Warrior Covenant Abilities in Shadowlands

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Here, you will find all class-specific Covenant abilities available to Warriors in Shadowlands.

Welcome to our guide that covers Warrior Covenant Abilities in Shadowlands. We first present you a summary of all the abilities before going over the individual Signature and Covenant Class Abilities in more detail.


Summary of Abilities Granted to Warriors by Each Covenant

  • Kyrian
  • Night Fae
    • Signature AbilitySoulshape Icon Soulshape transforms you into a Vulpin, instantly teleporting you forward, increasing your movement speed for a short time.
    • Warrior AbilityAncient Aftershock Icon Ancient Aftershock releases a shockwave that deals Nature damage and knocks them down for a short duration.
  • Necrolord
    • Signature AbilityFleshcraft Icon Fleshcraft provides an absorption shield equal to 20-50% of your maximum health.
    • Warrior AbilityConqueror's Banner Icon Conqueror's Banner gives you and your allies a health and critical strike boost if you stand near it.
  • Venthyr
    • Signature AbilityDoor of Shadows Icon Door of Shadows teleports you to a targeted location.
    • Warrior AbilityCondemn Icon Condemn weakens the target, preventing some of damage they would deal to you.

Best Covenants for Warriors

For more information regarding the best Covenants for each Warrior spec, please refer to our spec-specific pages:


Kyrian Warrior Covenant Ability

Spear of Bastion Icon Spear of Bastion: Throw a Kyrian spear at the target location, dealing (110% of Attack Power) Arcane damage instantly and an additional (120% of Attack Power) damage over 4 seconds. Deals reduced damage beyond 5 targets. Enemies hit are tethered to Spear of Bastion's location for the duration. Generates 25 Rage. (Instant, 25-yard range, 60-second cooldown)


Night Fae Warrior Covenant Ability

Ancient Aftershock Icon Ancient Aftershock: Unleash a wave of anima, dealing (220% of Attack Power) Nature damage to up to 5 enemies and knocking them down for 1.5 seconds. The ground will continue to expel anima, dealing (140% of Attack Power) Nature damage to up to 5 enemies and generating 16 Rage per enemy over 12 seconds. Every 3 seconds, targets are briefly knocked down.(Instant, Requires Melee Weapon, 1.5-minute cooldown)


Necrolord Warrior Covenant Ability

Conqueror's Banner Icon Conqueror's Banner: Plant the Conqueror's Banner in the ground, granting 20% maximum health and 10% critical strike chance to you and 2 allies within 15 yards of the banner for 20 seconds. While active, spending 20 (Arms+ Protection), or 30 (Fury), or 20 (Protection) Rage and killing enemies grants you Glory. Glory increases your critical strike damage by 1% per stack, up to 30% for 30 seconds. (Instant, 3-minute cooldown)


Venthyr Warrior Covenant Ability

Condemn Icon Condemn (Replaces Execute Icon Execute). Condemn deals Shadow damage, can be used on enemies who are above 80% health or below 20% health, and weakens the target, preventing some of the damage they would deal to you. (Instant, Costs 20-40 Rage, Requires Melee Weapon/Range, 6-second cooldown)


Other Covenant Class Abilities

You can find all class-specific Covenant abilities available for other classes linked below.



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