Warfronts Guide in Battle for Azeroth (BfA 8.0.1)

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

Welcome to the Warfronts guide where we will explore everything about the new Battle for Azeroth feature and how it pertains to your character growth and progression!

2. The Cycle of Warfronts

Warfronts are large scale battles that are focused around the war between the Alliance and the Horde. This content will cycle in a method that has one faction starting with control of an area (therefore having access to exclusive mobs, world bosses, and their respective loot) while the opposing faction contributes items, Gold, and War Resources Icon War Resources to build faction power. Once the resource contribution has reached its 100% requirements, a battle for the area becomes accessible. This resource contribution is on a region-wide basis, similar to how the Mage Tower progress was in Legion on the Broken Shore and it rewards Azerite and reputation. After the attack is completed (it cannot fail), the assaulting faction will take control of the area while the other faction begins its resource acquisition to initiate its attack on the area.

3. Getting Started

There will be a short introduction to the Warfront area which will introduce you to some landmarks and then initiate a quest to make a contribution to your Warfront effort. DO NOT TURN IN YOUR WARFRONT CONTRIBUTIONS UNTIL YOU HAVE AN ORANGE QUEST TO DO SO! If you turn in your contributions early, you may be unable to fulfill the quest requirements until the next day. Complete the intro and then do the contributions once you have the actual quest to do so, not just the daily blue !'s indicating a daily quest.

4. Your Contribution to Warfronts

Contributing to your faction's Warfront effort involves giving War Resources Icon War Resources, Gold, and items created from professions. These contributions are on a daily lockout, so be sure to do this each and every day as the reputation gains are enormously beneficial towards progressing on your faction's War Campaign.

The gold contribution Wartime Donations: Gold (Alliance) / Wartime Donations: Gold (Horde) requests only 100g. This is a trivial amount of gold and should be made daily. This rewards 500 Azerite and 150 reputation with the 7th Legion or The Honorbound. Each daily quest turn in rewards 150 reputation and 500 Azerite which has incredible potential to progress towards Exalted status with the 7th Legion and the Honorbound which unlocks your Allied Races of the Mag'har Orcs and Dark Iron Dwarves. All ten quests can be done each day, so your maximum turn in is exchanging 100 gold, 100 War Resources, and assorted profession items for a total potential of 1,500 reputation and 5,000 Azerite. This also progresses your faction's contribution bar which will enable the Warfront activity that will reward you with a 370 item level piece of gear and grant access to the world boss as well as the rare enemies and World Quests in Arathi Highlands.

The crafted items from professions are likely going to be expensive at the start of the expansion, but these items may drop in value and be a better value to turn in as time passes. The NPCs that request items do not always ask for the same items, so be ready to hit up the auction house with a shopping list each day. Here are the profession-related items that can be used for a Wartime Contribution.

Profession Item(s) Requested
Alchemy/Herbalism Possibilities include Steelskin Potion Icon Steelskin Potion x2, 60 of any BFA herb, or Coastal Mana Potion Icon Coastal Mana Potion x20
Blacksmithing/Mining Possibilities include Monel-Hardened Hoofplates Icon Monel-Hardened Hoofplates x2 or Monel-Hardened Stirrups Icon Monel-Hardened Stirrups x2 or Monelite Ore Icon Monelite Ore x60
Cooking/Fishing Possibilities include Seasoned Loins Icon Seasoned Loins, BFA fish, or Meaty Haunch Icon Meaty Haunch x60
Enchanting Enchant Ring - Seal of Critical Strike Icon Enchant Ring - Seal of Critical Strike x3 or Enchant Ring - Seal of Versatility Icon Enchant Ring - Seal of Versatility x3
Engineering Crow's Nest Scope Icon Crow's Nest Scope x6 or Frost-Laced Ammunition Icon Frost-Laced Ammunition x2
Inscription Examples include War-Scroll of Battle Shout Icon War-Scroll of Battle Shout x3 or War-Scroll of Intellect Icon War-Scroll of Intellect x3
Jewelcrafting Any cut level green gem such as Straddling Viridium Icon Straddling Viridium x15
Leatherworking/Skinning Examples include Drums of the Maelstrom Icon Drums of the Maelstrom or Coarse Leather Barding Icon Coarse Leather Barding x2 or Coarse Leather Icon Coarse Leather x60
Tailoring Battle Flag: Rallying Swiftness Icon Battle Flag: Rallying Swiftness or Tidespray Linen Icon Tidespray Linen x60

Contributions can be made once each cycle while the Warfront territory is controlled by the opposite faction. Based on early live data as of September 4, 2018, it appears that it will take approximately three to five days to go into a Horde attack cycle granting the Horde access to the World Boss found there and allowing the Alliance to begin their contribution quests.

In order to keep track of any potential patterns, we will record the list of materials needed for daily turn-ins in order to better predict when to purchase profession materials for turn-ins and when to craft them for maximum value. For US-Horde on September 4, 2018, the turn-ins were as follows:

For the Alliance, on September 15, 2018, the turn-ins were as follows:

For the Horde, on September 27, 2018, the turn-ins were as follows:

For the Alliance, on October 9, 2018, the turn-ins were as follows:

5. Warfront Strategy

Warfronts cannot be lost, but that does not mean you want to win slower and take longer to get to that World Boss and sweet, sweet loot to be had while your faction controls the area!

