How to Upgrade Mythic Dungeon Gear With Valor in Shadowlands Season 4. (9.2.5)

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In this guide, you will learn how to upgrade Mythic+ gear using Valor Points in Patch 9.2.


Valor Changes in Shadowlands Season 4

In Shadowlands Season 4, Accumulated Valor wil reset, but the cap will remain removed.


Patch 9.2.5 Changes

As of June 2, 2022, Au'Dara the Heirloom broker located in Oribos next to the Flight Master sells the following bind-on-account item for 500 Valor:

  • Encrypted Equipment Chest Icon Encrypted Equipment Chest — Contains one piece of item level 236 Mythic 0 gear. The chest can only be purchased with Valor by a character with a 1,500 or higher Mythic+ Rating.

Changes to Valor in Patch 9.2

All rewards have been increased by +26 item levels in Shadowlands Season 3.


Changes to Valor Points in Patch 9.1.5

Au'Dara the Heirloom broker in Oribos sells Valorous Equipment Chest Icon Valorous Equipment Chest, which contains 1 piece of item level 210 Mythic +0 gear, enabling you to send gear to alternate characters if you have reached Renown 80 on your main character.


What is Valor?

Valor is a currency used to upgrade Mythic Keystone Gear in Patch 9.0.5 and beyond.

Every piece of Mythic Dungeon Gear in Patch 9.2 is given a rank based on its Item Level, as you can see on the tooltip.

You can upgrade Mythic Dungeon Gear from Rank 1 (Item Level 236) all the way to Rank 12 (Item Level 272).

This also applies to the Great Vault loot. For example, if you receive a piece of gear that has Item Level 252 from the weekly chest, it will be of Rank 6 out of 12.

Great Vault Valor Rank

What Type of Gear Can You Upgrade With Valor?

In this section, we highlight the types of gear you can upgrade with Valor in Patch 9.2.

  • You can upgrade gear that drops from dungeons and end-of-dungeon chests.
  • You can upgrade gear obtained from the Great Vault.
  • Items obtained from Legion Mythic+ dungeons can be upgraded with Valor Points, but will not appear in the Great Vault.

How Do I Earn Valor?

You can earn Valor from completing Mythic Keystone Dungeons and by doing Covenant Callings.


How Much Valor Can I Get from Covenant Callings?

  • Rare Callings award 35 Valor.
  • Epic Callings give 50 Valor.

How Much Valor Can I Get from Mythic Dungeons?

Completing a Mythic Dungeons regardless of Keystone level grants 135 Valor.

As an additional bonus to the group, if anyone in the group improves their rating on a run, everyone will earn bonus Valor Points, so do not be shy about helping others get a leg up while helping boost your own rating too.


Valor Upgrade Ranks and Requirements

Mythic +0 Dungeon Gear that starts at Item Level 236 (Rank 1) can be upgraded to Rank 6 (Item Level 252) without any requirements.

All the higher-rank upgrades (from Rank 6 to 7 and above) are gated behind the Mythic Scoring System.

Currently in the game files, the upgrade requirements are as follows in Eternity's End:

Rank Item Level Upgrade Requirements
1 262 None
2 265 None
3 268 None
4 272 None
5 275 None
6 278 None
7 281 600 Mythic+ Rating and Above Mythic+ Rating
8 285 1,000 Mythic+ Rating
9 288 1,200 Mythic+ Rating
10 291 1,400 Mythic+ Rating
11 294 1,700 Mythic+ Rating
12 298 2,000 Mythic+ Rating

Valor Cap in Shadowlands Season 4

Valor is uncapped in the final season of the Shadowlands expansion.


Where to Upgrade Gear with Valor

You can upgrade gear with Valor by talking to Aggressor Zo'dash, located in the Enclave of Oribos.


How Much Valor Will the Upgrades Cost?

Upgrade costs vary by item slot are consistent across all item levels.

Armor Slots Upgrade Cost
Off-Hands, Shields, Rings, Cloaks, Bracers, Necks 250 Valor per upgrade
Shoulders, Gloves, Trinkets, Boots, Belts 400 Valor per upgrade
Helms, Chests, Legs 475 Valor per upgrade
1-Handed Agility Weapons 500 Valor per upgrade
1-Handed Strength Weapons 500 Valor per upgrade
1-Handed Intellect Weapons 750 Valor per upgrade
2-Handed Weapons 1,000 Valor per upgrade

Crafting Materials Purchasable with Valor

If you do not wish to upgrade Mythic Dungeon Gear, you can exchange Valor Points for various Crafting Materials in Oribos by talking to Ko'tul.

The broker offers the following items for sale:

  • Korthite Crystal Geode Icon Korthite Crystal Geode for 1,500 Valor, which contains 5 Korthite Crystal Icon Korthite Crystals.
  • Shipment of Heavy Callous Hide Icon Shipment of Heavy Callous Hide for 750 Valor, which contains 10 Heavy Callous Hide Icon Heavy Callous Hide.
  • Shipment of Elethium Ore Icon Shipment of Elethium Ore for 750 Valor. It contains 20 Elethium Ore Icon Elethium Ore.
  • Shipment of Lightless Silk Icon Shipment of Lightless Silk for 750 Valor. The bag contains 20 Lightless Silk Icon Lightless Silk.

Valor Gear from Valorous Equipment Chest

Patch 9.1.5 adds a method for players to buy item level 210 Mythic +0 gear and send it to alts. Valorous Equipment Chest Icon Valorous Equipment Chest can be purchased from Au'Dara the Heirloom vendor near the Flight Master in Oribos. It costs 500 Valor. Your character must have a Mythic+ Rating of 1,500 or higher to be able to buy it.


Valor Conversion at the End of a Season

Every time a new Season starts in Shadowlands, Valor is converted to Gold. Therefore, we advise you to spend any remaining Valor on Shipment of Heavy Callous Hide Icon Shipment of Heavy Callous Hide, Shipment of Elethium Ore Icon Shipment of Elethium Ore, and Shipment of Lightless Silk Icon Shipment of Lightless Silk. Selling these items will give you more Gold than the conversion would give you.

Alternatively, you can buy Valorous Equipment Chest Icon Valorous Equipment Chest from Au'Dara to send item level 210 gear to alts.



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