Warlock Soulbind Conduit List

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This guide lists all of the Warlock Conduits that you can use in Soulbind trees in the Shadowlands expansion.



The following page lists all Warlock Soulbind Conduits available in Shadowlands and links to our guides for choosing the best Conduits for your spec.

If you want to know more about Soulbind Conduits in general, please read our Soulbind Conduits Guide.


Best Conduits for Warlocks

For more information regarding the best Conduits for each Warlock spec, please refer to our spec-specific pages:


Warlock Endurance Soulbind Conduits

  • Accrued Vitality Icon Accrued VitalityDrain Life Icon Drain Life heals for 44-100% of the amount drained over 10 seconds.
  • Diabolic Bloodstone Icon Diabolic Bloodstone — Anyone that consumes your Healthstone infuses you with 10-24% leech for 6 seconds.
  • Resolute Barrier Icon Resolute Barrier — Attack received that deal at least 5% of your health decrease Unending Resolve Icon Unending Resolve's cooldown by 10 seconds. Cannot occur more than once every 30-16 seconds.

Warlock Finesse Soulbind Conduits

  • Demonic Momentum Icon Demonic MomentumDemonic Circle: Teleport Icon Demonic Circle: Teleport increases Movement Speed by 307258% for 5 seconds.
  • Fel Celerity Icon Fel Celerity — The cooldown of Fel Domination Icon Fel Domination is reduced by 48-90 seconds.
  • Kilrogg's Cunning Icon Kilrogg's Cunning — Your Eye of Kilrogg is no longer stealthed and can now place your Demonic Circle. You must be within line of sight of the Eye of Kilrogg to place the Demonic Circle. The movement speed of your Eye of Kilrogg is increased by 50-120%.
  • Shade of Terror Icon Shade of Terror — Your Fear effects can withstand 100-170% more damage before breaking.

Warlock Potency Soulbind Conduits

  • Ashen Remains Icon Ashen RemainsChaos Bolt Icon Chaos Bolt and Incinerate Icon Incinerate deal 4-9.6% increased damage to targets afflicted by Immolate Icon Immolate
  • Borne of Blood Icon Borne of BloodHand of Gul'dan Icon Hand of Gul'dan has a 16-38.4% chance to generate a charge of Demonic Core Icon Demonic Core.
  • Carnivorous Stalkers Icon Carnivorous Stalkers — Your Dreadstalkers' attacks have a 3-7.2% chance to trigger an additional Dreadbite.
  • Catastrophic Origin Icon Catastrophic OriginImpending Catastrophe Icon Impending Catastrophe's damage over time and the inflicted Curse last 50-102% longer against your primary target.
  • Cold Embrace Icon Cold Embrace — The effectiveness of Shadow Embrace Icon Shadow Embrace is increased by 33-75%.
  • Combusting Engine Icon Combusting EngineConflagrate Icon Conflagrate increases your remaining Immolate Icon Immolate damage by 8-19.2% until Immolate expires or is refreshed.
  • Corrupting Leer Icon Corrupting LeerAgony Icon Agony and Unstable Affliction Icon Unstable Affliction damage have a 3-5.8% chance to reduce the cooldown of Summon Darkglare Icon Summon Darkglare by 10 seconds.
  • Duplicitous Havoc Icon Duplicitous HavocHavoc Icon Havoc transfers 10-24% more damage.
  • Fel Commando Icon Fel Commando — Your Felguard deals 7.5-18% more damage and takes 7.5-18% less damage.
  • Focused Malignancy Icon Focused MalignancyMalefic Rapture Icon Malefic Rapture deals 15-36% increased damage to targets suffering from Unstable Affliction Icon Unstable Affliction.
  • Infernal Brand Icon Infernal Brand mdash; Your Infernal's melee attacks cause its target to take 2-4.8% increased damage from its Immolation Icon Immolation, stacking up to 15 times.
  • Prolonged Decimation Icon Prolonged DecimationDrain Soul Icon Drain Soul, Incinerate Icon Incinerate (Destruction), or Shadow Bolt Icon Shadow Bolt has a 10-24% chance to not consume a charge of Decimating Bolt Icon Decimating Bolt.
  • Rolling Agony Icon Rolling Agony — The duration of Agony Icon Agony is increased by 4-9.6 seconds.
  • Soul Eater Icon Soul EaterSoul Rot Icon Soul Rot's damage and radius is increased by 25-60%.
  • Soul Tithe Icon Soul Tithe — When a target dies under the effect of Scouring Tithe Icon Scouring Tithe, gain 10-24% increased damage to your Malefic Rapture Icon Malefic Rapture (Affliction), demons (Demonology), or Chaos Bolt Icon Chaos Bolt (Destruction) for 10 seconds.
  • Tyrant's Soul Icon Tyrant's Soul — After your Demonic Tyrant expires, gain a stack of Demonic Core Icon Demonic Core and increase the damage your demons deal by 10-24% for 15 seconds.
  • Withering Bolt Icon Withering BoltShadow Bolt Icon Shadow Bolt deals 10% (or Drain Soul Icon Drain Soul deals 5-12%) more damage per damage-over-time effect you have active on the target.

Other Class-Specific Soulbind Conduits

Here are links to the Soulbind Conduits of other classes.



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