Druid Soulbind Conduit List

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This guide lists all of the Druid Conduits that you can use in Soulbind trees in the Shadowlands expansion.



The following page lists all Druid Soulbind Conduits available in Shadowlands and links to our guides for choosing the best Conduits for your spec.

If you want to know more about Soulbind Conduits in general, please read our Soulbind Conduits Guide.


Best Conduits for Druids

For more information regarding the best Conduits for each Druid spec, please refer to our spec-specific pages:


Druid Endurance Soulbind Conduits

  • Innate Resolve Icon Innate ResolveRegrowth Icon Regrowth and Frenzied Regeneration Icon Frenzied Regeneration healing is increased by 12-28.8% on yourself.
  • Layered Mane Icon Layered ManeIronfur Icon Ironfur has an 8-19.2% chance to apply two stacks.
  • Tough as Bark Icon Tough as BarkBarkskin Icon Barkskin's cooldown is reduced by 10-24%.
  • Ursine Vigor Icon Ursine Vigor — For 4 seconds after shifting into Bear Form, your health and armor are increased by 12-28.8%.
  • Well-Honed Instincts Icon Well-Honed Instincts — When you fall below 40% health, you cast Frenzied Regeneration Icon Frenzied Regeneration, up to once every 135-56 seconds.

Druid Finesse Soulbind Conduits

  • Born Anew Icon Born AnewRebirth Icon Rebirth grants the target 50% movement speed for 8 seconds, and Well Fed, increasing their primary stat by 20-48 for 1 hour.
  • Born of the Wilds Icon Born of the Wilds — The cooldown of Mighty Bash Icon Mighty Bash, Mass Entanglement Icon Mass Entanglement, and Heart of the Wild Icon Heart of the Wild are reduced by 10-24%.
  • Front of the Pack Icon Front of the PackStampeding Roar Icon Stampeding Roar's radius and duration are increased by 15-36%.
  • Tireless Pursuit Icon Tireless Pursuit — For 3-7.2 seconds after leaving Cat Form or Travel Form, you retain up to 40% movement speed.

Druid Potency Soulbind Conduits

  • Carnivorous Instinct Icon Carnivorous InstinctTiger's Fury Icon Tiger's Fury's damage bonus is increased by 3-7.2%.
  • Conflux of Elements Icon Conflux of Elements — While channeling Convoke the Spirits Icon Convoke the Spirits, your damage and healing are increased by 15-36%.
  • Deep Allegiance Icon Deep AllegianceKindred Spirits Icon Kindred Spirits's empowerment cooldown is reduced by 10-24%.
  • Endless Thirst Icon Endless ThirstRavenous Frenzy Icon Ravenous Frenzy increases your critical chance by 0.8-1.92% per stack.
  • Evolved Swarm Icon Evolved SwarmAdaptive Swarm Icon Adaptive Swarm increases periodic effects by an additional 6-14.4%.
  • Flash of Clarity Icon Flash of Clarity — Clearcast Regrowth Icon Regrowths heal for an additional 20-48%.
  • Floral Recycling Icon Floral RecyclingSwiftmend Icon Swiftmend's healing is increased by 40-96% of the consumed heal over time effect.
  • Fury of the Skies Icon Fury of the SkiesMoonfire Icon Moonfire increases your Arcane damage to the target, and Sunfire Icon Sunfire increases your Nature damage to the target, by 1-2.4%.
  • Incessant Hunter Icon Incessant HunterRip Icon Rip damage has a 10-24% chance to grant 3 Energy.
  • Precise Alignment Icon Precise Alignment — The duration of Celestial Alignment Icon Celestial Alignment or Incarnation: Chosen of Elune Icon Incarnation: Chosen of Elune is increased by 5-12 seconds.
  • Ready for Anything Icon Ready for AnythingNature's Swiftness Icon Nature's Swiftness's cooldown is reduced by 10-24%.
  • Savage Combatant Icon Savage CombatantMangle Icon Mangle increases the damage of your next Maul Icon Maul by 15-36%, stacking up to 3.
  • Stellar Inspiration Icon Stellar InspirationStarsurge Icon Starsurge and Starfall Icon Starfall have a 20-48% chance to empower Eclipse or extend Moonfire Icon Moonfire and Sunfire Icon Sunfire by double the amount.
  • Sudden Ambush Icon Sudden Ambush — Finishing moves have a 3-7.2% chance per combo point spent to make your next Rake Icon Rake or Shred Icon Shred deal damage as though you were stealthed.
  • Taste for Blood Icon Taste for BloodFerocious Bite Icon Ferocious Bite deals 2-4.8% increased damage for each of your Bleeds on the target.
  • Umbral Intensity Icon Umbral Intensity — Eclipse's damage bonus to Wrath Icon Wrath starts 30-72% stronger.
  • Unchecked Aggression Icon Unchecked Aggression — You gain 15-36% haste during Berserk Icon Berserk in Bear Form.
  • Unstoppable Growth Icon Unstoppable GrowthWild Growth Icon Wild Growth's healing falls off 20-48% less over time.

Other Class-Specific Soulbind Conduits

Here are links to the Soulbind Conduits of other classes.



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