Fighting or gathering are your two primary types of activities to be done during Warfronts. If you are on the lower end of gear, you should partake in gathering as this will enable you to have the greatest effect on your team's ability to win faster. If you like gathering, you should gather. Most players in this type of combat style will prefer to fight, so if you are akin to gathering, we recommend that you do just that! For the fighters, you will fight alongside troops that you help empower and work to control bases.

5.1. Stage 1

The beginning of the first Warfront available, in Arathi Highlands, will have you dropped via airship into enemy location where you will need to defeat a mini boss. As soon as the mini boss dies, you will want to capture the nearby Mine and Mill. While at the Mine and Mill, you will want to gather Iron Icon Iron or Wood Icon Wood to help contribute to your effort. If the Mine or Mill is overcrowded, consider going to the other location. If you or someone else provide some leadership during this process, try to divide the team up so that half goes to the Mine and half goes to the Mill.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO HAVE AT LEAST HALF OF YOUR RAID GATHERING RESOURCES! Players will tend to go fight when they are not sure what to do, so be the hero your side needs and gather wood and iron!

5.2. Stage 2

During this phase of the Warfront, your team will want to divide and conquer. Half of your team will want to focus on gathering and building while the other half focuses on offense and destruction. Again, an even split is highly recommended as too many on gathering and building will slow the offense while too many on offense will prove to take too long to build vehicles and buildings necessary to succeed. Under organized leadership, the gathering and building team should be the ten lowest item level or experienced players as this role is less demanding having only the need to defeat smaller enemies and use the resources gathered to construct buildings and vehicles. The offensive team should be your ten highest item level or experienced players while ensuring that at least 1 tank and 1 healer also accompany the team.

Put a high priority on taking over High Perch first and foremost. Once it is conquered, make sure to defend it properly. The demolishers and siege engines will be using this path to approach the siege towers and siege gate! Once the center hub is conquered, feel free to capture the other two if the gatherers have not finished constructing a Workshop yet.

There are many buildings you can construct to boost your faction's conquering power during the Warfront. Focusing on gathering resources allows for faster construction and upgrades of buildings.

  • Great Hall → Keep/Stronghold → Castle/Fortress — This building and its upgrades have numerous benefits including boosting the acquisition rate of Iron Icon Iron and Wood Icon Wood resources, unlocking a commander option from the Barracks at Keep/Stronghold level, and unlocking commander special ability as well as increased damage by Siege Engines/Demolishers at Castle/Fortress level.
  • Altar of Storms → This building allows for player power buffs in the form of trading resources for Bristling Power Icon Bristling Power which increases your damage, healing, and health by 10%, stacking up to 4 times as well as having the opportunity for a player to gain the Call of the Storm Icon Call of the Storm buff if they locate the Essence of Storms Icon Essence of Storms, which is a rare drop during the Warfront.
  • Barracks — This building is your primary source of troops which allows the trading of Iron for troops that will fight the opposing faction and aid in assaulting and defending bases.
  • Warmill — This building enables you to trade resources for weapon and armor enhancements of your troops.
  • Workshop — This building enables you to construct Siege Engines/Demolishers which are key to winning Warfronts.

5.2.1. Gathering & Building Team Priority

  1. Acquire 140 Iron and 140 Wood to purchase the Barracks.
  2. Acquire 260 Iron and 140 Wood to purchase the War Mill.
  3. Acquire 260 Iron and 140 Wood to purchase the Altar of Storms.
  4. Acquire 380 Iron and 180 Wood to upgrade your Great Hall to a Keep/Stronghold.
  5. Acquire 500 Iron and 220 Wood to purchase the Workshop and then create Siege Engines/Demolishers
  6. Acquire 620 Iron and 260 Wood to upgrade your Stronghold to a Castle/Fortress

In summary, upgrade your Barracks, then upgrade the War Mill/Armory, then upgrade the Altar of Storms, then upgrade your Great Hall, then build a Workshop, then build 3 Demolishers, then push towards victory!

Note that for the gathering and building team, Iron will have a much higher demand and should be prioritized in the gathering process. Unlocking the Barracks and War Mill provide a huge boost to your troops' offensive and defensive capabilities while the Altar of Storms boosts player power significantly. The Stronghold upgrade increases your resource generation that will speed up the production rate of the Workshop which will greatly increase your team's destructive capabilities. Finally, perform the final upgrade to your Great Hall to further increase resource generation to produce more troops and Siege Engines/Demolishers.

While gathering resources, these players should also react to attack waves from the opposite faction and defend the Mine and Mill from attacks. The gathering and defending team should focus on upgrades until three vehicles are created at which point the focus on production shifts towards escorting vehicles and defending bases.

While the gatherers upgrade your building potential, the offensive party should be focused on capturing vital locations that are beneficial to the Warfront winning effort.

