Coldheart Interstitia Strategy Guide for Torghast

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Coldheart Interstitia is one of the Cell Blocks of Torghast. While not one of the longest, it is arguably the toughest because of strong enemies that combine high damage and highly disruptive abilities. It also has strong bosses and nearly all enemies within self-buff as you fight them, making long fights ill advised.

In this guide, we will explain the mechanics of Coldheart Interstitia, its enemies and torments, detail which special Anima Powers you can get from Ravenous Anima Cell Icon Ravenous Anima Cell here and finish by explaining the bosses you can find on this Cell Block.


Coldheart Interstitia

This cell block is populated by Mawsworn Kyrian and their constructs, and is usually one of the toughest Cells Blocks in Torghast, due to the combination of disruptive abilities, high health enemies, and almost every enemy having a built-in timer to be killed in the form of Dark Fortress, which reduces damage taken and stacks up over time. They can alternatively stack up a Haste-increasing effect.

Dark Fortress

Layout-wise, Coldheart Interstitia floors typically involve a long, winding climb through many stairs and narrow pathways, always with the danger of falling to your death should you get too close to the edges.

Coldheart Interstitia Layout

Coldheart Interstitia Notable Enemies

Coldheart Agents cast a nasty fear effect, Terror, which will disable you for 5 seconds, while possibly also causing you to run into more enemies. Make sure to interrupt it or, if not able, run to an area you already cleared after pulling these enemies, so that you will not pull extra enemies while feared.


Coldheart Ambushers occasionally try to attack you from above, spawning a swirly effect where you are standing. If you fail to move out of the effect in time, they come down and deal a little bit of damage, alongside a knockback. This can be particularly dangerous when fighting multiple enemies or close to the edge of a platform, as it can knock you to your death.

Coldheart Ambusher

Monstrous Guardians are large enemy Stewards that cast Predator's Gaze, causing them to gain a stacking damage and Haste buff whenever you move. They are also elite enemies, which means they will gain Unnatural Power, increasing their damage even more if they live for a long time. Try to fight them with as few other enemies as possible and minimize your movement, although at least some may be forced by Coldheart Ambushers.

Monstrous Guardian

Coldheart Binders cast a very damaging close-range channeled ability, Shadow Storm; make sure to interrupt it or move away until it is finished!

Shadow Storm

Luckily, the dangerous enemies of Coldheart Interstitia are unique to this Cell Block, and you will only have to worry about them here.


Using Ravenous Anima Cell in Coldheart Interstitia

Using the Ravenous Anima Cell Icon Ravenous Anima Cell wisely is one of the keys to leaving alive with your Soul Ash. Different Cell Block archetypes have different threats and enemies you can convert into useful powers. You can find the following powers from transforming enemies in Coldheart Interstitia:

Enemy Power Explanation
Coldheart enemies in the Coldheart Interstitia Cell Blocks Dark Armaments Icon Dark Armaments While this is a great power for trash and certain bosses that spawn minions, it can also be useless when you need the most help on some of the hardest final bosses that have no minions.
Broker Vendor Broker's Purse Icon Broker's Purse By using the Anima Cell on the Broker vendor, you will gain a significant amount of Phantasma, which more than covers its cost, but you will also be missing out on extra powers until the final boss, which is a significant downside.
Lost Dredger Treasure Room By waiting until the Lost Dredger starts casting his escape portal to use the Ravenous Anima Cell Icon Ravenous Anima Cell, you will spawn a portal leading to a room with multiple Phantasma jars and Anima Powers! Finding a Lost Dredger is unlikely to begin with, unfortunately, but count yourself very lucky if you do, and absolutely make sure to spawn the portal, for the massive rewards contained within.
Mawrats Maw Seeker Harness Icon Maw Seeker Harness Using this item allows you to turn into a Mawrat, increasing your speed by 100%. Taking or dealing any damage removes the buff, but you can reuse it after leaving combat. Due to its lack of combat effectiveness, this power is not recommended.
Mawrat Harness

Unfortunately, all of these are rather weak, and usually your Phantasma will be better spent on regular orbs or other powers. Dark Armaments Icon Dark Armaments can be helpful to make your run faster if you trust you will not have any trouble with the final boss.


Coldheart Interstitia Bosses

The final boss of your run will be the hardest challenge and the most likely spot at which you can actually get stuck and have to reset. Knowing the boss abilities and reading some of our tips on how to deal with them before pulling can easily be the difference between victory and defeat!

Elder Longbranch

Learn more about the bosses of Torghast on our specialized guide below:



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