounter Journal

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Welcome to the Normal difficulty Encounter Journal for Ventunax in Spires of Ascension.


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If you are interested in more information about this encounter, we are please to tell you that we have more content. First of all, we have the encounter journal for the other difficulties.



Ventunax, the Dark Kyrian Praetor, is honed to such a razor's edge, and moves with such speed, that she leaves Shadowhirl Icon Shadowhirl in her wake. Avoid the Dark Bolts emitted from each Shadowhirl Icon Shadowhirl when Ventunax makes a move.

When depleted of Anima energy, Ventunax takes a moment to recharge, while Shadowhirl Icon Shadowhirl continuously erupt.

  • Regain Ventunax's focus when she strikes at an ally with Dark Stride Icon Dark Stride
Damage Dealers
  • Avoid Dark Bolt Icon Dark Bolt from Shadowhirl Icon Shadowhirl
  • Allies are likely to take high damage when there are many Shadowhirl Icon Shadowhirl within the arena
Shadowhirl Icon Shadowhirl

Ventunax's incredibly fast movements leave Shadowhirls in her wake.

Each Shadowhirl emits Dark Bolts, and a burst of Dark Bolts whenever Ventunax recovers energy.

Dark Bolt Icon Dark Bolt

Each Dark Bolt from a Shadowhirl inflicts 7,745 Shadow damage and knocks up any players they touch.

Dark Stride Icon Dark Stride

Moving with incredible speed, Ventunax appears behind a player and inflicts 1,770 Physical damage every second for 20 sec.

Additionally, Ventunax leaves a Shadowhirl behind.

Blinding Flash Icon Blinding Flash

Ventunax creates a flash of light, stunning players within a frontal cone for 3 sec.

Recharge Icon Recharge

Ventunax restores 5% energy every 0.5 sec for 10 sec.

Additionally, all Shadowhirls erupt for 10 sec.