Spires of Ascension Quick Dungeon Guide: Video, Boss Strategies, and Trash

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Welcome to our quick guide to the Spires of Ascension dungeon in the Shadowlands World of Warcraft expansion. This guide aims at giving you proper direction to complete the dungeon (boss strategies and trash mobs) without being unnecessarily long. We also have encounter journal pages, for those who want a complete breakdown of the abilities.


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Please consult our Spires of Ascension encounter journal pages for more information regarding what the bosses do exactly in each difficulty.



  • She has a pet that should be killed around the same time as her, otherwise the remaining enemy enrages and casts an additional ability. It is generally best to target the boss when she is on the ground and target the pet while the boss is flying around.
  • Dodge the pet's waves of dark bolts (Attenuated Barrage Icon Attenuated Barrage).
  • Do not stand in front of Kin-Tara, because she casts a cleave on the tank (Sweeping Strike Icon Sweeping Strike).
  • Interrupt her Dark Lance Icon Dark Lance cast as much as possible, because it puts a heavy DoT on random players.
  • When she starts flying around, quickly move out of her Charged Spear Icon Charged Spear if you are targeted by it.


  • Move away from the dark swirly clouds dropped by the boss, and dodge the dark bolts that come out of them in all directions (Shadowhirl Icon Shadowhirl).
  • Dodge the frontal attack from the boss (Blinding Flash Icon Blinding Flash).
  • When the boss channels Reabsorb Anima Icon Reabsorb Anima at zero Energy, there will be more dark bolts to dodge from the clouds.


  • Stay spread at least 8 yards apart to avoid multiple people getting hit by Purifying Blast Icon Purifying Blast.
  • Dispel the tank as soon as the boss hits them with Charged Stomp Icon Charged Stomp, because the tank will be too slow to move the boss when needed.
  • When you get a blue circle around you, move it away from the boss (Empyreal Ordnance Icon Empyreal Ordnance). Then get out of the blue circle when it stops following you, because it will turn into a blue pool that hurts you (Volatile Anima Icon Volatile Anima).
  • Keep the boss out of the blue pools on the ground (Anima Field Icon Anima Field).
  • When the boss channels Recharge Anima Icon Recharge Anima, the blue pools will turn into blue orbs that will move toward the boss. Players need to soak these orbs to prevent them from getting to the boss and doing huge AoE damage. The boss takes double damage while channeling, so this would be a good time to use DPS cooldowns.

Devos, Paragon of Doubt

  • Everyone should stand near the edge of the platform, because the boss will charge through a random player and could otherwise end up very far away (Run Through Icon Run Through). Everyone should dodge this charge.
  • Move away from the occasional dark swirly orb spawned by the boss, because it will explode after a few seconds (Abyssal Detonation Icon Abyssal Detonation).
  • Dispel the debuff that gets put on a random player (Lingering Doubt Icon Lingering Doubt), and stay out of the dark pool it leaves on the ground.
  • When the boss jumps to the middle of the room, she will activate the Anima Conduit and then fly away. Wind will then start blowing you around on the platform. Everyone will need to collect the blue orbs around the room and bring them to the Anima Conduit in the middle of the room while dodging the dark pools that move with the wind. Once all the orbs have been collected, one player will need to interact with the spear in the Anima Conduit and throw it at Devos flying around off the platform. This will bring the boss back down to continue fighting.

Notable Trash

This dungeon is full of generic swirlies, frontals, and casts. Most of them are either obvious or not really worth mentioning, but here are the things to pay attention to:

  • Forsworn Mender and Forsworn Champion
  • Forsworn Goliath
  • Forsworn Squad-Leader
    • Focus-kill this mob, because it reduces the damage taken of nearby enemies by 75% (Inspiring Presence Icon Inspiring Presence).
  • Forsworn Warden
    • Interrupt Greater Mending Icon Greater Mending, because it heals all nearby enemies.
    • Use an offensive dispel on this mob when it has Bless Weapon Icon Bless Weapon, because it heals all nearby enemies.


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