5.2.2. Offensive Party Priority

  1. Capture Newstead as this location is easy to capture and provides a large benefit in the troops it enables you to create
  2. Capture High Perch as to secure a travel path for your Siege Engines/Demolishers through the middle of the map

Once these points are captured, the focus should swap to more gathering to enable the creation of vehicles as these are the key to winning as they are the only way to break down the gates that enable access to the enemy commander.

5.3. Stage 3

This phase is all about finishing off the opposition and taking what is yours! Escort your Siege Engines/Demolishers to the enemy gates, destroy the gates, and kill the enemy commander. All gatherers and defenders in this phase should switch to offense and help escort the vehicles to the gates. Once the gates are down, all 20 players should attack and defeat the enemy commander for victory!

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO NOT ATTACK VALORCALL PASS UNTIL DEMOLISHERS ARE ACTIVE! It is a waste of time and you will likely die. It is also IMPERATIVE that you do NOT approach the gate until the demolishers have finished breaking down the gate. Making this mistake is certain death. Your goal here is to DEFEND the demolishers and kill NPCs. Protect the Valorcall Pass flag. Once the gate is down, focus down the enemy commander.

6. Quests & Rewards

The quests available while in control of the Warfront are lucrative War Resources Icon War Resources opportunities with four quests rewarding 200 War Resources each. There is also a 340 Equipment Cache that can give 340 item level loot including weapons.

7. World Bosses

While in control of the Warfront area, the controlling faction will have access to a World Boss to defeat: Doom's Howl for the Alliance to take down or The Lion's Roar for Horde. These World Bosses are the source of item level 370 loot which is equivalent to Heroic Uldir loot as well as a faction exclusive toy for each. The Alliance toy is Toy Siege Tower Icon Toy Siege Tower and the Horde toy is Toy War Machine Icon Toy War Machine.

8. Rewards and Loot

It is confirmed that you can farm Warfronts and obtain 340 item level gear multiple times upon Warfront completion. Gear is not guaranteed, but the drop rate appears to be high. It is unknown if this is intended, but it is definitely happening. While in control of the Warfront area, lots of treasures and loot become available to be taken by killing rares! Those are listed below.

8.1. Five Mounts

8.2. Nine Pets

8.3. Nine Toys

9. Achievements

There are a few achievements to be earned in your conquest efforts in the Warfronts available!

9.1. Alliance and Horde Achievements

  • An Eventful Battle Icon An Eventful Battle — earned by completing several random events that occur within the Battle for Stromgarde

9.2. Alliance Achievements

  • War is Hell Icon War is Hell — earned by defeating the Horde in the Battle for Stormgarde
  • Strike Hard Icon Strike Hard — earned by capturing any of the locations in the Battle for Stormgarde
  • Strike Fast Icon Strike Fast — earned by capturing all locations in the Battle for Stormgarde (not necessarily all in the same battle)
  • Leader of Troops Icon Leader of Troops — earned by recruiting one of every troop in the Battle for Stormgarde which includes the Footmen, Riflemen, Priests, Knights, and Siege Engine (not necessarily all in the same battle)
  • Tour of War Icon Tour of War — earned by defeating all three of the enemy commanders in the Battle for Stormgarde which includes slaying Eitrigg, Rokhan, and Lady Liadrin (only one commander appears per battle)

9.3. Horde Achievements

  • War is Hell Icon War is Hell — earned by defeating the Alliance in the Battle of Stormgarde
  • Strike Hard Icon Strike Hard — earned by capturing any of the locations in the Battle for Stormgarde
  • Strike Fast Icon Strike Fast — earned by capturing all locations in the Battle for Stormgarde (not necessarily all in the same battle)
  • Leader of Troops Icon Leader of Troops — earned by recruiting one of every troop in the Battle for Stormgarde which includes Grunts, Axe Throwers, Shamans, Raiders, and Demolishers (not necessarily all in the same battle)
  • Tour of War Icon Tour of War — earned by defeating all three of the enemy commanders in the Battle for Stormgarde which includes slaying Danath Trollbane, Turalyon, and Muradin (only one commander appears per battle)

10. Conclusion

Thank you for reading this Warfronts guide! We hope that you will find the Warfronts feature as fun and lucrative as we do! As more Warfronts become available in the future, this guide will be updated to reflect all the new strategies and loot!

11. Changelog

  • 15 Oct. 2018: Added Alliance contributions for Oct. 9 contribution phase and amended master table to show more examples.
  • 27 Sep. 2018: Added Horde contributions for Sep. 27 contribution phase.
  • 17 Sep. 2018: Added Alliance contributions and quest information.
  • 09 Sep. 2018: Added summary information on each section and mentioned loot drop rate notes.
  • 04 Sep. 2018: Added contribution notes, list, and details about contribution quests and lockout timings.
  • 11 Aug. 2018: Added Warfront pet, mount, and toy locations, added achievements, and corrected Warfront contribution reputation and Azerite reward amounts.
  • 10 Aug. 2018: Added Warfronts guide.
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